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Ocean Dove
Fuel System upgrade
03/26/2009, St. Catharine

I have been working on a number of projects over the winter. One was the fuel filtering system. The original system was aft of the engine and difficult to services. I replaced the old Racors filter with two 500ma filters and repositioned them onto the aft door to the engine room for ease of servicing. I also install a small 12volt transfer pump so I could transfer fuel from port to stbd tanks or circulate the fuel thought the filters.

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06/24/2009 | Stephen Ord
Although I do not own a Whitby 42 I do own a Tartan 37. I was looking into putting in a 2 filter system myself and wondered if you have working drawings and parts list for your system.
Stephen Ord
Our Lattitude
Bayfield ON
Off to the Boat show
01/09/2009, St. Catharines

The work on Ocean Dove has ground to a stop over the holidays. I couple times I headed to the marina on the weekend to work but they changed the combo on the Lock. Although the physical work on Ocean Dove has been stopped. I have been sourcing new equipment to install or just as spares.
The Toronto Boat Show starts today and runs for 10 days Jan 9- 18. I am going tomorrow with my wish lists looking for bargains and information.
Wish list
Bilge Pumps (2) 2000GPH or more
Cabin fans quiet and efficient
Raymarine Radar
Replacement for the Volvo MD30A (7600 hrs) Yanmar, Beta, Volvo or rebuild.
MAXI Prop.
New salon cushions
And all the latest stuff.

I will report in after the boat show

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Bowsprit Platform
12/19/2008, St. Catharine

The old teak bowsprit platform was falling a part and not safe to step on. I took the old platform to they CN milled a new bowsprit platform from 1" thick "Boatboard" plastic similar to "Starboard" they were great to deal with. I will fit it in the spring.
Email: [email protected]
Phone 905-563-0226
Phone Toll Free 800-642-7797
Fax 905-563-0228
4305 Springcreek Rd.,
Vineland ON
L0R 2C0

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06/23/2009 | Greg Temple, s/v My Destiny
Hi Derek,
If you don't mind, what did the replacement platform cost? I've been repairing, refinishing mine repeatedly and have wondered what a starboard or equivalent might cost.

07/08/2009 | Derek Keeping
Sorry Greg for not getting back to you soon I haven't added to the Ocean Dove Blog for while.
The Bowsprit Platform cost a little over $450 Can. That included the CAD drawing, NC milling and material 1 lnch boatboard.
In hind sight I would have used 3/4 inch boatboard to reduce the weight and cost.
If you have the time and the tools (router planes etc.) you could made one your self using to old platform as a template.
I will posts some photos of the Bowsprit Platform installed soon.
The BoatBoard has a great non-slip finish.
The Admiral likes to do her Kate Winslet (Titanic) impersonation there now
The Electrical System refit
12/11/2008, St. Catharines

Ocean Dove had 8 6-volt Golf batteries The batteries were slit between two location, 4 batteries under the Nav station seat and 4 in the aft cabin all connected with 00 wire into one large bank with a switch in the engine room. The batteries were charged with a Heart freedom 20 inverter/charger mounted under the companionway stairs. There are also two 87-watt solar panels and 400-watt wind generator, which are not install at this time. Originally I was going to leave the system this year but after the Heart freedom 20 inverter/charger failed I decided to move the electrical refit ahead.
With the control box for the refrigeration gone from the fwd bulkhead in the engine room I installed a new freedom 20 inverter/charger there.
I have never liked lead acid batteries in the accommodations. I moved the 4 best golf batteries to 2 Blue Seas 4021 Dual Golf Cart battery boxes in the engine room port side. This opened up the Nav seat for storage of tools and spares. Before we head south I will replace all the batteries with 8 6-volt AGM batteries and reinstate the bank in the aft cabin.
On one of my shopping trips to HMP I found 2 surplus Paneltronics 3202 DC Twelve Branch Circuits 13 ¾" X 3 1/4 ". I mounted the two panels on the original electrical panel and retained the original meters. I now have a total of 24 breaker. The AC panel will be left till I find a deal on a AC panel.
I have installed G.F.C.I. outlets in the galley, heads and engine room. All the 12-volt lighting fixtures in the forward, aft cabins and main salon have been replaced.
More Later

