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Northern Spirit
Anything's going to happen...its going to happen out there! (Captain Ron)
Day 22
07/04/2013, Waterford, NY

Happy July 4th! We are still waiting for the locks to open and the latest word is that it may be another long as we don't get more rain!

We are very comfortable here at lock 2. We have power and water, and every week or so they send a pump-out truck. We have a beautiful park setting with lots of shade. The town is close for supplies and restaurants and I can't say enough about the people at the locks who have gone above and beyond to make our stay comfortable. The National Parks Service has come by with handouts and fresh fruit and vegetables; townsfolk have offered rides to stores. If we weren't anxious to get home, we couldn't ask for a better spot!

We had a Canada Day BBQ and today we will celebrate July 4th with another BBQ to be followed by live music and a movie in the park. This weekend is filled with events: a steamboat meet, vendors, music, fireworks and a farmers market on the dock.

So, while it is inconvenient to be delayed, we are not suffering at all. There are towns further west on the canal where people have lost their homes. We are thankful to be where we are!

07/05/2013 | David Taylor
Glad you two are safe, and enjoying your extended stay down there. Desi's been asking when your going to be home every week. she's missing you guys like crazy.
07/07/2013 | Chuck and Shirley
My how time flies, I hope you are having good weather for a change, Its hot and humid here with little change for the next week or two ,and you all will be leaving soon . Keeper pointing in the wind .TTL
07/08/2013 | Kyle
Glad to hear that you got stuck in a good place! Hopefully there is no more rain and you'll be able to make it home. It was 42 degrees at 7am so atleast you're not stuck here! xo
07/11/2013 | Shelley Graham
well you look nice and comfy there ! We just came back from a week, cruising from St. Ignace to Cheboygan River, through mullet lake and up the Indian river to the marina. Then trailered to Charlevoix and spent a few days there. We can now say we've boated in 3 of the great lakes. Pretty cool! We had a great time. love to you both xo Glad you're safe
More Flooding
06/30/2013, Waterford, NY

Sunday, June 30th - Everyone was so excited with the announcement of the locks opening on Friday but the weather forecast for severe thunderstorms also made us a little hesitant. Well, on Saturday morning news came that we were being moved to the pool above lock 2 and 3 to protect us from flooding. Although the water did rise here so that floating docks were above the cement wall (about a 5 foot rise) locks and towns west of here suffered severe flooding - some towns were evacuated, homes and lives were lost.

Word now is that one lock is damaged and it will be at least another week before they open. We are all just thankful to be safe in Waterford in the care of the NY Canal lockmasters here!

Some boats have chosen to take the Champlain Canal to Sorel, Quebec. This isn't the best option for sailboats because of tide and current in the St. Lawrence River, so we sit and wait - hoping Mother Nature will just let up a little!

We've rented a car and will spend today visiting the Hudson River Maritime Museum in Kingston, NY.

07/01/2013 | Dianne Sharpe
So sorry to hear of the delay. Be safe
07/03/2013 | Paul Foisy
How are your batteries and holding tanks? Pam and I are boating up the Door Peninsula on Lake Michigan. Currently in a nice marina. Hope you get back before summer is over. we are still looking forward to time with you in Georgian Bay. Take care.
Good News
06/27/2013, Waterford, NY

Thursday, June 27th - We are still here in Waterford but the good news is, they think the lock will open tomorrow. It is still weather dependent, and they are forecasting 4 inches of rain today, but we are trying to be optimistic! The locks have been closed since June 13th. We've been lucky to be in Waterford. There are boats that have spent the last two weeks inside Lock 11.

Tuesday night, several of us went to a local pub, The Angry Penguin, for dinner. There was a jam session of Celtic musicians - about 20 in all, playing fiddles, guitars, drums, tin whistles, mandolins and banjo. What a great evening we had!

Yesterday, the ladies went on a shopping expedition to a small, designer dress shop and then for a drink and a visit to an antique shop. It was nice to be away from the boat for a few hours. Several of us got together for docktails later in the afternoon. We talked about the Trent Severn, Georgian Bay and the North Channel with folks just beginning the Loop from Georgia, North Carolina and Florida. The mood has improved with news that we may soon be on our way!

Today we will make a grocery run and prepare to finally be under way tomorrow. Wish us luck!

