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Oceans Dream
Kayak trip to the Blue Hole
Admiral 40 catamaran
17/06/2012, Espirito Santo

Exercise was the order of the day yesterday so we hired a tandem kayak, packed a picnic and took off up the river to Espirito Santo's largest 'blue hole' along with fellow cruisers from boats, Freezin' Rain (US), Blue Glass (Oz) and Rotomanu (NZ). To save any reader having to Google 'blue hole', we've searched it on your behalf ...

A blue hole is an inland vertical cave. They are roughly circular, steep-walled depressions, and so named for the dramatic contrast between the dark blue, deep waters of their depths and the lighter blue of the shallows around them. The deep blue color is caused by the high transparency of water and bright white carbonate sand. Blue light is the most enduring part of the spectrum; where other parts of the spectrum--red, yellow, and finally green--are absorbed during their path through water, blue light manages to reach the white sand and return back upon reflection.

So, there we have it! And here are a handful of pictures from our trip ...

Cows on beach
Cows on the beach overlooking the anchorage

Tandem kayak
The Crew of OD in our tandem kayak

Amongst the mangroves
Reflections on route. We discovered oyster shells lying on the river bed.

The Blue Hole
The 'Blue hole'. Jackie climbed half-way up the banyan tree (not requiring much encouragement from the other cruisers) and swung from the rope into the water ... pulling every muscle in her body and gaining a rope burn in the meantime ... maybe not quite as young as she thinks anymore!

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The People of Vanuatu ...
Admiral 40 catamaran
13/06/2012, Oyster Island, Espirito Santo

The Captain giving a talk to the school children in Homo Bay, Pentecost.
The Captain giving a talk to school children in Homo Bay, Pentecost Island.

Schoolgirls beach Ranon
Schoolgirls on the beach, Ranon

School garden
Children in their school garden where they grow and sell their on fruit and vegetables

Chief Luke
Chief Luke, Homo Bay, Pentecost

Dive tower
The wooden tower to the left is used for the traditional activity of land-diving ... the original bungee jumping. It's 30ft high and guys jump from the top with vines tied around their ankles in the hope just their hair brushes the ground. Land-diving only happens on Pentecost island. Queen Elizabeth II came to the bay in 1974 on the Royal Yacht to watch it - some say one of the divers lost his life jumping that day.

Carrying bamboo
Giving a helping hand with some bamboo in Loltong, Pentecost.

Sadrina and machete
11 year old Sadrina with her machete

Danny, our 3 year old Tour Guide in Asanvari, Maewo island. Note the machete scar above the left eyebrow. All the kids have knives.

Chief Nelsons daughter Mary, with nephews Martin and Danny enjoying their first ever gingernut.

Smile for the camera!

Freedy Solon
Freddy Solomon carving a Tam-Tam for export to New Caledonia

Jimmy the lorikeet with his owner who plans to keep him until he's bigger and will then sell him for 'much money'.

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17/06/2012 | Jilly
Really Fabulous Photos,Team O.D....What an adventure.much love Jilly

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