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12/13/2008 | Gerry
Congrats on the boat. Check out my blog at;
The work begins
12/10/2008, St.Catharines

Before the papers were signed and the money exchanged the planning, sourcing of part, info and advice to refit Ocean Dove had already begun. I knew that Ocean Dove would not see the water this year if I wanted to complete the amount work needed. We will launch the spring of 2009. Darlene and I plan to refit and sail Ocean Dove on Lake Ontario over the next 4-year then head south. This will spread the cost of the refit over the 4 years and we can learn the skills needed to handle Ocean Dove.
I have been sailing since I was 8 with my father. I still own a Columbia 8.3 "Amigo" which I have single-handed. Darlene has crewed C&C 39 and with me on "Amigo" but it will be a learning curve to go from 27' 8000 Lbs to 42' and 23000 lbs.
On sunny days we worked on the teak bright work painting. On Rainy days we worked inside cabin and systems.
The teak and bright work was sanded and a minimum 4 coats of Cetol apply. The toecap and rub rail was left till next year as they will require some repairs.
The first job I contracted out was the replacement if the old vinyl lifelines with plain stainless steel. Mike Quill a local rigger did a wonderful job, he also made up new halyards for the main and mizzen masts.
Darlene started cleaning every thing in the cabins and painted white inside all the cupboards, closets and cubbyholes.
The refrigeration unit was one of the pieces of equipment removed (no easy task), followed by the stove "Admiral's Orders".
I spoke with Marvin Nye at E-Z Kool about replacing the refrigeration system he suggested two separate systems EK-12CPAW with one cold plate for the refrigerator and a separate EK-12CPAW-2 with two cold plates for the freezer. This suited me as I could refit the refrigeration in two stages. All I want next spring is cold beer when we are on Lake Ontario.
The propane system was completely replaced, new copper tubing, regulator with gauge and FIREBOY/XINTEX S-A2 Propane Fume Detector with Solenoid Valve Control. We installed a new Force 10 3 burner stove to complete the system.

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The Begining
12/09/2008, St. Catharines

When I first saw "Ocean Dove" about 2 years ago she was called "Lady M III" and sat on the hard. I was looking at another boat at the time. My ideal boat (I thought) was a 35'ish sailboat with a three-cabin layout, a tall order. "Lady M" sat near by and was about 7 feet to long.
While surfing the net I saw a well-priced Whitby 42 (not Lady M) I called Doug Stephenson the broker. He told me of Whitby 42 close to me he had listed for more money "Lady M". I told Doug I would pass too big, too much money.
In the spring Doug listing for "lady M" had a major price drop. I called Doug "now I am interested" Doug is a very knowledgeable man and specialty about Whitby's. Doug filled me in on the history of "Lady M".
My first impression of "Lady M" was "a Diamond in the Rough". She had spent most of her life in saltwater, most of her systems needed to be upgraded or replaced. I had my camera and clicked away at all the problem areas to view later.
As I walked forward along the deck I noticed that a mourning dove had built a nest on the bowsprit, I left it undisturbed and continued on my photo shoot.
The next day I brought the Admiral "Darlene" aboard to have a look. The Admiral gave me the thumbs up sign (I have the photo to prove it) with some small conditions "New stove, new cushions". I called Doug, put down a deposit, set about surveying the hull, sails, engine.
June 4/08 "Lady M III" became ours and the work began.
After a great deal of thought we decided to honor the dove I saw the first time I was aboard "Lady M"
We renamed her "Ocean Dove".

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01/24/2010 | Barb
That was a beautiful story on how you named your sail boat! Thanks for sharing!

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