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Ocean Dove
Engine Room Blowers X 2
04/01/2012, Vineland

Ocean Dove had no engine room blowers so I installed not one but two 4" blowers in the engine room, They are mounted on the back side of the Cockpit lock, out of view and harms way. They exhaust into the fwd and aft cockpit cubbyholes port side. The cowl vents are the screw on and off type and have a screw on cover if I need to make them water tight. Fwd blower (sucker) is piped to remove the hot air from the top of the engine room. The aft blower (blower) is piped supply fresh air to bottom of the engine room. I installed 2-pole double throw switch for each blower on the steering stand. They are wired so I can change the direction of each blower (blow or suck) as need. The Teak trim was removed to install the cowl vents and them refitted. The funny steering wheel on the wheel stand is a leather cover 40" folding Lewmar wheel.

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Galley LED light
04/01/2012, Vineland

The Led lights from Home Depot come packaged two different ways. In a package with three LED lights and a 120 volt AC to 12 volt DC power supply or as single LED lights packs so that you can daisy chain to the lights to each other and the power supply to increase the number of lights. I bought three single light packs. The lights pucks have three super bright LED a long wire leads and connector to daisy chain the lights together. I removed the last lights puck connector and wired it to 12 volt wire from the old lights and covered the wires with a piece of teaks.
Thrifty, Bright, Low Power, and Best of all, the Admiral loves them!!!!!!!

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04/13/2012 | Bryan Haas
Like your site, just found it. I have a gutted Whitby 42, hull 120 just north of Toronto near Barrie. I am leaving for a year long trip with my family on July 1, 2013, and hopefully the boat will be finished by then. The lights look great. How are they holding up?
04/14/2012 | Derek Keeping
Hi Bryan
The lights were install last season. They have a nickel finish on them, the true test is when we get to salt water. I thing I my spray the metal parts with clear coat.
Like your blog also I wonder were Slow Poke when.
I am Back Gerry made me!!!!!
03/31/2012, Vineland

In February I was in Miami for the Miami Boat Show. I had the great pleasure to meet with Gerry ODonoghue the author of the Blog "The Incredible Hull" and to have a tour of the TIH.
Gerry has been an inspiration to me with ideals and the passion he has for the Whitby 42. When I meet Gerry in person in February one of the first sentences out of him was "Your Blog is Shit" and he was right. I told Gerry I would do better so here I am.
Although I have not blog in a very long time, work on Ocean Dove has not stopped. I am still planning of heading south the fall on 2014. I will start blogging on the different projects I been planning, have started or completed over the last year or so.

I removed the halogen track lighting above the galley sinks and installed 3 led lights. These LEDs are 12 Volt purchased from Home Depot.

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04/01/2012 | Gerry
Yes, that's completely unacceptable, ignoring your blog while doing amazing work on your boat. It should be the other way around, as in my case.
Hot water Heater in E.R.
01/30/2011, Vineland Ont. Canada

I was aboard Ocean Dove today and mounted the hot water heater in it's new home. I still have to pipe it up but that could be a summer job. I have storage above and below the heater as it suspended. The platform for the battery boxes below the salon floor was installed so the wiring and the batteries will be next. I have 3 weeks off so hopeful I can get some jobs crossed off the list.

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01/30/2011 | Gerry
Great minds etc. That's exactly where mine is going.
02/01/2011 | John
Looks a bit high if it will have an engine coolant loop ? Perhaps it's an optical illusion.
02/01/2011 | Derek Keeping
You are right the heater is a little high for the main engine but the generator when installed will have separate heat exchanger mounted level with the hot water heater. The generator will be running more than the main engine so it made sense to use it to heat the water.
Ocean Dove needs a New Wind Engine
01/18/2011, Vineland Ont. Canada

Ocean Dove needs a New Wind Engine

After re-engine Ocean Dove last year I am looking in the near future to replace her worn out sails.
Ocean Dove is a "Twin Head Sail Ketch", Hull #328 built in 1986 with optional Bowsprit removable inner fore stay for Jib staysail
At present she has:
130% Genoa that was recut from the original 150% genoa on a Harken MkIII furling system.
Jib staysail is original with no furling system.
Main Sail is on a Facnor, Roller furling (on/in the mast) system,
Mizzen is original with a loose foot.
The spinnaker and staysail are original and in very good condition.

