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Inspiration At Sea
04/04/2011, El Salvador

Inspiration at Sea, s/v Hans Christian 38 El Salvador 2011
Departing Vancouver/ Point Roberts Sept 8th 2005, my cruising areas has been cruising Mexico, Sea of Cortez, south to Zihuatanejo and back again. My writings on cruising Mexico, Central America is a year late in sending out. So much has changed since last March, both land and sea.
I departed the Sea of Cortez last February 2010, sailed to Zihuatanejo. My usual base for February and March. Last February I was on a new passage. At Christmas time I Joined the El Salvador Rally, the first official run from Mexico to El Salvador. I liked the casual format of it all. The Start date March 12th or there about and end date May. You enter your boat name, sail down enjoy the festivities, discounts and just meeting other cruisers, from all continents heading in all directions. You can buddy up with others if you want. Some do for the feared Tehuantepec crossing! As yes it is one of the big challenges in cruising the Pacific East coast waters. One to be Respected as they say. I always keep in mind the saying "Mother Nature Always Bats Last"
I am usually solo, with Dishes my Lab, Chika my Siamese, on my annual return to the Sea of Cortez for the summer. My favorite place for gunkholing, fishing and just playing in the water to stay cool.
Heading to El Salvador I have crew, as well as faithful Chika, Dishes back in BC as it is little harder to have a dog here. With new waters ahead the feared Tehuantepec crossing, Rudy came aboard in Zihuatanejo. We are headed for Huatulco, the choice last check out of Mexico.
Along out passage the engine oil level is not reading right.. and if I push it we start to overheat. Knowing the huge passage ahead I want to be comfortable with my engine. We chose to go into Acapulco, 110miles from Zihuatanejo. Truly not a chosen port, busy, unfriendly at the fuel docks and they insisted I check in, even for the short time of getting some fuel. After an hour they seemed convinced I was just there for fuel and let me proceed without any paperwork. I so wanted to get on our way. While fueling and at the dock decided the oil should be changed even though had just changed. a I had lots on board and filters so did another complete oil change and filters. If problem appears again, will have to look further for problem. Really not wanting to spend a night here we depart. Nice back out on the sea again and relaxing. Light easterly winds heading into the night. Always on the lookout for Shrimpers at night and the Cruise ships whom seem to have their own route. We are now sailing off the shores of some of the best surfing areas on the coast of Mexico. Noting the shoals and keeping a close eye on the weather, I always choose to shorten sail and have sea room for the night. Puerto Escondido comes up on the charts, our daughter Melanie told us surfing is big there. It does have an anchorage if you want a challenge, we were not in need of one. Most cruisers tend to avoid big Surf. I did entertain one surf spot with my daughter and her friend just north of Tenacatita. I dropped anchor in 50' of water off this favorite surf spot at a mouth of a river. Told him that's as close as I get. He dove off the bow surf board and all, disappeared over the back of the waves. Melanie and Maureen swam and suntanned, I kept a good watch on the anchor and position till we saw a person on a board swimming back to us 2 hours later. Up anchor he was thrilled even more, as the other surfers wondered where he came from and gee where was he going. He just pointed to that stick above the waves, his waiting yacht. I am sworn to secrecy the spot, as surfers are protective of their waves.
Some 40miles south of Escondido we chose to take a break and anchor in Puerto Angel. It's now dark and what an entrance. Ghostly, we see walls of rock, white water from swells, now is the time to trust GPS and radar. Trust is huge the entrance is narrow curving. The comment in the chart book, an intimate anchorage. You are right about that, we almost nailed a panga straight on as we entered and others everywhere. We noticed lights from two boats , cruisers obviously as others were dark. In this intimate anchorage we move close to the rocks as we dare, just off the entrance tucked in out of the swell deep water 46'. Pan a light out over the bay, seems we are not in anyone's way, mainly the Navy as they move from their base. Up a few times during the night to check position as the sound of the waves on the rocks were unnerving. Morning light opens up a whole new view of what was imagined in the night. And yes we were tucked into a little corner and near the rocks. Yet we have plenty of water below and the swing was in our favor. Busy little place wish we would have stayed to explore. The other cruisers must have left at dawn. We meet up in Huatulco as they saw us on their departure. Our departure and viewing the entrance in daylight, I so So Love Radar.
