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21 April 2017 | White Bay, Jost Van Dyke
17 April 2017 | BVI
05 April 2017 | Great Harbor, Peter Island
01 April 2017 | Virgin Gorda
26 March 2017 | Leverick Bay
24 March 2017 | Annaberg Sugar Mill Ruins
24 March 2017 | Marina Cay
24 March 2017 | Maho Bay
24 March 2017 | Maho Bay, St.John
13 March 2017 | Hawknest Bay, St.John
09 March 2017 | Long Bay, St.Thomas
08 March 2017 | Crown Bay Marina
08 March 2017 | Crown Bay Marina
19 February 2017 | Long Bay, St.Thomas
15 February 2017 | Little Jost Van Dyke
02 February 2017 | Soper's Hole, Tortola
01 February 2017
23 January 2017 | Virgin Gorda Bitter End
23 January 2017 | Jost Van Dyke
19 January 2017 | Sopers Hole, West End Tortola

The Rant on our 2nd attempt at White Bay on Jost

21 April 2017 | White Bay, Jost Van Dyke
Warning- This will be a little bit of a rant!

We left Great Harbor on Jost Thursday morning with hopes of getting a mooring in White Bay on Jost. For anyone not familiar, this is a small anchorage with two marked access point through the reef- the eastern access is very narrow but closest to the mooring balls and boats tend to anchor in the western portion. Due to the shallow water, narrow confines, and that we are probably way too cautious, our first time in we wanted to get a mooring so we could check the anchorage out. As the mooring field came into site, there were two mooring open- or so it appeared. Once we past through the narrow inlet, we realized the preferred open mooring was not an option due to the 56' Cat on anchor next to it - so much for not anchoring in the mooring field. We headed for the other open ball, tied up and realized why it was open. The winds were 15-18 and the waves that ran across the reef were 1-3 feet which rocked us sideways. It took less than two minutes of this for to jump to plan "b".

We headed up to Diamond Cay for the night with the thought we'd try again Friday (today)since the wind and wave conditions were suppose to be better. Well, we spotted one open mooring (the one blocked by the Cat the day before) so we lined up with the entrance and headed in. We were less than 100 yards out from the reef entrance when we saw the large power cat full speed come across our starboard side cutting us off while creating a huge wake as he raced to get the only available mooring ball -Friggin' Jackass. This inconsiderate moron's wake rocked the entire mooring field. He definitely knew that we were headed for that ball since it was the only one available and we were so close to the entrance. We've seen boats race for moorings but never anything this reckless and rude especially considering the proximity of the reef.

Anyway, Keith took evasive action to minimize the impact of his wake on us and in the midst of lots of colorful language, we went to Great Harbor, checked out, and are now sitting in Leinster on St.John. To answer the inevitable question, yes we could have waited for a ball to open but, we both knew that meant a definite confrontation with the Jackass -that would have been initiated by us; although it most certainly would have provided the entire anchorage with free entertainment for the morning! We'll try White Harbor again in a week or so when the Spring Break crowds have diminished.

Photo is of the snorkeling area at Leinster.

Family week!

17 April 2017 | BVI
monday - rain
Monday, April 17th

After a wonderful week with Keith's family (mom, brother, sister-in-law, and nephew) on board, Easter Sunday we dropped them off a Soper's Hole to catch the ferry to St.Thomas. We did the typical charter route to hit all the popular spots and spent their last two nights at Norman Island (Friday & Saturday)- breaking our vow to NEVER go to Norman Island on a weekend. Though entertaining due to the crazy antics of boaters, the number of boats from dinghy size on up speeding through the anchorage coming way to close to other boats and snorkels/swimmers is ridiculous.

We spent Easter afternoon cleaning the boat followed by a nice light dinner. We thought today (Monday) we would do the laundry but it's closed until Tuesday. So, we changed the engine oil and transmission fluid and did a few other boat chores. Our friends who are cruising in Mexico commented on their blog "if we're not fixing it, we're cleaning it" - so true!

We have another week before we have to check out so hopefully we'll finish the laundry early tomorrow and head for Jost.

At anchor in Great Harbor, Peter Island

05 April 2017 | Great Harbor, Peter Island
Warm, nice breeze
Monday morning we headed for Roadtown, grabbed a mooring ball, then went ashore for parts and provisions. It was probably the calmest we've seen at the mooring balls just outside the Moorings Charter base - at least when we arrived! By the time we return, the wind and waves had picked up making the task of raising the dinghy a bit more challenging.

In the evening, we were treated to a dolphin show as a mother? and her baby swam & played throughout the anchorage coming close to the boats. I was excited to get video of them swimming and jumping near our boat, but as usual, the initial video was great until I started watching the dolphins at which time they disappeared from the video😬. Today, we walked over to the beach at Deadman's Bay for a walk followed by lunch at the beach bar & restaurant (pricey but very good) - budget got blown this week anyway so why not!

Blowing the budget week 😕

01 April 2017 | Virgin Gorda
At the beginning of the week, we spent $$ out of our cruising budget for parts to repair the head. Midweek, our 9 year old internet booster antenna stopped receiving. After following the troubleshooting suggestions by customer support, it was determined the antenna needed to be replaced- another $$. And it we started to watch a movie that evening, we noticed a small spot in the bottom corner of our television- hmmm, we thought, not good. Ten minutes into the movie, this became a 4 inch in diameter blob, then the burning smell, and poof the television was done. This will certainly be another $$ when we find an electronic store or make it back to St.Thomas for Kmart or Cost U Less. Good thing we can anchor for the next month.

Photo is from beach on Prickly Pear Island

Two steps forward, one smelly step back

26 March 2017 | Leverick Bay
We completed a few boat projects (leaky hatch, flag issue, etc). On the keel bolt that was damp, we received feedback from the dealer with options that were less expensive and drastic - good news! We decided after two rainy nights at anchor at Leverick Bay, Sunday, this morning, we would have a nice brunch then move to one of the other locations in Virgin Gorda that we had wanted to anchor. Ah, good plan but that wasn't going to happen.😬

I noticed a foul odor first thing this morning and attributed it to the sump. So I cleaned the sump and entire bathroom- before coffee! After coffee, while keith was drying off the deck, I again noticed the foul odor but this time, more awake, knew it wasn't good. I pulled up cushions to track it, and needless to say, we had a mess in the forward head. So, we cleaned it up, went to Bitterend, & grabbed a mooring. We had to complete paperwork for our family's visit in two weeks - staying at the dock for a night, then started calling to find who had the part we needed. Fortunately, the marine store in Fat Hog Bay has the part- we hoped Spanish town did but no luck. So, we will head there tomorrow and if our timing works out, be anchored somewhere in the sound tomorrow night- fingers crossed🙂!

Additional photo from Annaberg Sugar Mill

24 March 2017 | Annaberg Sugar Mill Ruins
Photo of Keith and I at the ruins.
Vessel Name: Optimus Prime
Vessel Make/Model: Beneteau 49
Hailing Port: Cameron Park
Crew: Keith & Dana Jensen
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