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Travel updates as we move about the Mediterranean Sea
Communications and Departure

here is what is sure to be the most boring entry of the trip!

today was a day of work work work! 5 of us went at the todo list with aplomb and have whittled it down to a mere few items necessary prior to departure. all metal on the boat was coated with a corrosion inhibitor, we did a final few trips to the chandlery for some necessary items (new fishing lures!!) and picked up our mainsail from the loft. the garge was cleaned and organized, as was the remaining engine room bilge. kate, our cook for the trip, started preparing some soups and stews to the boat smelled fantastic ALL day! our final task of the day was a '10 minute' project to replace the gooseneck bolt that attaches the boom to the mast.... 2 hours later dinner was ready and we finished the project... so it goes. and oh yes... they reinstalled our steering quadrant today after removing it to repair the autopilot mounting hole.

i did several boat breifings on safety and emergency gear and as i bounced in and out of boat breifings and various projects(an hour up the mast to install the windex light in the rain) i spent over an hour on the phone with tech support from the software company that wrote the software that let's the mac talk to the satellite phone. we were finally able to get a successful connection but find that the docking station we have for the phone is preventing proper data transmission. since we rely on this to provide weather data underway i ordered an updated docking station which is supposed to solve the problem. so the fine folks at FedEx are on their way to us with this new piece of hardware and upon successful installation we will be off!

weather looks good for our anticipated midday thursday or early friday departure, and once i can confirm a decent satellite phone data connection i will post contact details for friends and family. we will be able to receive text messages at any time on the satellite phone and they are not only free to send but are free for us to receive as well! so i will post those details prior to our departure.

more to come!

The adventure begins!
05/02/2009, 18 2.06'N:63 5.34'W, St Martin

welcome to the One Two Many blog! hopefully this site will help friends and family keep track of where we are and what we are up to - dare we be so bold as to think we are that interesting! enjoy - many more updates to come!

friends and family of delivery crew please check back on monday or tuesday for emergency contact information which i will post here with detailed instructions.

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