From there we head to Marina Chahue, Huatulco. Passing several wonderful bays, again more for the surfing crowd. Arrive at Marina Chahue, it's an easy check in at the marina, then into town for formal papers to check out of the Country. Very casual Mexican pace. You get a cervesa and chill, paperwork is being done. Good food, nice place to walk shop or sit. Many cruisers to meet, heading north or like us south.
Time to rest, check over the boat, provisions, fuel, water and gather weather info. We plan to make a straight shot to Bahia de Sol, El Salvador. Four days should be there. A five day window is given the day we arrived, four boats leave on day 2 . We still needed some items and wanted to check over a few systems, before setting out. We chose to leave on day 3 of the window as we should be across the Tehuantepec in 2 days then two more to Bahia de Sol.
11am we depart. Around 1400hr winds are 18 - 20 S seas building to 8'. The weather report was not like this. 1650hr seas lay down a bit, winds now 12 ESE overnight with squalls . They continue to die down to 6-8 ESE for the day. Then gee N NW they clock, seas now slop we are motor sailing and being pushed to the shore. We throw out the book saying, hug the shore, as it will put us in the breakers, gee maybe on the shore.. its shallow . Tack out to 18 plus mile range, with this crazy sea and winds more sea room. As night falls we continue to keep making westerly to keep the comfort of the sea between us and the shore. We encounter ships and entrance of Salina Cruz. Note! One to avoid big shipping port and if you go in, paperwork will swallow you up as well as cost are just what ever. Main thing it's a real busy port with big ships anchored all over the place near entrance . One of the cruises I met here heading north just this month 2011 went in and well they were stuck over a week in paperwork, weather etc..and not happy with costs.
Guatemala to is to be avoided at time of this writing. I have met a few cruisers here that have made that mistake. They are a very poor county and problems with authority both land(my drive down border) and water, so better to make the short distance to El Salvador where they are welcoming cruisers.
As we arrived it was nightfall like 2300hr. Hailed marina got the Rally net and was given co ordinates for anchoring for the night. It was a little unnerving like when I did the surfing spot. At least that was daylight and no fisherman in pangas or shrimp boats to deal with on the back of the surf.
No moon it was black. Lights everywhere on the shore. What was land what was a boat? What was a panga and what was that! We creep forward, Rudy with spot light on bow the surf so loud.
I call again check the co ordinates for the night anchor. Pangas scoot past ... with only a candle onboard. Then boom an explosion from shore the lights go out. Gee wow we can see boats, pangas, shrimpers. We keep onward to the anchorage, lights go on.. hmm where was that and what was it. Slow mode again, then boom lights go out from another transformer out. Lets get there .. we can see the boats. The generators start up on shore, lights start up, we are there! Drop anchor! Boats move around us, the candles float by. Time for a bottle of wine, sit, enjoy this sky full of stars. Taking it all in, seeing the white froth on the backs of the surf. Pangas with candles pass by. What a night what a passage.. we give thanks for our safe arrival. Opps we still have the Bar in the morning!
Daylight we see the surf, the beaches, wow. We are given a time for the rendezvous with the jet ski our guide Rahilio and Bill. They will escort us over the surf. Making our way to the entrance we are told to run the engine hard, to see if it will over heat. We meet up just before the surf, now we instructed to keep facing the surf and hold position. This means reverse facing into the surf...
You remember I am a double ender HC 38 33,000 lbs hmm, hold our position in reverse the waves breaking nicely on our canoe stern staring at the surf in front, heart beating double time. We are given the GO. Full throttle called over the VHF! Yes, well you know I have to take her from reverse to forward her little self.. Bill keeps saying forward. Hmmm Yes well we have been in forward, it just takes a minute or 3, forward yes, pick up as the waves pick us up.. Bill yells you are going to feel little push, just keep her heading straight for us, as they run just ahead of our bow like a dolphin. I call I am afraid we will run you down.. they laugh, no way just keep after us.. as we run down another wave.... They are amazing.. it becomes a real thrill .. and gee here we are, El Salvador over the Bar! I'll do it again.. Huge! Opp yes as the only way OUT!
