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Don't stop the carnival

Sweet, sweet Florida

Ellen, gusty
11/17/2012, Frederica River, Georgia

We made it to Savannah the day before yesterday. Anchored in St. Augustine creek. The night before we anchored outside of Beaufort, SC. We have been having winds over 25 knots for a couple of days. When the wind blows against a strong current which is what we have here in SC and GA, it makes for a jarring motion when the tides change. So the past couple of nights have not been very pleasant. Last night I was woken up at 10:30 by the gusty winds and proceeded to grab a blanket and sleep in the pilot house, partly so I could keep an anchor watch, also the motion is less than in the Vbirth.

We are anchored in the Frederica River off of the Frederica National Monument. A few years ago we sat out a few days here while Hurricane Ida decided what she was going to do. We feel very comfortable here and there is a dinghy dock. It is our plan tomorrow to land the dinghy and walk to the supermarket and hardware store. That will be lovely as it has been almost a week since we have been on land. Not sure what our plan is after that. We were hoping to be in Saint Augustine for Thanksgiving. We have a couple of sounds to cross and the times for the slack tides which will make the most comfortable time to cross with these heavy winds aren't really jiving. So tomorrow we will sit tight and think about moving again on Monday.

Georgia tomorrow
Ellen, cold and overcast
11/14/2012, Beaufort, South Carolina

We are anchored north of Beaufort, South Carolina. Hopefully Georgia tomorrow. We are warm and fed, so everything is great. Bella is wonderful, I really do love having a pilot house. We even pulled out the jib today for a couple of hours. We ran HARD aground yesterday with about 4 other boats. We were at dead low tide trying to make a bridge outside Charleston.......the sailboats were dropping like flies,they were scattered all over the channel. We tried a few things to get ourselves off just for entertainment, nothing worked but the incoming tide. Bella's keel, is almost 2 feet wide at her widest point, so when she digs in she's dug. We still made the anchorage before sundown, so no problem. Tonite we are anchored outside of Beaufort, South Carolina hoping to make Georgia tomorrow. Anxious to get to Saint Augustine as we have some parts waiting for us. The town has also put in some moorings so we hope to hang there a couple of days. We always have a great time there, but the holding isn't great with a ton of current, it will be nice to hook up to a mooring and forget about it. Thanks for reading...Peace

11/15/2012 | Spencer
Sounds like a typical first few days of cruising! We wish we were heading south on Mozzie with you and are going to do our best to get everything in line so we can go cruising south for a couple months next winter.
There are actually dozens of moorings at St Augustine now, so you'll have no problem finding a great spot!
Ellen, warm
11/11/2012, New River, SC

We left Oriental on Thursday am and went to Beaufort to anchor. We had a nice day, the weather has been beautiful, cold in the mornings, but warming right up in the afternoon. I love my pilot house. The secondary we anchored in Mile Hammock Bay after another cloudless, but chilly day. Randy being ever diligent, opened the engine hatch and said "we have an issue". there were about five gallons of diesel in the engine pan, my mind immediately went to a busted fuel tank, but instead ended up being a broken file line. So operation engine room clean up phase one began. The third night we went to Carolina Beach and got off the boat for a walk, that was pleasant. Operation engine room cleanup phase two took place yesterday. The engine room is squeaky clean again, unfortunately our domestic pressure water pump got soaked with diesel so that decided to quit on us. But we have had a beautiful couple of days and it feels great to be moving.

11/14/2012 | judy dutra
every day is an adventure
A couple more days/projects
Ellen, sunny but chilly
11/05/2012, Florence, NC

We finally feel like we have a handle on leaving. We plan to depart on Thursday morning. It is nice we rolled back the clocks, I feel like we have gained an hour, even though we really haven't. I finished the awning, that was a huge job I was dreading, but luckily my friend was selling her Sailrite machine just in time. It has been an absolute pleasure sewing with it, I am almost ready to get rid of my other 2 machines. Today's project is to sew two hatch covers. Tomorrow we will start to move clothes on and be aboard totally by Wednesday, Sophie and all. We are really ready to get off the dock. I know it will be an adjustment and I have to remain positive and just enjoy and be in the moment, not to have expectations and just really enjoy this opportunity.

Dancing Jellyfish
Ellen, sunny but chilly
11/01/2012, Florence, NC

Randy and I dressed up as jelly fish for the party at the Silos in Oriental and won 2nd prize!!!

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