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Off the Grid
Still in St. Croix...
03/25/2010, St. Croix

Our insurance company flew out an adjuster from Tortola today. Alf and I spent the better part of the day waiting for him to arrive. He got stuck in Puerto Rico. Everything went well with the adjuster. It looks like the fire was started by a wire that was lying across the generator. They think that the vibration from the genny eroded the wire and ignited. The fire traveled through a huge amount of the interior wiring and caused a significant amount of damage. It looks like it will be a nightmare to repair.

A fluke!
03/18/2010, St. Croix

Totally a fluke, but Alfy slept through the night last night! He slept about 8.5 hours straight! Thank you BJ! We are going to attend a wedding reception tonight over at the Deep End Bar. I'm taking my camera over to get some photos for them.
Alf should have the generator back on the ship today! All the painting is finished! We should be back in the water on Monday! Yeah! St. John bound!

04/10/2010 | Mica's Dad
Just a suggestion. When rewiring the generator be careful not to run any wires on top of the generator.
Flat tire.
03/17/2010, St. Croix

Ran some errands today to help Alf get the Moerae provisioned. Alfy does really well running around with me. We even had a flat tire today and Alfy just hung out in the baby bjorn. I like the fact he's so little, I can just strap him around me and still have my day. It's very cute the way he snuggles up against me when he's in his carrier. So the flat was fairly uneventful-thank goodness! The tire blew almost directly in front of the tire place. Lucky! They had us back on the road fairly quickly.
We went out to eat at Dashi, sushi place tonight. Alfy just hung out in his seat and checked out everyone.

Ships out!
03/09/2010, St. Croix

Alf had the Moerae pulled out today to work on the bottom of the vessel. Still waiting for the genny to arrive!

First smile
02/22/2010, St. Croix

Alfy smiled today!

repositioned the Moerae today
02/10/2010, St. Croix

Took Alf over to the Moerae today with Alfy. We stopped by the marina office to say Hey to Ronda and Patty. Alf is repositioning the boat over to Pull Point today. We have decided that it's too long of a dingy ride for Alfy, so Alf's doing the repositioning by himself.

04/10/2010 | Mica's Dad
Be sure to double cinch the anchor line.

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