A short distance later we arrive at the marina with a wonderful welcome from the owner Marcos, our guide Rahilio, our host of the Rally, Bill and Jean and Claudia the hostess for the Hotel/Marina. The port authorities are there and with a nice welcome. Within less of an hour we are settled, all paperwork done, sitting enjoying the wonderful hospitality of El Salvador .
I am so thankful for that night just before Christmas 2009 in a whim I put my name in the Rally. It continues to be a wonderful experience. As in writing I have been here a year with many land travels . El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. I moved my boat to secure mooring and care with Santos Marina. His family and crew make me smile laugh, huge sunshine in my life here. The local knowledge side trips into the mangroves, other islands. Tortugas arriving at the beaches.. just ask.. I never stop learning seeing doing.. its going to be hard to depart. For more trips into the Islands and Jungle as Santos and his family, they the local knowledge you can Trust... I know in my heart I will be back..
From Santos Marina Moorage you are a short hop to the dock and hotel. Mar y Sol right across has great fish dishes, ice, water and laundry and if you time it right the Veggie truck. The sea food is delivered that day.. talk about fresh. If you walk towards the road you will run into the local Marine store outlet, if they do not have you can order and will get to you someday, do not expect overnight delivery, relax enjoy the country things will happen in due time.
Gee then I had to go back to BC. I decided to drive back with my van from Canada to El Salvador, 20 days, as took time to visit family and cruisers along the way. Another whole story driving alone across 4 countries. You could do it in 11days yet you will miss so much.
I have driven the Baja Mexico from Canada 14 times and as well as 6 time the Baja alone. An incredible drive.. the geology the towns the season. Yes the seasons, cacti and vegetation change quite dramatically . When I have taken cruisers with me on the drive I tell them you will see Who Ville from Dr Suess and Fragle Rock, it's funny .. I do not say anything and they know when we are there.
Central America is not to be missed. So plan a few weeks, months to take it all in.. your boat is safe here, you too are safe here. You are in Central America, slow mode.. not flashy, relax take a breath thing will happen ..when they happen. Easy to travel these four countries on your visa. Then Costa Rica as many cruisers are doing, leave their boats here. For $100 a month you boat can be on a mooring. Set up a schedule with Santos of what care you require. From monitoring batteries, starting engines, cleaning bottom, interior airing cleaning.. you choose. Then go, explore! Then pic up where you left off and Panama a short sail away.
As I mentioned I delayed my writings as things here with the boats and our visas were under review of new Government rules. All sorted. Currently $10 per person entrance This give you a 4 country 90 day visa. El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. It can be renewed on time in the country. $1 a day for your boat, you can pay for 30,60,90 days in advance. So far no limit how long the boat can stay If you go to Costa Rica or back to Mexico or home it starts all over again, not the boat. I have been here a year plus with "Inspiration at Sea". Santos Marina on a mooring, wonderful services and yacht care. Back to Canada and with land travel, my visa keeps up to date. Just relax enjoy get some work done, me new teak decks and go exploring. I have splashed in waterfalls of volcanoes, walked through coffee plantations to get to the falls. Ruins are incredible, Mayans, Copan Antigua, all short distances away. Central America is worth slow mode travel. I could go on for pages. It's easy just get here, moor your casa afloat , the rest is easy. Explore, rent a car, hire a guide, the People of Central America are so gentle and eager to help. Smiles are Real!
This year, I sailing back to the Sea of Cortez, for the summer. Plans are for the South Pacific. Depart from La Paz. I know I will be back as so much more to see and do. The big Blue calling! I need another ocean passage under my keel. Another adventure awaits.. "Inspiration at Sea and Me... "
Sailaway Dreaming
To accomplish great things, we not only act, but also dream
Not only plan but also believe
If you have a dream follow it, it you catch a dream nurture it
The perfect boat is not the one you dream about
It's the boat that takes you cruising
We can always live on0 less when we have more to live for
The Thoreau Approach
Vicky Plett S/V "Inspiration at Sea' El Salvador

