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Ben's a born foredeck man
09/27/2006, Seattle

Ben is thrilled with the idea of moving aboard. There is alot of time to read which he loves to do. He will be in charge of the inflatable tender we have, a big responcibility for a 10 year old. We will be working closely together on projects to make the dingy easier to bring ondeck and tow behind OmarSea. He is also an avid fisherman and we are looking forward to our fist Mahi Mahi dinner caught by him.

Hamming it up on New Moon
09/27/2006, Seattle

Juli is realy excited to go sailing. She is at home in a bathing suit in the water poking around for sea creatures. She has a very natural way with animals and is curious about the world around her. Keep a lookout for her logbook as it will be full of entertaining pictures and paintings.

Jean's a natural
09/26/2006, Seattle

Jean ready to cast off those lines and head for adventure on the high seas.

Having lived aboard for nearly 10 years Jean is a seasoned cruiser and a wonderful first mate.

Steve takes it in stride
09/24/2006, Seattle

Stevie figures its a pirate life for him. As crew goes he is definately layed back. Just finishing 1st grade this spring he is becoming an avid reader like his brother. He is very gifted with computers and electonics. Has a knack for figuring complicated things out and is intent on becomming the 1st ever seven year old dive master. We are putting Stevie in charge of the snorkle opps which we plan to launch each afternoon.


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