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At Sea Food
Keri-Lee Pashuk
29 March 2010 | 52 04'S:050 19'W, Scotia Sea
March 29th

Position 52 04.66S - 050 19.77W DTG - 269M

At Sea Food

Food. Hard enough a subject to think about when bouncing and bashing around, making seven and a half knots against the wind, 50 degrees off course, let alone when one has not taken the other half of their seasickness tablet for more than 12 hours. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

But I like food. Real food. And I get hungry, even when I am seasick. I had a craving today for pan fried potatoes. Somehow I convinced Magnus that it was a good idea and he ventured forward to the lurching bow of the boat and dug out the potatoes from the back of the veggie locker, a feat worthy of applause. He then somehow managed to have them peeled and waiting for me to turn into something, I assured him would be spectacular.

I was determined to make a complete, healthful meal, with steamed carrots as a side. I diced up the potatoes, one slice at a time, in my hand as the boat was bouncing around to much to use the cutting board. Turning them in olive oil in a cast iron pan was relatively simple, done between the 5 minute cycle of the radar watch ( it was my watch). I added crushed garlic, and as a treat for the lads, some de-fatted, smoked bacon. And presto! Spectacular, mouth watering pan fried potatoes with no carrots on the side.

We couldn't eat it all, even after I had made Magnus peel me two more potatoes on top of what he had already done. There was a bowl left over, which I think all of us secretly had our eye on, thinking, hmm, that would be good on my night watch. Everyone is asleep and I've been looking for that darned left over bowl of potatoes which seems to have suspiciously disappeared!

I think I'll go now and peel a carrot.

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