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Sailing with Nine of Cups
More gloom
06 March 2012 | Port Davey, Tasmania
You have to wonder just how much rain there is up there in those clouds, when it rains day after day. Today was no exception. It was grey, gloomy, rainy and cold most of the day. Every once in awhile, it would lighten up for a moment or two, but never long enough to really appreciate it. We stayed in Clytie Cove for the day and four other boats have joined us here for more of the same winds and rain.

Without even moving, things are breaking. We mentioned the mast-top anchor light (a supposedly long-lived LED) went out the other night so we've been using a relatively new 12V LED cockpit light just purchased last year. Well, it died during the night last night. What? this a disease contagious between LEDs that we haven't heard of? We seem to be out of LED anchor lights. Tonight, we'll rely on the LED spreader lights which will light up the neighborhood, never mind the boat.

Ian on "Xantia" stopped by for a quick chat and a cuppa. Otherwise, everyone else seems to have stayed on board their boats as evidenced by the all dinghies swinging in place from their mother ships. David made a wonderful focaccia bread this evening which heated up the boat wonderfully and, when served with olive tapenade, became dinner. More reading, writing (no 'rithmetic) and we're content (NOT) to wait for a window for departure.