06/27/2013 | Martha and Bill
Hang in... good luck with weather in the next few days. We will be checking in to see how you progress. Take care
06/27/2013 | Dianne Sharpe
Hoping that the weather cooperates for you. Good luck.
06/27/2013 | Pam
Sounds like you are certainly making the best of your stop in Waterford and keeping our fingers crossed you can be on your way tomorrow. We are heading out for 2 weeks on our boat down into Michigan to the Escanaba area and weather permitting over to Munising to view the pictured rocks. Here's to you "moving on" so we can meet up sometime in August. Take care. Xo
06/27/2013 | bob
I was worried you guys would start growing roots...........
06/28/2013 | nancy mullins
"Whatever's going to's going to happen in Waterford!" (Captain Ron)
06/28/2013 | Pam
Nice picture of you guys in the Waterford News!!
Ground Hog Day
06/23/2013, Waterford, New York

Wednesday to Sunday, June 19th to 23rd

Day 11 - Waiting for the locks to open! We are starting to feel like we are living in the movie Groundhog Day...every day is the same! A few boats have left, deciding to travel through the Champlain Canal and more have arrived here including Donna and Jeff on Whish who we haven't seen since the Bahamas. They were one of our buddy boats when we crossed to the Bahamas. We've got some long overdue jobs done on the boat; I treated myself to a haircut and pedicure and we've walked to town to shop and do laundry. We've toured a museum ship and the local museum and had breakfast at Waterford's famous Don and Paul's Diner with Jeff and Donna (2 eggs, toast and coffee for $1.75). We've gotten together for Happy Hours, bonfires in the evening and celebrated a 60th birthday one afternoon. We've met many of the local folks who stop by daily to see how we are doing. We've been here so long we are starting to feel like locals ourselves! The rumour is that the lock should open Wednesday or Thursday but nothing has been confirmed. Looks like we will celebrate Canada Day in New York State.

06/24/2013 | nancy
Must be frustrating....but you both sure look relaxed. Just a lovely photo of you both!
06/24/2013 | Shelley Graham
well you both look absolutely wonderful, in spite of the pain in the *** weather. Enjoy each day! love to you both xo
06/26/2013 | Chuck/Shirley
We are going through a hot and humid spell, the roses are busting out all over the grass needs mowing and the snow is all gone. Have a great lock through ,
And Still Waiting
06/18/2013, Waterford, NY

Monday,Tuesday, June 17th & 18th - Just at dinner time last night, a tug came down through the Troy Lock and tied to the dock behind us. Ron spoke with the men on the tug who said they would be going back up through the lock to Waterford. They called the lockmaster and got permission to bring us along with them! We followed them through very strong current as they pushed logs aside so we could enter the lock. Once through the lock the rest of the 3 mile trip was easy and we tied to the dock at Waterford. We are the only boat here...when the water crested on Thursday, they moved all the boats above Lock 2 where the water depth and current could be controlled.

On Monday afternoon they moved all the boats back to the docks so it is now full - only two sailboats, both from Canada. The locks remain closed unless you are going to Lake Champlain. They are estimating one to two weeks before we can move on!

We met folks from Nyack Boat Club here who have rented a canal boat for a week. They have been stuck here as well, but today decided to change plans and do their cruise on the Champlain Locks. They were kind enough to give us a ride to the grocery store yesterday. It's an easy walk with regular groceries, but not for carrying beer!

06/18/2013 | Meandering
I guess you'll have to get rid of the regular groceries. Sounds like you might be just in time to see our wake disappear over the horizon.
06/19/2013 | Marc Faubert
Hope you're not on a schedule. When did you plan on getting back to Georgian Bay?
06/19/2013 | Bonnie and Bill Sweeney
Flexibility remains a Looper's Mantra! Enjoy all the docktails and new best friends while you wait it out. On our way back to the Elissa II in Jacksonville after a quick trip home to check on the "elders".
06/20/2013 | Pam
Patience!! You look like your lined up for a parade! I was just looking back through your photo gallery and can't believe that it's a year next weekend that we spent the week in the Benjamins with you guys. It was actually warm and sunny and we were swimming! Still cold here at night and raining today. This past weekend we launched Kestrel and had a great weekend cruising around and through Crooked Lake, Pickerel Lake, Crooked River, Indian River, Burt Lake and Mullet Lake in Michigan. Thought of you often..think you would love the cruise. Lots of Nature preserves.
Hope you get moving soon as we are looking forward to hooking up with you this summer. XO
06/23/2013 | Les Armstrong
Hi Guys;
I understand you contemplated going to Buffalo on the Erie Barge rather than the Trent Severn. I did that stretch last summer and would highly recommend it. Every village along the way has new facilities and most are free. In the 20 days I spent in the canal my dockage total was $36.00. I have enjoyed your adventure all winter.
Still Waiting
06/16/2013, Troy, NY

Sunday, June 16th - If you compare today's picture with the previous one you can see how much the water level has dropped...and still it is not enough! While we may be able to go through the Troy Lock tomorrow, the Erie Canal locks are still closed, and no date for re-opening has been announced.

Yesterday was a good day in Troy. It began with a large Farmers Market in the morning and River Street Festival in the afternoon.- lots of vendors, crafts, displays and plenty of bands, beer and BBQ. We finished off the day with dinner at their famous BBQ Restaurant - real southern barbecue - excellent.

We are anxious to get moving but we hear the sidewalks are still under water in Waterford.

06/17/2013 | Chuck/Shirley
Are you stuck up the river without a paddle?hope your not there till august cause it starts to snow after that.hahaha.
06/17/2013 | Carole
Keeping an eye on your blog. Up at Batchawana several days at a time all is good.
Please be safe.

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