I have had issues with the Facnor main furling system. The Facnor system has an Aluminum extrusion bolted to the aft side of mast that the sail rolls into.
This fall on the way to the winter berth the main sail jam half way out as I was unfurling it. I did get the main sail to furl back into the mast and that is where it is staying for the winter. Next spring after launch I will go up the mast on a windless day and try to unfurl the main sail.

I have a wish list for sails:
New 135% Genoa foam luff, 8 oz Dacron.
New furling Jib staysail foam Luff 8 oz Dacron
New cross cut loose foot main sail. 2 reefs, 2 full +2 short batons, Tides Track system and a stack pack lazy jack system.
New mizzen sail 2 reefs, 2 full +2 short batons, Tides Track system and a stack pack lazy jack system.

Before I start pouring money into sails I would like some opinions from others, on what works for them, what didn't, what they would in my position.
So to all give me our advice I am all ears.

Derek and Darlene
Ocean Dove

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01/19/2011 | John
Hi Derek: Wow, you are really doing her up right!
Good Idea adding furling on the staysail, you will use it more.
I think 2+2battens and foam luffs are for performance and detract from the durability of the sail. Have seen a moldy foam luff, maybe they have better material now.
Do you really need 135%? Where are you thinking of sailing?
Remember you will never make your W42 into a race boat, she is a sturdy cruiser, keep the sails appropriate to that pedigree.

Can you launch your spinnaker shorthanded? Get it down again?

01/21/2011 | Gerry
My limited experience suggests the following;

1. Get all your price quotes, local and offshore lofts.

2. Negotiate with you local loft. I ended up getting a sail from an online dealer (8years ago) through the local loft who then fitted and guaranteed the sail at no extra cost to me.

3. The quality of the Dacron sailcloth is critical. I believe there is a lot of variety out there.

4. 130% genoa is plenty big enough, I may go with 110% but it will be a Yankee (high cut clew). I will rely on the Cruising chute/code zero for light airs.

5. Tides track is the way to go. Also check out the Dutchman track system;

6. I but a stack pack on my last boat and its the way to go. Check out Mack Pack.

Have Fun


02/01/2011 | John
Agree with Gerry on the high clew.
On our last boat we had a 110% with high clew that we used almost exclusively on our trip. We kept the old, light, deck sweeping 130% on board but didn't use it till we got back to Lake Ontario. The high clew gives you better visibility and won't catch waves when off the wind (hopefully you will never be sailing to windward).
04/06/2012 | Greg Wright
I went with a Yankee cut 110 genoa 8 oz. 9.5 oz staysail cut for higher winds. 8.5 oz mizzen. I have the main to do yet. North sails. She sails well with this package.
Making room for the generator
01/07/2011, Vineland Ont. Canada

Making room for the generator.

I have to make room in the engine room for my 5.5 Kw. generator but this has a cascade effect.
I need to move the batteries and their boxes from the engine room. I want to relocate the batteries to below the salon floor aft. A new 12 gal hot water heater installed 2 years ago now occupies this space. The hot water heater will be relocated to engine room. If it sound like a vicious circle you would be right.

Hot Water Heater

The hot water heater will be relocated to platform built in the engine room portside between aft end of the port fuel tank and the aft Engine room bulkhead. This space is a dead space between the Vetus water muffler and shipside as the floor area follows the curve of the hull and is generally difficult to get to. The all stainless steel hot water heater is, rectangular in shape 12.5"x12.5"x30" long, so there will be a storage area 15" X 30" above the heater and a small area below it.


I have 3 Blue Sea battery boxes each holding 2-6 volt battery. I can't fit all 3 boxes with batteries into the space below the salon floor to my liking. I will go with two boxes 4-6 volt total 450 amp-hrs.

The refrigeration (almost forgot)

The refrigerant unit will require relocating. At present I have only 1 refrigerator (Cold Beer) unit, the second refreeze (Ice for drinks) unit will be installed later. I will build a platform portside fwd close to the deck head for both units.
The units are water/air cooled, the engine room ventilation system will be piped to ensure that there will always be good airflow for cooling.

Engine room ventilation

I am installing 2-4" 230 CFM fans (as there is none) that will exhaust and or vent into the port side cockpit separated fwd and aft coaming storage pockets. An 4" low profile screw on vent hood will be fitted over each opening, each vent hood can be removed and replaced with a screwed on cover to seal the engine room from the weather deck if need.
Each blower will be connected to a DPDT switch so they can independently switched from blowing to venting the engine room as needed. The switches will be mounted on the steering stand.

I will post more info on the Marinzing of the Onan generator so

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