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Vessel Name: Now or Never!
29 November 2008 | Brunswick, GA
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Another Adventure

29 November 2008 | Brunswick, GA
It was supposed to rain today here in Brunswick. The weatherman was wrong! It was a beautiful day, warm, sunny and a bit breezy. We got the car unloaded and everything stowed on the boat. Tomorrow, we're off on another adventure.
We'll drive to Miami where we'll leave our car and fly to Antigua to join Al on Second wind. Al is a good friend of ours. We've sailed with him before. The first time, we hardly knew him. We met him in Clarencetown, Long Island, Bahamas. We went with him to the Turks and Caicos (another story itself), the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Then, on another occasion we joined him from St Martin to Saba, Statia, Nevis and Antigua. He sailed with us from Brunswick, on Now or Never!, to South Florida an the Bahamas. Monday, we will join him in Antigua. The plans are fluid, but we'll probably go North to Barbuda for a few days and then head South for Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, St Lucia and the Grenadines.

We are looking forward to sunshine, water, palm trees and being on a boat again. We will probably stay with "Second Wind" for about 6 weeks. Then, we'll return to Now or Never! in Brunswick and spend the rest of the winter in the Bahamas. We hope that Al will join us for part of that trip.
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