Sailing with Nine of Cups

Vessel Name: Nine of Cups
Vessel Make/Model: Liberty 458
Hailing Port: Denver, Colorado, USA
Crew: Marcie & David
About: We've lived aboard Nine of Cups since 2000 and have managed to accumulate 86,000+ nm under the keel since that time. We completed a circumnavigation in April 2015 and managed to sail around the five great southern capes. Come along with us for the ride!
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01 May 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
30 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
29 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
28 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
27 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
26 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
25 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
24 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
23 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
22 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
21 April 2016 | Port of Spain, Trinidad
20 April 2016 | Mount St Benedict, Tunapuna, Trinidad
19 April 2016 | Caroni Swamp, Trinidad
18 April 2016 | Waterloo, Trinidadm
17 April 2016 | Toco, Trinidad
16 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
15 April 2016 | Asa Wright Nature Centre
14 April 2016 | Asa Wright Nature Centre
13 April 2016 | Asa Wright Nature Centre
12 April 2016 | Along Eastern Main Road, Trinidad
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Ethel M's

24 April 2012 | Us: Las Vegas Cups: Tasmania
Ethel M's is a premium chocolate factory that happens to be only about 4 miles away from home. They offer free chocolate factory tours and have a first-class cactus botanical garden adjacent to the factory. Hmm...sounded like a winner to us. Becky and Mary were up for it, too; so off we went.

Ethel’s chocolate represents a proud heritage of chocolate making that started when the founder, Forrest Mars Sr., watched his mother, Ethel, create chocolate confections in their home during the early 1900's in Tacoma, Washington. You know Mars Candy...Mars bars, Snickers, Milky Way, M&M's and Skittles. In 1981, he "retired" to Henderson, Nevada and founded Ethel M Chocolates to honor his mother by creating a line of gourmet chocolates that reminded him of how he learned about quality chocolate making.

The cactus garden was a delight. Not all of the cacti were in bloom, but several other desert plants were and the colors were brilliant. We'd never seen so many cactus species in one place...seguaro, cholla, barrel, prickly pear, rabbit ear,cow's tongue...all perfect for this Mojave Desert climate.

The factory tour was short, but its saving grace was that it was air-conditioned in this 95F heat AND they gave free chocolate samples at the end.
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