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Mexico Vancouver

21 June 2010 | South Surrey BC
drive north BC
after leaving Terry and Heidi s/v Cetus. at the border of California. 17 hours to Cindys doorstep.. her Birthday.. so stay and played at Disneyland..its 55th Bthday and gee we both turned 55 so party on.. weekend party at the Trailor Park.. great fun.. beach Volley Ball and dancing in the Sand..
then on the road again. back in BC two days driv.
Chika and i arrive.
Gardening. like cract celebrate Birthday party with Brennans buds. and parents as well . so crazy BEER PONG and way tooo much wine.. was fun.. 40 guest!
Chlling more small jobs. till i get my house back to clean up after yet another group of ungly renters. Now for sale..Mom looks great.. so will be there for a bit.. and do some odd jobs for her.

Missing my Inspiration at SEA yet loving the time holding playing with Dishes again..and Chika too.. so all is good... here in BC..

The next adventure the drive to El Salvador.. I departed Dec 1st.. arived Dec 20th in El Salvador.. missed huge my navigators Dishes and Chika .

thinkun.. driving back to El Salvador.. as the adventures continue.. .. got to see my friends in Mex.. talk then into the sail down to see me in Central America and come south.. this fall..



hugs to all..

Dishes Chika too..
Vessel Name: Inspiration at Sea
Vessel Make/Model: Hans Christian 38 MKII
Hailing Port: Vancouver BC
Crew: Vicky & Chika
About: sailing at age 8, Manitoba lakes BC sailing the BC coast last 30 plus years delived boats for 2 years Pacific & Atlantic Charted my 51 Tatoosh for 2 years east coast now voyaging past 9 years on the Pacific Dishes yellow lab now 10 is in BC Chika .. Siamese now 7 is first mate
Extra: Marshalls currently.. sorting out crew.. for next legs.. Guam Palau and Japan on the charts in furture circle back to Mexico
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local auto ferry
enroute to snorkeling the lava caves.. north Isla Isabella
sunset views at anchor
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some highlights from Fiji... from the Vunda Point Marina real cozy to the botanical garden and mud baths...
24 Photos
Created 24 February 2015
Sailed from Fiji to Tuvalu Nov 2014 this tiny tiny Island I was the only boat that spent a month there..
18 Photos
Created 24 February 2015
goodtime Tonga
No Photos
Created 9 June 2014
Pics of the Big Island Molokai and Maui... 2013
No Photos
Created 12 April 2014
this Atol is part of Hawaii and you need a permit.. worth the effort and Rat inspection amazing Galapagos of the North!!
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Created 12 April 2014
the Most Picturous remote Island just off the Equator north 3'
18 Photos
Created 12 April 2014
Cyclone Ian
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Created 12 April 2014
pics from Cyclone Ian in Neiafu Vava'u Tonga
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Created 12 April 2014
December January adventures with family
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Created 20 January 2013
some favorites from Galapagos
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Created 8 October 2012
trip into the mangroves and villages acess water only
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Created 9 April 2011
Tropical storm Bahia De Sol El Salvador the Docks
6 Photos
Created 5 April 2011
love the drive.. Vs planes.. more to see and exlplore..
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Created 21 June 2010
pics of sail down and crossing bar into Marina Del sol El Salvador current location
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Created 26 April 2010

Who: Vicky & Chika
Port: Vancouver BC