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Off the Grid
St. Barts
06/11/2010, St. Barts

Go South AFRICA!! Bufana Bufana!!

Fork Island
06/10/2010, St. Barts

Had a very long, rough sail today to Fork Island. We decided to start the engine since I was starting to feel the effects of seasickness.
We had a nice evening hike up to the top of Fork Island. Epic views of St. Martin and St. Barts.

St. Martin/St. Maaten
06/07/2010, Caribbean

Spent the day hanging out at Club Clamos today on the beach in Grand Case. The watermaker quit working...I think Alf may reef it!

06/03/2010, St. Martin

Happy Birthday DAD! We've been trying to call you today! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

06/07/2010 | Dad
Had a great day. Just watched Alfys vudeos. Made my week. Can't wait to see you guys in August.
St. Martin
06/01/2010, St. Martin

We took Alfy in for his four month shots today:( he received two in the bum and handled it like a champ! The doctor was very nice.
We are not too impressed with St. Martin as a whole. It's very crowded and built up. There are a few very beautiful areas surrounded by dumpy run down areas. Not our favorite island so far...but the food is delicious!

06/11/2010 | Debra Kemp
I haven't heard how you like Grand Case? I agree with your comments re St. Martin. Missing you.
Alfy's first church experience
05/30/2010, St. Martin

We took Alfy to his first church today in St. Martin. It was a small local Catholic church and was totally packed with people! We found out later that today is the French Mother's Day. Most of the service was is French with a little English thrown in.

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