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I feel the need for speed!
Scott Trefethen
04/27/2009, Offshore Florida East coast

I know this is a bad pic but you try shooting an lcd screen on a wildly mooving boat. That number on the top really is 10.5 knots boat speed. Keep in mind that we were getting a boost from the stream. We made a little over 200 miles in a 24 hour period a new record for the Omarsea.

Migration Drop Outs
Scott Trefethen
04/27/2009, Off the Keys

This little bird and many others used the Omarsea as a resting perch while they winged their way North over the waters of the Gulf Stream. We had many different species all un identified that circled several times and then landed on the stern. One came in so tired it tumbled as it landed. It was good to be able to share our home with these wayward travelers.

Sailing North
Scott Trefethen

Well all great times have to come to an end. And so it was with our visit with the Fosters. Key west was a hurricane of activity and fun times. Dave and I Salvaged a 30' sailboat off the rocks. We walked all over the island. Our Friends Cindy and Gary aboard Silly Nanna had us all over to thier Yacht club for lunch and a swim in the pool. We cooked and ate dinner over on Odysea several times and they lent us thier 20 foot twin Vee runabout so we could get arround. The kids had such a great time together that now a week later they are still going through withdrawl. Fortunately we will get together in the near future and have lots more fun.

Hot, Hotter, Hottest!!!!
Scott Trefethen
04/27/2009, Peppers Key West

Vicki and Dave Foster took us to "Peppers" a gourmet hot sauce tasting experience. Our friendly man with the sauce was Pete. Pete spent the better two hours entertaining us with funny stories and descriptions of his products. This is a must see when in Key West! Here is Pete with several of his favorites. Visit him on his web page if you dare to try some really thermal sauce.

Scott Trefethen
04/27/2009, Key West

When in Key West there is a frenzy of things to do. Too much in fact for a single visit. We tried to keep it simple and stick to the kids oriented activities. Though it can be a rough town Key West has matured over the past 20 years. The conchs are dwindling in numbers as outsiders come in and buy and build homes. We were invited by our friends to see a movie about Key West History. It is shown at a small theater down off Caroline St way. The movie is dated but has some great interviews with famous local heroes and characters. Then we went to see the most famous treasure in town. Mel Fishers museum of the Attocha a Spanish treasure ship sunk over three hundred years ago. The kids had a ball. They had the chance to lift a $75k bar of gold and see much of the way the wreck was recovered. We walked the fine lawns of the Truman Annex where Harry Truman once spent time as president. Then we did Duval Street and walked back to the boat moored just North of town.

Key West Tourists
Scott Trefethen

As we walked the streets of Key West we met many friendly people. One place we stopped had conch shells for sale that were cut for blowing. Julianna picked one up and produced the purest sweet note from it. The 2 ladies running the store turned round and one said to the other. "Did you see that little girl blow that conch? She is really good" Juli played it several more times and impressed dozens of tourists walking by.

Key West
Scott Trefethen

With an invitation from our friends the Fosters we headed for Key West home of the Conch Republic.

The BIG Easter Egg Hunt
Scott Trefethen
04/27/2009, Dry Tortugas

One of our great joys about this series of passages has been the ability to travel when we believe it is safe and also to stay a little longer if we want to. Easter was such a time for us and we shared it with our new friends the Fosters. Dave, Vicki, Gunner, Max, Trey and Christopher were joined by the Trefethens on a most memorable Easter egg hunt. The ladies scattered candy treasure all over the fort and tasked the kids with finding it. All had a really great time. I liked Vickie's question though. "How are we going to top this next year?"

Rough Landings
Scott Trefethen
04/27/2009, Dry Tortugas

The weather while we were here in the Dry Tortugas was very brisk. Most days we had wet landings on the beach. This picture shows the anchorage and the boats rocking. We learned to beach the dink on the North side of the ferry dock, as there were no rocks and broken glass here. This is the spot where the seaplanes used to land. We have since learned that the company operating the planes has gone bankrupt after the loss of one of their planes. The day we left for Key West it was blowing steady at 15 knots from the south. We sailed right past the area where Mel Fisher found the sight of the Attocha in 1985 and had quite a storm hit us. Lightning danced all over the sky and struck the seas. There were gusts of wind that exceeded 35 knots shutting down our wind generator. But we were lucky. The unfortunate souls who stayed behind were tossed in the anchorage terribly and most of the boats dragged their anchors some colliding with other boats. This we heard from friends we met there who later caught up with us in Key West.

Good Friends
Scott Trefethen
04/27/2009, Ft Jefferson Dry Tortugas

The Folks from Odysea the Fosters with the 4 boys have become really good friends of ours. During our stay in the Tortugas we spent several days together and had a ball. Julianna and her friend Max are pictured among the second level openings of the fort. The kids played all over Ft Jefferson for three days.

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