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Sailing with Nine of Cups
Full cast and fixed leaks
17 July 2012 | E Walpole, MA, USA
A wake-up call to Mom at 0600 and she was waiting for us to pick her up and take her to the orthopedist's at 0650. Early morning is not her best time, but despite the hour and the throbbing ankle, she managed a smile. The orthopedist was fascinated by an 85-year-old lady who had walked on a fractured ankle for two weeks and withstood the pain. She put Mom in a removable cast which stretched from knee to the end of her toes with strict instructions not to remove it for the next month. We'll see how that goes. She's able to hobble around herself with the help of a walker and insists she's just fine now.

The car has a coolant leak that David has not been able to fix for lack of the proper tool. He spent an entire day at auto parts stores trying to locate the right-angled wrench that would fit into the cramped space, but to no avail. He finally broke down and took it to a local mechanic. Seems an o-ring was not seated correctly during a previous repair. $300 later, the leak is fixed. Sigh!