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Out of our Minds
02/25/2010 Just another night
02/23/2010 A beautiful anchorage
02/22/2010 Kicking Back in Biscayne Bay
02/18/2010 Going to leave for Rodriguez Key today
02/14/2010 Crossing to Bahamas in the morning
02/08/2010 Stalled before we could get to our window
02/07/2010 On the move
01/24/2010 Ready to Go
01/01/2010 Wasted Nights
12/11/2009 My first post
12/09/2009 Found a touch of home
12/08/2009 Cuban Restaurant
12/06/2009 Finally found a way to describe Key West
11/26/2009 Happy Turkey Day
11/24/2009 Still in paradise
11/16/2009 From the center of the parrot head world
11/10/2009 A provisioning note to cruisers on Marco Island
11/09/2009 Mixing Hurricanes, dangerous shoals, and engine failure at a remote location
11/07/2009 Been having too much fun to blog
11/04/2009 Shelling in Sanibel Island
11/02/2009 Anchored out in Paradise
11/01/2009 Sarasota's Jack Marina is one awesome marina
10/30/2009 Trying out the intracoastal waterway
10/28/2009 Another day in Clearwater
10/27/2009 Clearwater is a better cruising visit then you would expect
10/26/2009 First overnight passage out of sight of land complete
10/23/2009 A musical day
10/21/2009 We finally got out of Pensacola!
10/15/2009 Bye Bye Ellie
10/06/2009 Ready to go
10/05/2009 Been too disgusted to blog
09/25/2009 Key West Plans
09/23/2009 Oh Harken
09/15/2009 Holy Mackerel
09/08/2009 A little progress
09/06/2009 Playing safe and staying in Port
09/05/2009 It is nice to be able to be spontaneous.
09/04/2009 An exhilirating ride followed by errands
09/04/2009 Anchored off of Pensacola Beach in little Sabine Bay
08/25/2009 I hate it when I do not blog for too long
08/17/2009 Hopefully Claudette not a dress rehearsal
08/15/2009 Happy 450th Birthday Pensacola
08/15/2009 Thinking about where to go from here
08/13/2009 Poetic justice sort of. A request from me to you.
08/12/2009 Freezing cold rain, Blue Angels, and deliveries made
08/08/2009 Party Time
08/06/2009 Getting antsy and wanting to go, but the shakedown continues.
08/02/2009 First night on the hook
07/31/2009 Just another day in Paradise
07/30/2009 Victories and set backs
07/29/2009 A bump in the night
07/28/2009 First Sail and a bunch of problems
07/25/2009 Sorry about no updates/ We just got AT&T Wireless
07/18/2009 A weekend of waiting, but if you can wait in Paradise who cares
07/16/2009 We have our boat
07/10/2009 We have made an offer on a boat!
07/06/2009 Corpus was a bust
07/03/2009 Mi Tierra
06/28/2009 Packed all weekend
06/22/2009 A boat to look at while we are in Corpus
06/18/2009 Time is beginning to slow
06/17/2009 Soon to go
06/09/2009 Pirate Earrings
06/06/2009 A great day.
06/05/2009 One more week down
06/01/2009 Link to our route to go looking for our boat.
06/01/2009 Resignation Letter
05/30/2009 We are all going now
05/06/2009 House sold Heart problems for Deb
09/05/2008 Update on status of Buyers
12/31/1969 Headed for Clearwater Florida
12/31/1969 Headed for Clearwater Florida
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