El Salvador info
Rally info: Bill and Jean Host
Marina : Bahia del Sol
Current rates: for Rally guest 50 cents a ft water and min electricity, Air conditioners or high draw vessels 75 cents a ft
If not Rally join the club for $2 a day and enjoy endless discount from moorage food, beverages, pool and more.
Moorings and Marine Repair: contact Santos [email protected]
Or VHF 16
Current rates: 3.50 a day or $100 a month
Monthly you get some extra services and from there you can work on a plan that suits your vessels needs. A safe place during hurricane and tropical storm season.
Extras bottom cleaning, painting, carpentry, outboard motor repairs, canvas list goes on.
Talk to them about local tours, panga into the mangroves not to be missed.

El Salvador
05/29/2015 | katy
HI! I found this somehow... I am just about to buy and HC38T and go off sailing with my two maine coon cats... I am inspired! Any words of wisdom are welcome!
Mexico Vancouver
drive north BC
06/21/2010, South Surrey BC

after leaving Terry and Heidi s/v Cetus. at the border of California. 17 hours to Cindys doorstep.. her Birthday.. so stay and played at Disneyland..its 55th Bthday and gee we both turned 55 so party on.. weekend party at the Trailor Park.. great fun.. beach Volley Ball and dancing in the Sand..
then on the road again. back in BC two days driv.
Chika and i arrive.
Gardening. like cract celebrate Birthday party with Brennans buds. and parents as well . so crazy BEER PONG and way tooo much wine.. was fun.. 40 guest!
Chlling more small jobs. till i get my house back to clean up after yet another group of ungly renters. Now for sale..Mom looks great.. so will be there for a bit.. and do some odd jobs for her.

Missing my Inspiration at SEA yet loving the time holding playing with Dishes again..and Chika too.. so all is good... here in BC..

The next adventure the drive to El Salvador.. I departed Dec 1st.. arived Dec 20th in El Salvador.. missed huge my navigators Dishes and Chika .

thinkun.. driving back to El Salvador.. as the adventures continue.. .. got to see my friends in Mex.. talk then into the sail down to see me in Central America and come south.. this fall..



hugs to all..

Dishes Chika too..

Maya Triangle
04/25/2010, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala

Maya Triangle
Bahia Del sol is where we are based. Gee now taking the time for some land tours. Inspiration at Sea is tidy and secure. Chika has a cat sitter and we are off.
We join our Tour director Jorge Martinez for a 3 day 3 country tour. On board is Eric and Valarie, Pacific Mystic, John and Gayle, Sirens Call and Rudy and myself.
7 am we arrive at the head of dock for pick up. Off we go to San Salvador for Pupusa breakfast. This is the national food. Like a tortilla smaller, thinker and filled with meat or fish of choice, beans, cheese or veggies then grilled. About 30 cents each.. and very good.
San Andres temple was next on the tour it was a ceremonial temple.
In the afternoon we traveled to the border of Anguiatu between El Salvador and Guatemala from Santa Ana where we had lunch. Then on to El Florido border between Guatemala and Honduras enroute to Copan. Seems this country route is better than direct from El Salvador to Honduras. Copan is a lovely city.
Steep hilly street with lots of Tuktuks buzzing every where .. the three legged.. golf cart like vehicles.. that are the local taxi and a lot of fun .. each one is unique re drivers décor. We got one with flames on the side..needed it for the steep hills.

