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Kama Hele
Some dirt-dweller is very unhappy with us.
0101/0909/2012, Englewood

Tonight we're anchored in Englewood. We were here once before, but apparently, all I remember about the place is its name. It's a small channel, covered with houses on one side, with tons and tons of boats anchored and/or moored all through the channel. We had to travel way back into the channel to even get a clear spot to anchor.
Today we had to go through quite a few bridges; at one, a very lovely man in a car up on the bridge began cursing a blue streak at us, screaming that we were making him late for his job interview. Apparently, there were a lot of not-so-pretty words and a lot of shouting. My mom laughed. I'll admit, I'd have felt sorry for the guy if he hadn't been yelling; As it were, since he decided to get his panties in a bunch over it, I'll look at it a little more like, he should have left a little early for his interview.
Either way, it was another sort of short day. We left at 0830 this morning, and arrived at about 1450; only forty miles. Not so bad. A lot of boat wakes. It was sunny, though, and very warm. I've begun reading the first Left Behind book; I love it. And that's about it, for today.
Annakah on Kama Hele.

0101/0808/2012, Sarasota Bay

Tonight we're at the north end of Sarasota Bay, just near Whatle Key. Another short day today, we only drove fourty miles from Tampa Bay. My dad's been griping about the West coast of Florida. We met up with our friend Craig (and Bear, the dog, of course, who almost fell into the water trying to climb onto our boat.) Nobody can think of anything to add to this blog post, and I spent most of the day either taking an exam or watching movies inside. Pretty exciting day. It was a beautiful day though; Sunny and warm.
Annakah on Kama Hele

I guess I can be dramatic sometimes.
0101/0707/2012, Tampa Bay

We got a late start this morning. My mom woke up at around 1 in the morning, and realized something wasn't right: She wasn't able to get out of bed. She woke my father, who realized that it was difficult for him to stand up. So my mom went outside to figure out what the problem was, and saw that our tow rail (the rail that's below our handrails, and runs the entire way around the boats' side decks) was hooked up on the edge of the fixed dock; the tide had dropped too far and we'd gotten stuck. So eventually both of my parents got us unhooked (I was asleep) and we came crashing down onto the water. Pretty scary thing to wake up to, actually. I thought for sure we were sinking and that we were all going to die. Yes, dramatic, I know, but that's what my thoughts are like when I'm woken up by falling.
So after everyone went back to sleep, we all woke up to water that, according to our depth sounder, was -.5 feet deep. Yeah. Next we had to wait. And wait we did, for three hours later than we normally would have left. However, it was a short day. Or, it was supposed to be. Only having to travel fourty miles, we still had to go under 7 bridges. That made it a very long day for the captain. I did my midterms, which made it a long day for me. Tonight we're anchored just north of Tampa Bay.
Annakah on Kama Hele

0101/1414/2012 | ryan
wow! I guess Ya'll didn't tear off the prop if u got outa there!! scary stuff! oh, Annakah, good job on describing the "stuffing box" even tho it's not a box. Mine holes 3 layers of stuffing (teflon) and is a pain in the butt to keep ajusted! it has to have a small drip to keep the shaft fron heating up so as it wears u have to readjust it! Keep up the blogs, u doing a great job. Ya'll be safe and fair winds.
Oh, I forgot to tell you.
Annakah / gorgeous,
0101/0606/2012, Tarpon Springs, FL

I forgot to mention that we made it to Tarpon Springs. No biggie, right? Whoops. So we've been here since... The first, so six days. Yeah. I've been distracted by everything else on the internet, since we've got internet at the dock here. We're at Belle Harbour Marina, which is very small and definitely not high-class, but it's nice. There are bathrooms, showers, and a covered picnic-table area outside the office. There is also a washer, but no dryer. The owner and the guy that runs it are here almost every day, and they are both very nice.
We've spent the past several days going into the touristy area of Tarpon Springs, which I love. We bought soap, which is supposedly handmade in this city, and sponges, which the town is known for. Actually, we bought loofahs, which turn out to not be sponges at all: Loofahs are a vine, grown on land (duh), that resembles a cucumber. They are cut off the vine and let to dry out completely, giving the usual look of a loofah you may see in the store. Also, they are cut. Loofahs are grown to be about three feet long! Upon selling them to distributors, farmers will cut them down to size. Who'd have known.

