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Day 40

02 March 2012 | Tunisia
Jonathan Greenwood
I'm flying back to France tomorrow for a short break and to catch up with Rowdy and her winter maintenance program. I have one or two bits and pieces to buy, but I especially want to eat alot of pork! I didn't realise that a human being raised in Ireland could actually suffer from withdrawal symptoms of the porcine type but I have proved it is possible and am looking forward to tucking into a large plate of bangers and mash!
Weeks end sees the air thick with sawdust and the floor carpeted with a deep and luxuriant layer of oak shavings as the boys continue churning out new pieces of boat. Even Salvatore rolled up his sleeves and grinned as he carressed the wood with the plane, shaping the two pieces of noble wood to become united in the perfect scarf. Impressive.
Right then, I'm off to pack my bags. More next week.

Vessel Name: Chinook
Vessel Make/Model: N G Herreshoff New York Yacht Club 40 footer
Hailing Port: London
Crew: Graham Walker, Jono Greenwood, Sandra Ugolini, Andrew Bates, Manu Fontaine
Chinook was built in 1916 for Oliver G Jennings of the New York Yacht Club. She is hull number 782 and was launched as "Pauline" in the spring of that year along with her 11 sisterships. She raced with much success through out the twenties and thirties and changed ownership a couple of times during [...]
Home Page: http://www.sailblogs.com/member/ny48chinook/
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Chinook NY48

Who: Graham Walker, Jono Greenwood, Sandra Ugolini, Andrew Bates, Manu Fontaine
Port: London