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Dragging anchor!
01/14/2011, Clarks Court, Grenada

Woke up this morning, around 4am, to someone yelling in the radio. They were warning all ships that a ship was dragging anchor in the harbor. It was rainy and dark so very hard to see, but once we caught a glimpse of the vessel, it was on a path heading directly towards us. The ship that was loose (s/v Apollo) was slowly but surely drifting along. The ship directly in front of us (s/v Olive) were trying desperately to get their anchor up and get out of the way. Before Olive could move the Apollo had beared down on her and all their lines got tangled up. We pulled up anchor ourselves and tried to lend a hand to Apollo and Olive. What a way to wake up in the morning! Alfy slept through the whole thing....go figure!

01/10/2011, Grenada

It's my BDAY today!!! Went on a great tour of Westerhall Rum factory-nothing like a rum tasting at 11am! Afterwards we went on a great hike to Mt. Carmel Waterfall. Alf and I took turns walking out under the falls-it was a perfect temperture! Had a wonderful dinner at Sagrasse resort. My kind of birthday!!!:)

02/14/2011 | Andy
Such a beautiful photo. Tne one of Alfy below is also outstanding. Time to update blog with Martinique!
New sail....
01/08/2011, Grenada

So the new Genoa we ordered before we left has arrived. It's a nice Forest Green color. It wouldn't be so bad if the rest of the ship wasn't aquamarine....So they really screwed up the color. After a bit of a battle with Richard from Turbulance, he finally agreed that it was the wrong color. A bit of a headache. So now we will be hanging out in Grenada longer than expected waiting on our new sail...They tell us it'll be about 10 days, which translated means at least 2 weeks-probably longer!

Getting ready to sail again!
01/04/2011, Clark Court Bay Marina, Grenada

We took a day to recover from our travels before getting started on the ship again. Getting the Moerae ready to go again:) A big job! I've been doing laundry, which shouldn't be so difficult! You have to walk it a good mile up to the facilities, sit there while it washes (which takes FOREVER, about 1.5 hours a load), then load it all back up-wet, since there are no driers anywhere, and carry it back to the ship, where you spend another hour hanging it all up! Let me tell you that I never realized how heavy wet laundry can be! So to all the people who think sailing is easy........and that's just laundry! Never mind all the maintanence the ship takes! It's like they say; "Never trust a fat sailor!"

04/24/2011 | Sara
What an adorable picture of Alfy (then again they ALL are, LOL). I love doing laundry, but THAT would definitely not be my favorite way to do it.
Grenada Bound
01/01/2011, Heading back down south....

Woke up this morning at 3am! Had to travel all day to make it back down to Grenada by 11pm!! Traveled from Cincinnati, to Chicago, to San Juan, to St. Thomas, to Grenada!! WHEW! What a long day! Back on board by midnight. I just have to say, that we have a ROCK STAR BABY! Not a melt down all day!!!

Happy New Year's!!!
12/31/2010, Cincinnati, Ohio

Happy New Year! Sara and Carrie-it was great of you guys to help us "kinda" bring in the new year!! it was great seeing you guys!! Jeremy and Adrienne- miss you guys! Can't believe how much Lexi is growing up! Good luck on the interview!!!
We'll miss you guys!!!

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