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Kama Hele
oooooh, mast steps.

Now I feel like a sail boater. Well, no, not really. But maybe now that we have mast steps, sailboaters will stop teasing me about our trawler having a mast to begin with!

in tennessee for the summer
Lilo is sporting a new 'do.

My mom's hairnet.

in tennessee for the summer
New flybridge

Look at that beautiful white flybridge! Those of you who have seen our boat in person (or have paid enough attention in photos) know that we had blue no-skid paint covering our upper and lower decks, but not the side decks. My dad sanded all of that off, and repainted both decks. Now they're white and smooth!

in tennessee for the summer
1010/2626/2011 | josh
dad been working hard here lately???!!!???!! Looking nice old man. Love you
The new flybridge wheel!
0909/2121/2011, Decatur TN

This is the wheel that was a major pain in my backside for a while. This is after I applied the second coat of Cetol to it.
Oh, and my toes.

in tennessee for the summer
1010/0303/2011 | Kevin
I would like to note that as of now the 3rd of october, said wheel is still sitting in the same spot. It is waiting on a third coat of Cetol. I think Annakah is going to get demoted to deck swabber. I guess it would be good evidence we were in Meigs county Tn for a year if I show up in the Keys driving the boat with a pair of Vise Grips. Get to work girl!!!!!
Pictures of our new additions/renovations/updates/etc.
Annakah / sunny.
0909/2121/2011, Decatur TN

Today me and my father installed a new engine room light, which I forgot to take a picture of. If it weren't a hassle to lift the engine covers up, I'd just take the picture now. But it's kind of a hassle, and I'm feeling particularly lazy right now. So the first picture is our new door. My dad took off the old door, removed the window, and then used the door as a stencil. After some extra trimming, the door fits perfectly. Next he'll install a handle on the outside and a.... well, I guess it's a little cut-in rectangle with a metal plate covering it, to serve as a handle for the inside of the door. Anyway. As soon as the finish is completely hardened, the handles go on, and voila! it's done.

in tennessee for the summer
Still in Tennessee...
Annakah / cold and windy.
0909/1515/2011, Decatur TN

So, in my last post, I wrote that we're leaving September 15th. Which is today. I've not been updating my blog like I should, but we've been delayed. My father has to get his gallbladder removed, and his surgery is on the 27th of September. We have to stick around a couple weeks after the surgery, so it's looking like our earliest leave date will be around the eleventh.
We've still been working on the boat, and just today my dad put the first coat of finish on our new door. It looks fantastic already! He used the old door as a model, and made a look-alike. Minus the baseball-sized hole in the bottom half of the door, of course. So with our date pushed back quite a bit from the original guess, and boat work ongoing, we've had some unpleasant weather. The current temperature here in Decatur is 68 degrees. No, not kidding. And it's windy, too. I went out in jeans and a T shirt, and I was cold. My dad called it winter. Aspen's wearing a sweatshirt..... Cold(ish) weather came way too fast.

in tennessee for the summer

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