Sailing with Nine of Cups

Vessel Name: Nine of Cups
Vessel Make/Model: Liberty 458
Hailing Port: Denver, Colorado, USA
Crew: Marcie & David
About: We've lived aboard Nine of Cups since 2000 and have managed to accumulate 86,000+ nm under the keel since that time. We completed a circumnavigation in April 2015 and managed to sail around the five great southern capes. Come along with us for the ride!
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28 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
27 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
26 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
25 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
24 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
23 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
22 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
21 April 2016 | Port of Spain, Trinidad
20 April 2016 | Mount St Benedict, Tunapuna, Trinidad
19 April 2016 | Caroni Swamp, Trinidad
18 April 2016 | Waterloo, Trinidadm
17 April 2016 | Toco, Trinidad
16 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
15 April 2016 | Asa Wright Nature Centre
14 April 2016 | Asa Wright Nature Centre
13 April 2016 | Asa Wright Nature Centre
12 April 2016 | Along Eastern Main Road, Trinidad
11 April 2016 | North Coast, Trinidad
10 April 2016 | North Coast, Trinidad
09 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad
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28 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad

A severe reprimand and an open apology

A disturbing incident occurred the other day and I thought I’d share it with you. I was frustrated with one of our vendors. I didn’t think he was being very responsive and dealing with him ended up being quite inconvenient for us. Having owned our own small business for many years and having dealt [...]

27 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad

Annual Ditch Bag/Safety Inspection

I’ve heard them referred to as ditch bags, overboard bags, abandon-ship bags and grab bags. Whatever you call them, it’s that time of year again. Annually, it’s my job to complete the ditch bag/safety equipment inspections aboard Nine of Cups. I’ve blogged about this in the past, but I thought [...]

26 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad

Back on the Job

I'm pleased to report, the to-do list is growing shorter ... at least the to-do list that has any chance of getting done. David has been working long, hard, hot days and it shows. Cups is looking great and David is looked tired.

25 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad

Bush Fires Rages in Trinidad

We’ve been waking in the morning to heavy, grey skies, not because the sun isn’t shining, but because bush fires are raging in the hills above the marina. The smoke is so dense, it burns your eyes within minutes. Combined with temps in the 90sF/30sC and high humidity, it’s hard to breathe. It’s [...]

24 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad

Trini Food - Hot Stuff!

Living in Trinidad for awhile, we’ve had the opportunity to sample some of the local food. It’s a mix of Indian and Creole and African, with a Caribbean flair. They make use of locally grown veggies and fruits mixed with the spices they’re use to. They like “HOT”. In fact, one of the world’s [...]

23 April 2016 | Chaguaramas, Trinidad

Blue View - Replacing the Shaft Seal

As part of the process of replacing the cutlass bearing, the old shaft seal had to be removed. I installed a 'dripless' shaft seal about 14 years ago, and while I've serviced it regularly over the years, I thought it might be a good time to replace it as well.

Full cast and fixed leaks

17 July 2012 | E Walpole, MA, USA
A wake-up call to Mom at 0600 and she was waiting for us to pick her up and take her to the orthopedist's at 0650. Early morning is not her best time, but despite the hour and the throbbing ankle, she managed a smile. The orthopedist was fascinated by an 85-year-old lady who had walked on a fractured ankle for two weeks and withstood the pain. She put Mom in a removable cast which stretched from knee to the end of her toes with strict instructions not to remove it for the next month. We'll see how that goes. She's able to hobble around herself with the help of a walker and insists she's just fine now.

The car has a coolant leak that David has not been able to fix for lack of the proper tool. He spent an entire day at auto parts stores trying to locate the right-angled wrench that would fit into the cramped space, but to no avail. He finally broke down and took it to a local mechanic. Seems an o-ring was not seated correctly during a previous repair. $300 later, the leak is fixed. Sigh!
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