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Sailing with Nine of Cups
Whirling dervishes arrive in Kettering
22 March 2012 | Kettering, Tasmania
Wow...we were a pair of whirling dervishes today. We hit the ground running, knocking chores off the list as if we'd like to go on the bus to Hobart tomorrow...which we do.

David washed down the decks, covered and lashed the dinghy and stowed all extra lines from the rails while Marcie did laundry and hung it out to dry, covered up winches and cockpit instruments and began putting things aside for return to the US. The speed transducer hasn't been working and David troubleshot it, finding that it wasn't the speed transducer, but rather the wiring to cockpit...fixed. He also found a troublesome, sneaky leak in the refrigeration system which has been plaguing us for months. He evacuated the refrig system, refilled it with refrigerant and we're good to season. Marcie's writing an article on making a canvas deck bucket from old sails and needed to make a bucket to replace our current one before we leave as well as take photos. Done...tick another item on the list.

By the time the day was through, the chore list was down to a manageable size. We took a walk around the marina and the foreshore area ...a small chandlery, a few tradesmen, an inn/pub, the Bruny Island Ferry Dock and a couple of little restaurants along the ferry road. Otherwise, the marina itself is a work-in-progress. They're hoping to have their 50-ton TravelLift operational by the time we return (we hope so, too!).
23 March 2012 05:40:12Z
Hi David and Marcie I hope you have a good trip back home. Re the travel lift have you thought about Kermandie. It's up the Huon River and only a small marina but very friendly with a large travel lift. I hauled out there last Feb 11 and was amazed how cheap it was. They gave me free marina berth while waiting and after and were happy for me to do the work myself. There is even less there than where you are but a great old pub and good meals. Could be a good back up to think about and I will be surprised if you have not already been told about it. Cheers Phil
23 March 2012 05:41:41Z
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