Out for dinner was too fun. The restaurant was filled with signs from all over and the waitresses carried your drink on their head with a tray full of drinks and food as well.. up the stairs.. to your tables..
Breakfast 7 am and off to the oldest temple of the Mayas Copan. There we had a guide that who was also a musician... and throughout the tour he broke into song, Beatles and more from that era..he made the history come alive.

This was the best of the whole tour looking back... the temple was the most visual, with the real monuments in museums the replicas could fool you. The local bird life and animals.. were too interesting.. they had a huge wonderful playground .. free and well looked after.

Darby our African Gray would love it here..
Back for lunch and off to Antigua Guatemala
4 and ½ hours later we arrive after ice cream stop in Antigua. We get settled in to our hotel and I must say all accommodations were very very nice and in good areas. Can not quite remember what night we did have explosions that for us were a little un nerving..seems it was celebrations for the start of holy week.. gee 3 am.. till sun rise..
We went to a restaurant that also had traditional dance, the food again was excellent this at one time was someone's home..
We had a city tour visiting Monasteries, convents and the churches all having survived earthquakes and volcanoes. The restoration process is very controlled to be as close to the original as possible.. my camera could not do the views justice.

Local traditional music and dress

These are carpets made with sand painted, made in one day for Holy week.. Churches hotels and homes take part in their own way what every they can do.. most are surrounded by food offerings
local bike rental

This is another home now inn and restaurant. They found many artifacts here when they were restoring and in the owner you see in the picture has not altered the areas of history on this complex.. was extraordinarily beautiful the architecture well blended with the volcano in background still active..
Looking forward to returning to this fascinating place and staying awhile as known for its Spanish schools..
Off to the border of La Hachadura a coastal highway to San Salvador for some grocery items and back to marina..after a 3 day whirlwind of history .. scenery and food. Looking forward to exploring more of these countries over the next few months that I am here. And yes more to come, we did manage another trip to Honduras, rented a car and the adventure began.. .. more to follow.. So take some advice

Thoreau Approach
"To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, Not only plan but also believe
If you have a dream, follow it. If you catch a dream nurture it.
And if your dream comes true, nurture it
The perfect boat is not the one your dream about
It is the boat that takes your cruising
We can always live on less when we have more to live for.
I did

(pics to follow.. still learning site.. )

El Salvador arival
04/25/2010, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala

Arrived March 13th Bahia Del Sol Marina in El Slavodor after 4 day trip from Huatulco crossing the Tehuantepec, with winds from the north
18 to 20 knots with seas running 8 to 10 for the start, relaxing a bit to 15 knots and 6' seas as the days progressed. Keeping offshore , not to be pushed into the shore and breakers with shallow waters. Nights we kept 12 miles off, days down to 3 and closer as weather improved. Arrived just outside marina at 11pm Saturday night. Anchored in 36' of water with the sound of breakers . The shore was all lit up as well as fishermen and shrimp boats.. what was what and where..? Slowly creeping to waiting waypoint. Rudy on lookout, quite confusing the lights, then boom an explosion and all the lights on the shore went out, leaving Ha! only the fishing boats.. so gee.. lets get a move on before the power goes on and find the waiting waypoint for the night and the guide in am. He will come out on a SeaDoo and lead us over the Bar..
Am we meet Rhohillo and Bill for the ride over the bar into the marina.. hatches all closed.. engine running hard to see if she will overheat.. all seems well and way we go.. we get into the surf and have to hold back.. still facing the entrance in reverse to hold in place.. Go Go we get word well going from reverse to forward is not that quick with 33,000 lbs.. yes.. forward motion and we feel the surf lift and give us a push.. again and again.. kinda fun.. guides are great .. talking to us keeping us moving in the right direction.... and swoosh.. we were in.. breathing again.. we move to the marina.. where we are greeted by cruisers, marina welcome committee, the owner and customs, immigration. With in the hour we are all checked into the country with a visa for all 4 countries.. El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala..
Over the next few days we tidy up Inspiration At Sea, meet up with Pacifc Mystic whom we have been seeing since La Paz...
Next our land tour

