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Paperwork done

It is with mixed feelings that I am typing this message. We went through yachtclub, port control, immigration and customs with so much ease that it is actually scary. We are officially stamped to leave the country as soon as the battery arrive in the morning. We went tothe fleamarket to get airtight containers for the spices and then we went off to the chemist to collect Johan prescription. We got more than bargained because we bumped into Johan's aunt. it is a pitywe did not contact her earlier. We went to a friend's for a last dinner and it was so nice and relaxing. they wil hooefully come and visit us in New Zealand. the French guy apparently fell and was lying on the panton for a while calling the Englishmen for help. he broke his leg and were taken to hospital.

2012 end of earth?
20120310, Cape Town

We listened to teaching about the prediction that the world is coming to an end on 21 December 2012. The Bible is however correct in what it predicts for the end times. No-one knows the date that Jesus will be coming on the clouds to collect the rightous living and the dead. What a glorious day it is going to be!

B Canvas
20120309, Cape Town

I do not have words to describe my appreciated to Adrian. He did not only deliver all the canvas with exceptional quality, but also added (for free) a cover for the liferaft and covers for the two hatches. Anybody in Cape Town, please contact them for canvas work on your yachts. They are just fenominal!

We managed to get the shopping list down yesterday, as well as most of the small items in the boat. Johan however discovered some problem with the one Trojan battery. We will need to find a replacement before we can leave SA, and everything is however "imported" from Johannesburg when you live in the Cape.

Had to go back to Postbank for the final visit. Received the cheque and reinvested with Nedbank - trust they will survive for the next year. I have the new 'toy', kindle to get used to. Books seem pretty impressive to read and I was even able to read at night, which I thought will be difficult.

I think we have shares in Seaport. Obviously we had to pay them yet another visit. We hoisted the storm jib and discoved that we do not have separate cars for the sheets. At least we found out before we wanted to use it in the middle of the ocean. Not that we plan to use it, but you never know when it might be needed.

The two Englishmen, Ian and Harvey introduced us to Jive, an Indian place with variety of spices, Tandoori, Madras, etc. What I love about the place is that the prices are reasonable, the food tastes very good and there are no alcohol or pork served! They also included a vegetarian menu for somebody like me.
The portion sizes is however astronomical. I ate half the veggie curry and took the other half home for lunch, and both were very big portions - more than I normally eat. This is another place that I can recommend to everybody in Cape Town. It is situated in Longmarket street, just after the Parliament street crossing.

It is my brother, Barend's birthday as well as Bronwyn and Heinrich's. Hope you all have a wonderful day and that the year ahead will be even closer to God.


Yippie, we have the car back and can go to Tableview for some 'shopping'. We discovered a small laundry next to Meltz with very reasonable prices. The washing would therefore go to the friendly girl to do for us. Johan needs another set of spectacles and I am still challenged with Postbank. I invested some money with them and it is a challenge ever since to get my expired investment back. It is now the 3rd trip to the same branch, and the 6th trip to Postbank. As long as money was not included in the defrauded money. The branch manager as Blaaubergrant is actually very helpful.

Have to buy more toilet paper, toothpaste, Rooibos tea (which is not manufactured anywhere else in the world), etc. My elder son is getting very upset with me for not buying the kindle which will be my only contact to the outside world according to him.

Seaport Supplies is getting yet another visit from us for more items on the boat list. There is a lot to do on the boat still, but it is all the smaller items like the light in the bedroom which is giving us hassles. the fire extinguisher needs to be refitted, etc.

I am excited, but nervous at the same time. Only a few days/hours to Sunday when we expect to do the clearing out process.

20120402 | Isabel
Halo Tani dis lsabel, hoe gaan dit nog?
20120402 | Tertia
Hey. Hui gaan dit? Waar is julle? Isa kuier hier en het sy my gewys hu om bdskap te laat. Dit gaan gud met almal hier. Ma is nou biki by ousus. Hulle haart kom haal. Isa kan al heelwat dun. Het al gaan sit met examen v haar. Verder word dit koel hier. Laat weet as juliewers is waar ons kan kontak kry. Mis julle!!! Alles vertel wat julle beleef het ne!!!! Love u!!!! Mis julle!!!

it is my son, Christo's birthday today. It is so frustratimg that I am unable to get hold of him to speak to him on this special day. It is on the other hand also a mixed feelings day. Adrian Batista from the company B Canvas is making our bimimi, spray dodger and lee cloths. He came this morning to fit, etc and promised to be ready before weekend for the trip starting on Sunday/Monday. Anybody who needs any canvas work for their yachts in Cape Town, they are the company that I am recommending. The rigging guys came to make the last adjustments. We are now ready from a rigging perspective for the sail. I would however not recommend the Multifranchise in Paardeneiland for car services to anybody. They took more than a week to install a clutch kit for my Tata. Bad experience!

Sail with dolphins
20120306, Cape Town - RCYC

Special for my Afrikaans Mother and friends: Ons het gaan seil en dit was verskriklik lekker! Die wind was sterk, so tussen 15 en 24 knope. Die golwe was 3 - 4 meter hoog. Ek het die hele pad terug gestuur. 'N hele skool dolfyne het saam met ons geswem. Dit was so pragtig en baie spesiaal. Die een kleiner dolfyn het by die boot gebly tot ek by die hawe ingegaan het. We came back from the sail to meet Adrian from B-Canvas. He is a very pleasant gentleman and is going out of his way to ensure we get all the canvas work done by the weekend. I can really recommrend them to anybody in Cape Town who needs canvas work done. I will however not recommend the Multifranchise in Paardeneiland for a car service. My car went in for clutch kit and it is a week later and no car! They are pathetic. I spent the rest of the afternoon varnishing half of the remainder of tinned food. Johan took out the pipe from the watertank to the tap and it is the cause of our terrible taste! At last we know what the problem is. We will have to replace in the morning, the yacht place first need to find the correct pipe to use. Johan also fitted the metal rail needed for the spray dodger. The wind came up and was blowing at times @ 39 knots, which made it very unpleasant to be outside. We decided to go to bed for a bumpy sleep.

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We were very fortunate to be sailing in Cape Town Harbour at the start of the Volvo harbour race. Even more fortunate to meet Laura Dekker, the youngest sailor to do a circumnavigation.

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