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Sailing with Nine of Cups
Grown ups and Easter eggs
07 April 2012 | M:Boston D:Las Vegas Cups: Tas
Seeing our children as adults is a surprise to us every time we come back home. Maybe it's the time spent away and then seeing them after a couple of years absence. We know they're all in their 30's, have their own families and their own responsibilities, but for some reason actually being with them and conversing with them as adults just blows our minds. How could this have happened? We've stayed the same and they've progressed into their mid-30's.

Case in point, Brennan, our oldest son and his wife are visiting Marcie in Boston at his aunt's house. They arrived late last night from D.C. and stayed up until 2am chatting. We colored Easter eggs (an old family tradition) this morning and just thoroughly enjoyed the day and each other's company without ever leaving the house. They talked about adult topics like politics, jobs, environmental and social issues. Boat chores never even came up once!

David is still working hard in Vegas...latest project is knocking out a new doorway in the hall to make use of unaccessible space at the back of a bedroom closet.