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One World's Adventures
Changing of the Watch
05/15/2012, St. Thomas

I was gifted with an incredible honor this week, the opportunity to host "Cappy", my father, aboard One World. The name "Cappy" is short for Captain Fred Garner, the man accountable for inspiring my dream to sail the vast oceans of this world. For the first time aboard a vessel, our roles were switched. I am now the Captain and Cappy is the crew. I found myself hesitant to take full responsibility. I would defer to Cappy, ask his opinion a little too often, and wait to read his response. It all changed when I asked my son Max to report to Cappy, as the "captain" during his watch. Cappy gently responded that I was the captain of the vessel, not him.
From that point forward, my relationship with my father changed. I am the captain of One World. "Cappy" is considered a veteran crew member, full of wisdom. With great trust, he pilots the vessel. The two of us, after years of sailing together, work in perfect harmony. Yet, I am the Captain now. It is my responsibility to ensure the safe passage of my precious cargo.

Cappy, Thank you for sharing your passion of sailing with me. You are welcome aboard anytime. Your Son, Captain Wes

05/15/2012 | Lisa
What a great entry. Im sure your father, Cappy, sincerely cherishes those words. It was nice to see Kim last week and hear of your travels, Im in awe at the courage and commitment it takes to embark on such a journey. We all love the blog entries here as we discover, through your eyes, a world most people never really get to know. Safe travels! -Lisa (CAC)
05/15/2012 | Cappy
Wow, Captain Wes, thanks for the kind words, especially after old Cappy buggered up a couple things! You would think I could remember to take a boat out of gear or how to tie a line to a bollard!
05/15/2012 | Gigi
Wes, it was a DeJaVu for me to see Max in rapt attention as you and Cappy conferred on a project - twice! You were just like that as a child. I so loved being with you and the kids!
05/17/2012 | Coops
Brilliant! Both sea lovers on the ship and the baton is passed. Love you! Coops Hi Mr. G (aka Cappy Sr.)
05/17/2012 | Raul
I could see the scene perfectly and vividly. I have had the pleasure of having sailed with bkth Captains, and you both have inspired me. One day I will also be on my adventure. Safe travels.
Bad Karma
05/12/2012, Vieques

Have you ever pulled into a town or hotel felt as though the place had bad karma? While sailing through the Spanish Virgin islands, we encountered such a place, Bahia Salinas del Sur on the Island of Vieques, a former Navy bombing range abandoned in 2003. Written up as an idilic tropical paradise "in recovery", we expected to find white sand beaches and palm trees. Upon entering the bay, it was empty, with a nondescript shoreline speckled with signs. Being to far out to read what they said, we dropped anchor and sent in a scouting party. I made my to shore with a paddleboard, mask, and snorkel. Below me I could see bombed out landing craft and other metal twistings. Upon storming the beach, I came face to face with a sign, "Danger Unexploded Ordinance . Do Not Anchor!" Oops! I turned slowly back toward the boat, tip toed back to the waters edge, and paddled slowly out to sea. "I hope the did not mine the place", I said to myself. Back aboard, I briefed the crew and all agreed we should pull anchor.

05/12/2012 | The Mendoza's
Blahahaha! That was a good one! Please sendto Kim a huge kiss and tons of hugs from all the Mendoza's . Happy birthday!
05/13/2012 | flora
OM goodness! Maybe for Christmas we'll get you a great set of binoculars! (I am sure you have those on board all ready).
05/27/2012 | Chana Hays
But then we met you in Esperanza on the Malecon with our two boys from Armenia and Brazil. We were invited out to your boat anchored in Sun Bay and had a thoroughly delightful time with your family and your friends. Our boys swam gleefully with your kids and hopefully dispelled the bad karma that you had felt previously in Vieques. Could you send the pictures you took? Thanks. Chana and Fred
Shore Leave
04/22/2012, Puerto Rico

We are celebrating two months aboard One World with Shore Leave! The past week we have traveled throughout Puerto Rico, enjoying the rain forests, Old San Juan, and the Arecibo Observatory, the largest radio telescope in the world. We are driving a real car (not a golf cart) and putting on the miles. We are filling our belly's with familiar food from Chili's, McDonald's, and KFC. We plan to top it off with a cherry from a visit to Cold Stone Creamery! Of course, no shore leave would be complete without spending the night off the boat. Waterpark hotel, here we come!

