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Northern Spirit
Anything's going to happen...its going to happen out there! (Captain Ron)
Wind, wind and more wind!
02/02/2013, Volleyball Beach, George Town

Friday, Saturday, February 1st -2nd - This morning began with no wind at all...finally! Ron made a trip to town for water since it is so calm. In the afternoon I attended another basket making class. I've managed to finish up my one small round basket. While I was there the wind began to howl and the sky turned black. We thought it was just a squall passing through but it lasted all afternoon, all night and through most of Saturday. Several boats dragged anchor and a few had their dinghies come untied. There was only a little rain, but we spent most of Saturday on the boat playing cards and reading.

Some people come to George Town and stay here for the entire winter. We've met several people who have spent every winter here for the past eight to ten years. We won't be doing that. It's quite far to town by dinghy and it seems to always be rough - so you get soaked either going or coming back. There are constant organized games and events, but if you aren't into that...and we aren' it's just not for us. We will head out during the next weather window, hopefully next Tuesday or Wednesday and spend some time in Warderick Wells, the Land and Sea Park on our way back towards the more northern Bahamas.

02/03/2013 | Meandering
You guys look great, so tanned and relaxed. To bad about the constant winds but it's -13 here today so we can't feel too bad for you. Enjoying the pics and looking forward to the rest of the journey. Have fun and stay safe. P.S Lynne, love the basket. K&K
02/04/2013 | Dianne
Great basket. Did Ingrid on Tamaki teach you how to basket weave?
Family Visit
02/02/2013, Volleyball Beach, George Town

January 28th - 31st - Although the winds continued for the whole week Colleen and Kyle were here, we kept busy with swimming, snorkeling, visiting beach bars and having dinners with friends. We had Truant aboard for dinner one night and we sang while Mark played his squeezebox. Last night we had dinner aboard Grand Cru along with Truant - what a fun night - we had a great dinner and plenty of laughter.

This morning (Thursday) Colleen and Kyle had to be ready for the water taxi at 10 am. They had a swim before breakfast and spent their last half hour tanning. Wouldn't you know - it's their last day and the wind has finally calmed down! It is forecast to be very windy again tomorrow. Mark and Joanne, Truant, also left this morning - I think this will be a very quiet day! Yesterday I attended a basket-making class, so I'll at least have another one of those to attend today. If you choose to be involved, there is volleyball, baseball, scrabble, dominoes, bocce and horseshoes every day at the beach. It's a floating retirement RV community here!

We took the water taxi to Peace and Plenty for dinner to celebrate Bob's birthday (Peaceful, Easy Feeling) along with Eagles Wings, Grand Cru and a couple of others we hadn't met before. It was a great evening - they had barbeque and the same band we heard a few days ago at Lattitude.

Still windy in Elizabeth Harbour
01/27/2013, Georgetown, The Exumas

Today, Sunday, January 27th - We were all up by 6:30 since we went to bed so early last night. It is warm and sunny but still very windy...too windy to take the boat out. From Georgetown, we would have to go out on the ocean side and the waves are just too big to chance it. We spent another day, swimming and snorkeling. We walked the trail to the ocean side to see the waves and watch some kite surfers. It looks like fun but very hard.

We then went to Chat n' Chill to hear the history of the Bahamas - very interesting, and of course had a few drinks. Colleen and Kyle went off to scout out snorkel spots and ended up having lunch at the St. Francis Resort. Tonight we are cooking the pork tenderloin we got out a few days ago and haven't got around to cooking!

Fun times in Georgetown
01/27/2013, The Exumas

January 24th - 27th - Colleen and Kyle are arriving tonight around dinner time, so we spent the day tidying up the boat, doing laundry and buying groceries. The harbour is very rough so we've arranged a water taxi for them tonight. When we came across the harbour with groceries and laundry we were soaked! It's good I had brought a garbage bag to protect the laundry! Their flight came in a little early, but it was still after 6 pm when they arrived at our boat. We had a few drinks, dinner and stayed up to chat for a while.

The next morning, after a swim and dinghy to Chat n' Chill, the local beach bar, we moved the boat down to Gaviota Bay and on to a mooring. It is quite a bit calmer here. While we were in the bar, Martha and Bill came by and invited us to join them for their anniversary along with several other boaters. We all took the water taxi to town, first for happy hour at one restaurant and then to another with a live band. With some prompting from one of the employees we were all up dancing and having a great time. Later the water taxi picked us up and returned us to our boats. It was after 10 pm, another late night for us!

Saturday was spent snorkeling, swimming and visiting. It is another very hot and sunny day but windy. Mark and Jo, Truant, invited us for happy hour. We didn't get back to the boat until almost 7 pm and decided we had eaten too much and were too tired for a big dinner, so we just had pulled pork sandwiches and struggled to stay awake until 8 pm!

Anchored in Georgetown
01/27/2013, The Exumas

January 22nd - 23rd - We moved to anchor at Sand Dollar Bay, just a little ways down the harbour. We have had a front come through and it is very windy - still very warm but windy. We had Happy Hour on Eagles Wings with Martha and Bill from Hamilton, and then went back to our boat to cook dinner. Mark and Jo had come in and anchored behind us earlier and they had caught a mahi mahi on the way here. They asked Ron to cook it. They brought dinner over; Ron cooked the fish. Dinner was excellent!

The next day, Ron and Mark snorkeled over the reef nearby, but it was rough and they didn't stay long. Jo and I played cards while they were gone. We decided to have dinner together again - this time it was mahi mahi and conch fritters with salad and potatoes; another great dinner! We played cards after dinner but it was still an early evening. The winds are still quite heavy. It's a good thing we got here when we did!

Travel on Exuma Sound
01/22/2013, Georgetown

Everyone but Grand Cru pulled out of Little Farmer's Cay early in the morning heading out the cut to Exuma Sound. It is ocean sailing, very deep water with big long swells. Ron put a line out and after about half an hour, something spun the line out. When he tried to reel it in, it snapped the 30 pound test line and took his lure. They didn't seem to like the second lure he tried! We did at least get to sail and then motorsail the entire 46 miles. In just another few miles south we will cross the Tropic of Cancer.

We stopped at Emerald Bay, a very posh Sandals Resort for fuel and water. It is expensive to dock there, so we carried on another 10 miles and anchored in Gaviota Bay, in the Georgetown Harbour. There are about 200 boats scattered across the anchorages in this Harbour - many of them Canadian.

01/24/2013 | Chuck and Shirley
You guys are the greatest cold spell in years careful you don't get a sun burn. sounds like fun, enjoy.
01/24/2013 | Chuck and Shirley
opps ! missing is missing heheh.
01/24/2013 | pam
enjoying your blog. have fun with colleen and kyle. -30 here this morning.looking forward to more pictures too.
01/24/2013 | pam
enjoying your blog. have fun with colleen and kyle. -30 here this morning.looking forward to more pictures too.
01/24/2013 | Carole
enjoy the warmth! Really cold and enough snow.Enjoy Colleen and Kyle.

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