13 June 2010
13 June 2010 | Chesapeake Bay, MD
18 August 2009
14 August 2009 | Portland
14 August 2009 | Cottage Grove, OR
14 August 2009 | Waterfront Portland
14 July 2009 | Potomac River , VA
14 July 2009 | St Mary's Village
14 July 2009 | Omarsea HomeSchool
14 July 2009 | Horseshoe Cove
14 July 2009 | Annapolis MD
14 July 2009 | Maryland
14 July 2009 | St Mary's State house
14 July 2009 | St Mary's MD
16 June 2009
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30 May 2009 | North Carolina
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Tornado Ahead

14 July 2009 | Annapolis MD
Extremly Hazardous
An hour after arriving in Annapolis we were beset by strong thunderstorms comming up out of the West. The hook was set well just off the Naval Academy and we were busy getting dinner ready when I happened to look up and see a huge funnel cloud forming immediately off the bow. This ring of dark fast moving clouds was turning counter clockwise at scary fast pace and as Jean and I watched it intensified. The sky began to turn an ugly green black color and the wind lept from a gentle breeze to well over 35 kts shutting down our wind generator. I told Jean to get below and keep the kids low, that I would be right after her and to try and stay away from the galley with the loose pots and can goods. As she turned to go below the funnel dropped suddenly toward the boat some 1500 feet. The winds increased and we began to get big drops of rain. Just as the cloud edged over the water it disintegrated as quickly as it had formed. We estimated it had been nearly a mile in diameter. It was a very close call.
Vessel Name: OmarSea
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau Oceanus 510
Hailing Port: Oregon
Crew: Scott, Jean, Ben, Julianna & Stephen
About: We invite you to join us for adventure aboard our floating classroom where our mates Ben, Julianna and Stephen will be learning first hand about our wonderful planet.
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Scott standing at ZarPar Marina DR
Kids in the shallows off La Parguera PR
Primitive warriors night hunting for the elusive tropical snipe.
Jeans confectionary proof that even while crusing you can still enjoy some of the best of life.
Isla Saona off the DR is a beautiful nature preserve with that Pacific isle feeling.
These crabs gather in the shallows on the desert islands just off Puerto Ricos south coast. They feed on detritus at the high tide mark. Some can jump as far as two feet when disturbed by walking near them.
Dave, Dorothy and Gregory relax in the cockpit here in Bequia. Great times had by all.
Class racing off Bequia during the famous Easter regatta.
Julianna dreams of raising her very own sea turtles. Here she sees a conservation effort that has kept four species of turtles alive and thriving on the island of Bequia.
Dave Pelton and I working on the boat.
Kids battle with Pokemon.
More Pokemon Battling