Ocean 40
The dream begins with the building of the boat that will take us around the World.
The Move
27/02/2007, Auckland

Friday 12th January 2007 was the transportation day from Drury (South Auckland) to Henderson (West Auckland).

After negotiations, we had settled to make the move with Boat Haulage who seemed to have expertise in moving boats from difficult sites. Although probably not the cheapest we felt comfortable with the recommendation of various others to engage their services.

The day dawned forecasting wet weather and we began to wonder what difficlties they would experience, seeing they had to negotiate farmland terraine to extract the vessel. The operation began at approx. 9:00am (in light drizzle) with successful jacking and side winching of a somewhat frail steel cradle (supporting an approx 9 tonne vessel), that had embedded itself in the Terra Firma for a period of 9 Years.

Next came the loading onto the trailer. The unique Boat Haulage trailer less it's rear wheels is skidded under the cradle followed by elevating the rear and refixing the trailer wheel assemblies. A difficult operation made very simple on an uneven terraine.

Once everything is securely loaded, Luke (Driver) made easy work of traversing the farm with a load that appeared to us to be too wide and top heavy for the narrow based trailer, as it rolled and rocked itself to the tarmac of the main road.

So began the 2-1/2 hour journey with a load in excess 4.8m high all marginal overhead structures had to be avoided and so we were entertained with the back streets and bypasses from one side of Auckland to the other.

7-1/2 hours later and approx $1,900 lighter in pocket, she was in her resting position for the next 2 to 3 Years.

(see the photos in the album).

The Beginnings
The Beginning
26/02/2007, Auckland

Our dream was in 3 to 5 Years to purchase a 40ft Offshore capable yacht to start our circumnavigation. We had looked at different designs and had come up with a list of must have criteria.

Firstly, it must be roomy, with full head height and not be a slug. Preferably centre cockpit with a hard dodger. Prefering solid glass hull construction, skeg hung rudder and cutter rigged with an easy uncluttered deck to move around. Lastly, heaps of storage and loads of ventilation.

To fit within our time/savings plan we were looking at yachts in the $150 - $180,000 bracket. We figured that we would need to spend another $20 - $40,000 personalising her and bringing it up to current Cat 1. This option would take 3 Years of saving hard, 1 Year of completing any necessary work and 1 Year of local sailing. The other option, was to purchase a yacht of a lesser value, say $60 - $80,000 and do a major refit of say another $60 - $80,000.

Three weeks prior to Christmas 2006 a Reynolds Ocean 40 Hull and Deck was listed on TradeMe for $30,000 ONO. Someone's unfinished project that was sitting on farmland in Drury rapidly deteriorating. We just had to have a look!

It showed signs of potential, having an integral 3/4 keel with skeg hung rudder, solid glass hull with GRP cabin sides and deck. Centre cockpit with hard dodger and cutter rigged. She was filthy inside and out and looked like an awful lot of time and money would be needed to complete her.

So what did we do? We put forward an offer of $20,500 and were successful.

What have we done!!!

The Beginnings

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