04/28/2010 | Heidi & Terry
So happy you've got the blog going so we can follow all of your adventures!
Miss you lots, but our paths will cross again....
La Paz to El Salvador
04/17/2010, Bahia del Sol

My New Blog for 2010

Come share some great pics and moments with Inspiration at Sea and her Crew.. of well currently its Chika. I drove home in January, taking Dishes back to be with her buddy Bailey living on a big acre. They are 6 months a part, been pups together.. now both gee this year turning 7.
The plan to sail to El Salvador and beyound, made that choice a very very hard one. I have not been away from her, for longer than a month at a stretch.
The humidity here and well not really a dog/pero friendly country. There are a lot of packs and sad puppies out there. So she is better off in BC swimming in the pool going to the lake and being spoiled by the neighbors, here she is a little plump again..
I drove home after serious maintenance on Inspiration at Sea. I hauled her out at Bercovitz (cannot spell that) to have the cutlass bearing replaced. It was to be three days, well as you may notice in the pics I was on the ramp for the three days, then moved me into the yard. It was scary as you can see I was boxed in and felt they might forget about me. They did for a day and half, so I worked on through hulls and engine hoses.. moved them and strainers with help and guidance from Tory as Alaskan fisherman rebuilding his Steele boat.
The cutlass was replaced the shaft straightened, rudder put back on and two through hulls repaired
Dishes and Chika were boat bound as the neighborhood dogs did not take to new pero's
And gatos were a meal.
Thank goodness back to Palmira and Dock 3 was on 4
And what a wonderful dock it turned out to be. I still have tears when I look at the pictures..
Had the best Christmas away from BC that I can remember.
Cruisers that had been to the south pacific some more than once. Others preparing for the puddle jump and more going into or returning to the Sea of Cortez.
Its been since Feb of 2006 that I have been sailing the Sea from La Paz to Ixtapa Guymas and back to La Paz, its was time to add more Adventure to Inspiration at Seas log book .

I drove home middle of January , with Dishes and Chika knowing it was only Chika and I returning.
You might notice a teary, farewell from her best two legged friends, she ruled dock three and Chika was not far behind her. I cried for miles down the highway, wondering if I am making the right choice. Life was great there, yet its my turn to go Onward (my word to live by this year) . I believe I will return there just like they did.
I got back to BC a few days before my moms birthday , she did not know I was coming back. So was quite a surprise, I showed up for lunch. She almost fell over.. opps
Next time I will call ahead. We had a great visit for the 5 days I was there and all stocked up off again. She left same time for Ixtapa for her 6 weeks holiday. I promised to sail down and see her Kay and friends. Again not telling the whole truth, that I was not returning this time to La Paz.
I picked up a HydroVane that was ordered in Canada shipped from England to my friends house Cindy in NewPort. Also the Must Trip to Trader Joes ..Yes.
The fun began putting the Vane together. We had watched Pacific Mystic put theirs together, and seemed not toooo bad. Well me having a double ender and solar panels, made things real interesting. Had great help as you can see in the pics, we worked struggled drilled and sat looking at it for a week. In the end it became part of the parts department for future installation as time was running out . I had to get going so I could see mom in Ixtapa and make the departure date for Bahia del sol, El Salvador by mid March. Rudy was coming on as crew for this run, and we had 5 weeks to make the passage and some exploring time in Central America before he had to get back.
I was sailing to Zuit/Ixtapa with my faithful crew Chika. Took the offer from Marv/Roksan also a single handed sailor to join me. It was direct trip about 5 days. Weather looked favorable. l was very happy to have another helping hand, night watchperson, as we got weather. Even Don on the radio said "well there young lady, you certainly are having a ride." And we were.. up to 30 k winds and well I told Don, 10ft seas, he corrected me with 15 plus.. he was right.. following seas, thank goodness . so reefed and hands on steering for pretty well the whole trip, we got our helm time. Marv had not had soo much time on a helm, that he could remember. He has a Monitor Vane, mine was in parts below. We made good time.
Arrived under a full moon in to Zuitanaho, anchor down and passed out.. well after some wine for a celebration of a great passage. The moon was a huge blessing to travel by and full the night of arrival. How kool.
That day after Marv caught a flight back to La Paz. I got a call from mom and Rudy.. all was well. I had to check with port captain Victor. They called back a few minutes later with the news of an Earthquake in Chili and the wave moving north.. I went ashore to check asked Victor the Port Captain, my amigo from previous times here, another story. He said the effects are happening right now some tide effects.. I went right back to my dinghy another couple just coming back to head out helped me put my dinghy in, we chatted for a few minutes then looked down and noticed my dinghy was not in the water, so we walked it out to the water again ,, chatted then no water under the dinghy this was now the third time 27 ft to the water so I said we'll chat later as think we better get back to our boats.. re tide falling .
I called mom and Rudy telling them I may not come in tonight to Ixtapa re this tide and wave thing..
Rudy came out to help me in case things got crazy. The cruise ships was in so kept an eye on it and radio on figured it they left early time to head out to sea.. too.. tide came back in normal.. just has a little farther to come in to.. and by late in afternoon all was reported past.. it was almost at Hawaii.. had a great few days with mom and friends took them out sailing.. for a day too, always good brownie points. Also was time to tell mom about my next port of call south. She new something was up,always does. Not happy as not knowing the country and barely where it is.. actually a lot of people no sure .. as I find out.

