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Northern Spirit
Anything's going to happen...its going to happen out there! (Captain Ron)
02/16/2013, Warderick Wells, Exuma Park

Saturday, February 16th - Today is the day the heavy winds are supposed to hit...out of the west which is unusual, so we'll sit tight another day. Last night we had happy hour on the beach with a large group - some moored here, some moored at Emerald Rock around the corner, all waiting out the weather. The owners of a private 100 foot plus yacht from Majorca, Spain came in with Sangria for everyone and sweet potato fries prepared by their chef - awesome! We met several new couples, many that leave their boats here or in Florida for the summer. Ron met a ukulele player at the party and they played together during the evening.

Today, Ron walked up to Boo Boo Hill to add Farley's name to our sign...check it out in the photo gallery Colleen! He then polished the stainless to get rid of the rust caused from the salt while I baked bread. It's quite calm just yet but a little overcast. There is heavy rain forecast along with the winds. We like the washes the salt off the boat!

02/18/2013 | Carole
Sounds like u are enjoying all your experiences. No Farley on sign? 1 wk today i am off to Faro, Portugal. Maggie is gone. She was 15 past Sept 23. Enjoy you time together!
Be Safe.
02/19/2013 | pam
Enjoying the pics of the sand and sea. We are getting dumped on again.

More Wind Coming
02/15/2013, Exuma Land and Sea Park

Thursday, Friday, February 14th & 15th - We are still in Warderick Wells since the forecast is for northwest winds of 25-30 knots over the next few days. There is very little protection in the Exumas from northwest winds, so we'll sit it out here. We can't stay long - we are about to run out of coffee, we are out of bread and all fresh fruit and vegetables! We have lots of cans and packaged foods so sure won't starve! The nearest provisioning is about 25 miles away and depending on weather, we'll head there either tomorrow or the next day. It is easy to pass the time here hiking, swimming, visiting other boaters and reading. Ron gave Farley a haircut this morning - his first since Mobile. We also made our sign on driftwood to leave on Boo Boo Hill. It's supposed to be good luck! Nearby is a spot called Pirate's Lair. It is between two islands, the back one higher than the front. Pirates used to hide their boats here and could see over the lower island if any Spanish galleons were coming by that they could attack. We may try to dinghy over there today.

02/15/2013 | Meandering
Very nice job on the sign Ron & Lynne can't wait to add ours to the pile.
02/16/2013 | Colleen Taylor
Cool sign. I don't see Farley's name on it. Can't wait to see his haircut. Im sure he didn't require beer before letting Dad cut his hair!!
Exuma Land and Sea Park
02/13/2013, Warderick Wells

Tuesday, Wednesday, February 12th and 13th - It's a beautiful day and we had a great sail to Warderick Wells, Exuma Land and Sea Park. We have perfect weather for the next five days for swimming, snorkeling and hiking on the island. We will stay here for at least three or four days. There are several Canadian boats here, from Midland, Penetanguishene as well as British Columbia and Quebec. At Warderick Wells, there is a horseshoe shape of deep water with a sandbar in the middle. It is covered at high tide, but when the tide goes out, you can walk in ankle deep water - right next to your boat! You must take a mooring here and even at low tide they are in about 12 to 15 feet of water. This is our second time here - we stopped on our way to George Town for a few days.

02/14/2013 | Shelley Graham
OMG it looks beautiful! Wish I could wiggle my nose and be there. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY xoxo
02/15/2013 | bob
Reminds me of the spot on Couchiching that Jim goes to and the one between the 2 sand islands at Gros Cap that we go to.
02/15/2013 | Colleen Taylor
That looks awesome!!!!!!! I think I need to come back!!
Still waiting for weather
02/11/2013, Big Majors Spot/Staniel Cay

Monday, February 11th - We are still here at Big Majors Spot waiting for the winds to die a bit. Tomorrow is forecast to be better and it sounds good for four or five days so we'll likely head to The Land and Sea Park at Warderick Wells. We are on the waiting list for a mooring.

Today we were able to snorkel at Thunderball Grotto and it was awesome! There are so many fish! This is where many scenes were filmed for the 007 movie Thunderball. As luck would have it, our underwater camera has quit working - we're trying to dry it out and will try again tomorrow.

We walked through town but the only store we found was closed! Oh well, maybe tomorrow! At least the bar is open at the yacht club!

02/11/2013 | Shelley Graham
Hello you two! Enjoying your trip right along with you. nice hair cut Lynne!!! luv u both. give farley a hug too. xo
02/12/2013 | Marc Faubert
Good morning Northern Spirit.
I have been following your blog since day one and enjoyed it immensely. It's especially good for us as Linda and I will be leaving this fall form Little Current on our Beneteau 345. We will be taking the same route as you did. If you don't mind I would like to ask a few questions. We are making all the plans but its always good to hear from the people that are actual doing and find the things that worked well or didn't. Thank you and enjoy. Marc & Linda.
02/12/2013 | Lynne & Ron Taylor
Marc, you are welcome to ask questions! Email us at [email protected]
02/12/2013 | Sue and Wayne
Enjoying the blog as always, just curious about something. Are you not concerned about sharks when you are in the water?
Back to Big Majors Spot
02/11/2013, Big Majors/Staniel Cay

Saturday, February 9th - We moved further north today to Big Major's Spot and Staniel Cay. We stayed here one night on our way south and saw the swimming pigs but it was too windy to snorkel at Thunderball Cave...and you guessed's too windy again! The weather pattern in the Bahamas is that you get two or three nice calm days and then a front comes through with high winds from the northeast. These last two or three days, sometimes a week, and then the wind clocks around to the southeast and calms down again. Late Monday is forecast to begin five days of calmer winds so we may just stay here until then. There is a town on Staniel Cay, a yacht club and some interesting snorkel spots (plus the swimming pigs) so there is lots to see and do. We will then move to Warderick Wells Land and Sea Park once the weather improves and spend a few days there.

One of the best spots yet
02/11/2013, Black Point Settlement

Thursday, Friday, February 7th and 8th - We headed out about 9am for Dotham Cut, the entrance from Exuma Sound to the shallow Exuma Bank and to Black Point Settlement, about 40 miles away. Ron dragged a fishing line and did catch something. As he reeled it in, it became lighter; when he got it to the boat he had half a barracuda...a shark got the back half! Oh well, they aren't good eating anyway!

Black Point turned out to be a great stop and we stayed two days. It's the only settlement on Great Guana Cay and has a school, three churches, post office, a few stores and some bars and restaurants. At the Rockside Laundry, as well as get your laundry done you can get a haircut, have a shower, rent a room or a golf cart, buy supplies or be served the best conch fritters we have ever tasted at lunch time! The bay is very picturesque with turquoise water over a white sand bottom. This is one of our favourite spots so far in the Exumas.

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