04/22/2012 | john
I like your style...............................
04/22/2012 | Chuck
at this rate I expect an order from Chili John's soon. Dad
04/24/2012 | Cindy
That sounds so fun! I bet the kids are in heaven!
Good Bye New Friends

We arrived in Ponce, Puerto Rico in mid-morning after a smooth passage overnight. As we approached the dock, we were greeted by a father and son aboard another catamaran. They took our lines, tied us up, and invited us over for a potluck dinner that evening. Later in the day, we joined Dave and Kimberly, as well as another couple, Rudy and Ellena, for great food and wine. Dave and Kimberly are former yacht captain and crew having sailed most parts of the world in all kinds of weather. Rudy is a retired Dutch police officer and Elena is from Serbia.
We talked all evening, sharing stories and enjoying each others company. There was a connection, a sense of similar values and culture. We were making fast friends and it felt good. The night came to a close with hugs, thanks, and anticipation of more time together tomorrow.
I knew this would not last forever. Our weather window to get to the next port was closing. It was time to move on. At 3:00AM that morning, we silently slipped away from the dock and back in to the open ocean heading east. We never had a chance to say a formal goodbye to Dave, Kimberly, Rudy, or Elena. Relationships on the ocean are made overnight and disappear in an instant.

04/19/2012 | Abbey Herman
Thinking of all of you. I can't believe you've been gone for over 2 months, not sure I can handle the many months that follow. Glad to hear that things are going well. I'd love to see some pics of the kids when you get a chance. Missing you! Safe travels:)
04/19/2012 | flora
I always love to read what is going on with you all. Just read a few entries aloud to John. What a different and amazing world you are living in - truly living in each moment, never knowing what or who the next day or destination will bring. We love you all!
Good Bye Old Friends

Last week, we were blessed with the company of the Kneeland family, close friends from Wisconsin. Our final moment together was touching, the Kneeland boys running along the breakwater shouting back and forth to Max and Solomon. Tim standing at the end of the breakwater, taking photos and calling out farewells for the last time. Ahead of us lay a dark horizon of water, behind us the sun hung low in the sky over the warm Dominican coast.
Earlier in the afternoon, while preparing the boat for departure, Tim handed me a thick envelope, requesting that I open it once at sea. A few hours into the passage, with the kids comfortably inside the cabin, Kim and I cuddled together in the aft cockpit to open the surprise. Inside, we found letters from each of the Kneelands, Tim, Lori, Alexander (14), Connor (12), Quinn (12) and Kemily (7). As we read, tears came to our eyes. The letters described their experiences, the challenges, and the impact the trip has had on them.
I often forget how different our lives are now that we are at sea. Everyday brings a new challenge, a new culture, and new relationships. Yet, deep down inside me, I long for the familiar. The familiarity of a shared culture, values, and experiences. The Kneelands brought that familiarity (and much more) with them on their visit. We will miss them.

A Different Perspective
04/11/2012, Dominican Republic

After sailing for the past month, I forget how accustom my family has become to our new life on the boat. Over the past week, through the eyes of our friends, I have seen a different perspective. Tim shared with me a video of Ela, playing peacefully alone in the main salon, while in the background of the shot, as seen through the salon windows, changes from sky to sea repeatedly. Tim shared a story of Solomon working with him to retrieve a hose nozzle that had slipped deep into the hull. Solomon hopped up, opened a few hatches, climbed down into the engine room, and fished the nozzle back up through the deck opening. After our last passage, with our guests aboard, some of whom were puking, Max exclaimed in private that it was one of the smoothest passages to date. And Lely, every morning, coming out of her cabin, with school books in hand, ready to get on with her day. I am sure these are just a few of glimpses of our changes while at sea. I can't wait to see more!

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