Today we went to Epiphany, a local ceremony held once a year. The town is, as a majority, a Greek-Orthodox town. The gist of the ceremony is this: In the beginning, the entire church files down to a dock on the water. A girl, from the ages 15 to 20, releases a dove, which symbolizes the Holy Spirit. After this, a man prays aloud in a chanting sort of way, in Greek. Then he says "Young people, go!" and twenty or thirty teenaged boys leap into the water and swim to a procession of wooden rowboats, which are tied and anchored in a semi-circle around the dock the priest is sitting on. Next, the priest (or whatever the spiritual leader of the greek orthodox church is, I don't know what he's called) gives a small speech and prays, then throws a wooden cross into the water. All of the boys dive in after it, and they search for the cross. The one who finds it is said to be blessed by God, and he and his family have good luck for a year.
That's what we saw today. We got to the waterfront where the cross-tossing would happen (I hope that's not a disrespectful thing to call it) at around ten o'clock. Now, the thing didn't start until one o'clock. My mother is to blame for this. So we arrived way too early, but got ok seats, and then we waited. And waited. And waited. And the entire ceremony took a good thirty minutes. Also, the priest had to throw a second cross, because no one could find the first.
Next we went to go eat Greek food. I got a chicken souvlaki sandwhich, which I apparently don't like (mostly because the sauce, tetziki sauce, tasted like some sort of pesticide mixed with cucumber and mayonaise) but everyone else liked theirs. We'll sail out tomorrow morning, since the weather's been holding! :)
Annakah on Kama Hele

0101/0606/2012 | Annakah, author
Later update: My dad told me that the dove, more specifically, represents the dove that came down from the Heavens when John the Baptist baptised Jesus (Luke 3:22.) So there you go.
We left! Yay!
Annakah / cool, sunny
1212/3131/2011, Cedar Key

Believe it or not, we have left Steinhatchee! We've made it to Cedar Key, to the very spot we were nearly two years ago, when we crossed from here to Dog Island (near Carabelle) on the other side of the Big Bend.
In my last blog I gave bad information, though I have sources I can blame so I feel a little less dumb. The packing thing? Wrong. There's a cutlass (I have no idea how spell that, forgive any error) bearing before the part where the waterline enters the boat. I also got that off the internet, from some sailboat website. See, it's the dang sailboaters. It's all their fault. Anywho, the part where I told y'all what the packing did WAS correct, although there is quite a lot more packing than I'd realised. Also, the propeller doesn't turn on the shaft. The propeller is affixed TO the shaft, and the shaft itself turns. Which does make a lot more sense. And the coupling? I was completely wrong about that.
A coupling is a couple (surprise!) of flanges attached end to end by bolts, attached on one end of one flange to the shaft and on the other end of the other flange to the transmission, which is connected to the engine.
So, all cleared up, I hope. I'm sure my daddy will comment on this blog if I'm wrong. Haha. Anyways. Todays sail was really no problem, although it was a little rough. Actually, not rough, it was smooth swells all the way here, it was just that they were big swells. By some miracle, I didn't get seasick, and nobody but Aspen felt bad. Not great for Aspen, but I think it's mostly a good thing.
We had a gorgeous sunset tonight, and the stars here are just incredible. I can see easily double (or triple even) the number of stars I could see last night. I love the stars. I can actually point out a whole two constellations, too. Look at me go!
Happy new year, y'all. I hope the year brings great things to each and every one of you.
Annakah on Kama Hele.

0101/0303/2012 | Dave Gibson
I just found your blog, Annakah. I'm enjoying it. You write very well. And yes, your description of the propeller, shaft, cutless bearing, and flanges are all correct.

Besides dramamine and patches for sea sickness, try positioning yourself on the boat so you can see the horizon. Ginger also works for some people.

We're currently in Annapolis but heading south soon, just waiting for a weather window. Our blog is

Keep up the good writing.
And we're off! Well... No... Not really.
Annakah / 65 and sunny!
1212/2929/2011, Steinhatchee... Again.

Today was the day we'd planned on getting out of Steinhatchee. We ventured out into the channel, and part of the way through, my dad felt vibrations from the boat that weren't normal. He'd tightened a coupling on the engine and replaced the packing yesterday, and we'd run the engine at cruise speed (still tied to the dock) to run the packing in. I guess that when he tightened the coupling, he either didn't tighten it enough or tightened it too much. I don't know. Whatever the case may be, it caused the vibrating, and we had to turn around and head back to the dock. By the time we got back (the short forray into the channel and then heading back around took nearly two hours) it would have been too late for my dad to fix the coupling and then get us running again so that we could head out, again. So, we are back. Again.
However, we have good weather through Sunday (Y'all keep prayin for good weather!) so we'll be able to leave tomorrow morning.
I don't know when my next post will be, so wish us luck in our travels!
Annakah on Kama Hele

Dirt dwellers: Packing is sort of a cotton hard-packed into a ring-shape, and packed around the propeller shaft at the point where the shaft exits the hull underwater. The shaft is what the propeller is attached to. This substance (it's not always cotton; apparently there are hemp, aramid, teflon, and asbestos rings, too) keeps water out of the boat while allowing the propeller to turn on the shaft.
A coupling alters the vibrations of the shafts' rotation. (I actually didn't know what that was, I had to cheat and use Wikipedia. There goes the hope that I'm secretly a mechanical genius.)

1212/3030/2011 | Kevin
Sugar, you really have to get down in the engine room with me more often. Close enough though. LOL

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