Ocean 40
The dream begins with the building of the boat that will take us around the World.
The Shed

Forward Deck

The Fifth Year
The Shed
Morris / Rain Rain and more Rain
20/06/2011, Auckland

Well moving to the shed wasn't too soon. In fact we should have done this several months earlier. Almost every weekend since moving it has rained either all or part of the weekend. Being outside would have simply drawn a holt to progress over most of the last two to three months. But bravo we are inside secure and dry! This has simply meant we are able to progress with the exterior of the boat in a reasonably steady manner if somewhat mundaine (you know what, glassing, fairing etc). Oh what fun! But to put it in a nutshell we have now completely finished the forward decking, anchor well, wash down locker, peak timber, windlass and inner forestay mounts and fixings.

Moving back to the cockpit area we have removed what remained of the old hard dodger and completely remodelled the mount skirt for the new dodger which is more practical and in keeping with the style of boat.

At the current rate of progress we anticipate that we should have the preparation of the complete topsides ready for painting about the end of August. At the conclusion of the preparation we anticpate cutting in the portlights which should give us a appreciation of the finished appearance of the cabin line both inside and out.

Meantime, it is on with a lot of elbow grease long boarding the surfaces.

Off-site (evening work) the engineering for the windlass reduction drive motor intake manifold modifications (more about this later) and the boarding stanchion gates are all taking place at a moderate rate.

The Fifth Year
Progress to date
12/04/2011, Auckland

January was our 4 Year mark and I must say all the hard work is still enjoyable. We are hopefully only looking at another 10 - 12 months before the first launching of SV Zealiana.

Progress since our last update:

Forward Cabin is mostly complete - only final edgings, hatch surround and doors to be fitted.

Forward Deck and Anchor Well - this is glassed and ready for fairing.

Rudder has been extended and re profiled.

Summer has been so hot that it has been virtually impossible to do glassing work outside during the day - so to keep on schedule we have moved the boat into a building were we can work without having to consider what the weather is doing. Transportation date was the 31st March. To facilitate entry into the building we needed to meet a height restriction of 4.6m max. so it was necessary to cut the dodger off prior to the move date.

This was not a big concern as we had decided originally that we would replace the dodger with one more practical and more pleasing to the eye. Due to the height restriction it will however need to be detachable so we can get the boat back through the door.

The Forth Year

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