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Beach Party on Hog Isle
05/14/2008, Grenada

Beach party. There is a faraway beach bar with a great BBQ dinner and cold beer just off the island of Grenada. Here cruisers gather on Sunday evenings to swap stories and make plans for the upcoming week. Our friends Heather and Don aboard Asseance took this wonderful photo of our family.

Engineering for beginers
05/14/2008, Bonaire

A lesson in engineering
Recently the kids have mastered the art of card stacking. If you have seen the movie"A Grand Day out", by Nick Park. Just like Grommet they had to address unusual gravity challenges. Most card house platforms are not moving back and forth as you build them or having a strong Caribbean breeze blowing through them. Kudos to the kids, they all mastered building a house of cards onboard.

Morey Eel
05/13/2008, Bonaire

We have movies

Learning to Row
04/26/2008, Grenada

This is a very special photo for me. You see, when I turned 8 years old I was lucky enough to spend a couple weeks with my grandparents at their home by Little Bay in New Hampshire. There, my Grand father devoted a glorious morning to teaching me the finer points of rowing. Back then he had a 12' wooden pram that was a joy to row. It was one of those summer days where the sun, coming up through the pines, seemed to sparkle a little brighter and I can still feel the grain of the wooden oars in my hands. The oarlocks were brass and having a green hue to them creaked as my grandfather and I worked to keep my oar sweeps even. My grandfather always told people I had learned to row in 15 minutes. It seemed to take forever at that age. A bit of a window into how an 8-year-old sees things versus how a 58 year old views them.
Anyway it is a cherished memory of mine, one I had the privilege of sharing with Juli, Ben and Stevie. This photo is at that magic 15 minute mark where Stevie has gotten the hang of it. "Nothing so good as messing about in small boats"

04/26/2008, Grenada

Suspects last seen enjoying a fabulous sunset on Grand Anse beach. Whereabouts of children unknown. (Just kidding, they were down the beach building sandcastles).

Kids and Chores Aboard
04/26/2008, Grenada

We have had numerous conversations with other cruising parents about what chores kids are expected to do onboard. It goes without saying that living aboard with kids certainly has its challenges. It's a small space with lots of stuff that must be constantly put away if only to maintain the barest sense of household. When we moved onto the Omarsea I told the kids they could keep their rooms anyway they liked. But, if they really want to have a messy room they have to keep their door closed so the rest of us wont share their taste in interior décor.
Jean came up with the idea of letting the kids have an extra 30 minutes Game boy time on Saturdays if they keep their rooms clean. And like so many things in life it is one third effective.
Benjamin has done an exceptional job of keeping his room well organized and neat. He earns his extra time every week and is a great example to his brother and sister.
In talking with other parents most kids seem to have the basics, i.e. room and some simple cleaning. We instituted a duty roster for dishes some months back under the assumption that "Spare the oar and you spoil the child". Each child does a full day's dishes twice a week with Jean and I handling Sundays. In addition, if it's your day for dishes, you get the honor of handing out the game boys at playtime and also taking out the trash. As we come across issues that denote taking turns we defer to the roster as to whose day it is and what they do. This puts the focus of any negative energy on the roster rather than on the parents. We have heard excellent feedback from a good friend that her child has begun doing chores and is taking great pride in her efforts. What a win/win for both of them! It would seem that kids who have responsibility are more likely to take pride in themselves, their home and have more respect for their parents. It was tough love up front buy I tell you what, after working all afternoon on plumbing in the bilges it is really nice to have someone else handle the cleanup in the galley after dinner!

Grapefruit Navigation
04/26/2008, Grenada

Home School has become a daily practice here onboard the Omarsea. But that does not mean it is boring!
In studying math we came across the terms AM and PM. The boys not knowing what these really meant, other than morning and evening, asked me to explain.
Not having a globe here on the Omarsea we opted for the venerable Sharpie and a grapefruit.
In the photo you can see the map of the Pacific Ocean and the lines drawn on the grapefruit. We drew a line at 0 degrees longitude or GMT. Then drew a line at our own longitude 61 degrees West and lastly a line at 180 degrees. I showed the boys how the meridian is the point when the sun is directly overhead. (Roughly noon locally).
Then I explained how Anti Meridian leads up the meridian passage and post meridian PM occurs after the sun passes this highest point. From there the lesson became an art class on how to best draw lines of longitude on our supply of grapefruit. But you know there was such satisfaction in their father this day as they grasped the concept and had fun pealing the world apart.

Friends on Bequia
04/26/2008, Bequia

When cruising you find that there is time to get to know people. Rocky's no exception. Here is Bequia he is the breadman. His family runs a bakery in St Vincent and he imports huge boxes of fresh breads, cakes and pastries each day. He is a really friendly guy always quick to smile and welcome you to his shop across from the Ferry dock.
Friends of ours on Bequia told us about Rocky and though he is a bit of a local secret you still need to get there early as he sells out of most items by 10:30. He makes no promises about what he will have the next day though you can be sure it will be something tasty.

Fun Aboard
04/26/2008, Grenada

We have a great many activities here on the Omarsea. Here Jean and Julianna are making beaded jewelry together. Juli being very hands on enjoys doing many crafts. Her Aunt Tracy has given her colored wool and needles to craft felt animals with. Her Aunts Mary and Margaret have given Julianna the beads and makings for jewelry. It's a great activity for Jean and Juli as they both like beading.

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