The day mom got on the plane to head north , we got the weather window to head to Huatuko.. we met up with the organizers , Bill and Jean/Mitia Kuluuluu and Jeff and Judy/Island Mistress my friends from PV heading same direction. (at this date they canceled as their boat took on water while they we away, lots of damage, engine too.)
We spent three days there.. seeing what we could and waiting for the window, boats left ahead of us daily. We caught the next window and got into some weather from offshore so had to do the opposite keep away from the beach as winds over 20 plus and seas were 8 plus . normal passage for Inspiration at Sea . we sure were making good time averaged 7 knots, even hit over 8 a few times. Arrived at night, called Don to find out it the seas were going to lay down as we were having to anchor out in the surf over night. He said we should be fine, kind weird seeing the back of waves while at anchor in 35' of water. Was tricky finding the waypoint with shrimp boats all over and panga with only some sort of a lantern. As we approached every so slowly the was an explosion on shore.. the lights went out gee we could pic out shrimp boats and panga,s.. we made out way to the said anchorage point some lights came on they had generators.. we had departed Wed March 10th and arrived to anchor 14th . again a bit of wine to celebrate the crossing of the Tehuantepec. Ps we did get to 25' depth and got out there lickety split re the seas and winds pushing us on shore and the breakers getting too close for comfort..
In the am Bill and Rohillio guided us in to Bahia del sol and some great new friends awaiting boat number 4 of the rally .
We have been up the estuary where a village and some supplies lie, and have taken a tour with Jorje with cruises that have since moved on to Panama.. Pacific Mystic from La Paz.. and Sirens Call

next will share the land trips..

04/24/2010 | Craig Wiese
How cool that you made it down south! Unfortunately, we thought we would catch up with you again in La Paz in a few days. We will be spending the summer up in the Sea and are currently working our way north. Do you remember who did your white canvas work in La Paz? We need to do something to cover our green covers in the summer heat.

Thanks, Craig and Bruce (s/v Gato Go)
05/11/2010 | Burton
Enjoyed your blog. We made this trip from San Carlos to Bahia Del Sol and stayed a year then returned to San Carlos. Loved it there. Say Hi to all our old friends, Bill, Jean, Rhohillo, Miguel etc. I am envious.
Burt and Debi
s.v. Madwenowe
10/10/2010 | Lue and Cles
were following Pacific Mystic and came across your blog. we are heading back to La Paz to continue our adventure.......hopefully down to Costa rica and are always looking for folks that have done same.
Noticed you had a gato and we are wondering how that is working as we have one too that we dread to leave behind.

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