17 October 2012 | North Carolina
16 October 2012 | Near Elizabeth City, North Carolina
12 October 2012 | Dismal Swamp, VA-NC
07 October 2012 | Baltimore to Portsmouth, VA
29 August 2012 | Ptown to Edgartown
14 August 2012 | Portland, Maine
13 August 2012 | Freeport, Maine
09 August 2012 | Baltimore to Portsmouth, NH
05 July 2012
07 May 2012 | Cape Hatteras to Norfolk
04 May 2012 | East of Georgia?
03 May 2012 | Stuart, FL
06 January 2012
27 August 2011 | BWI Airport
21 August 2011 | Now in Delaware City
20 August 2011 | Long Island Sound
13 August 2011 | Newport to Cuttyhunk to Vineyard Haven
13 August 2011 | BI, RI
07 August 2011 | Vineyard Haven, Martha's Vineyard

Irene – Hello Goodbye

27 August 2011 | BWI Airport
David, Hurricane

Irene is approaching, currently whacking the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It’s forecast to go back out to sea but hug the coast on its way up to central Long Island. Having just sailed down much of that coastline, we can vouch for the hundreds of miles of communities along the beaches of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey that are threatened with devastation.

Options is snugged away in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. We’ve docked the boat so it is facing north, where we expect the strongest winds to come from. We have a total of ten dock lines holding her in place, several feet away from any dock. There is only about a quarter mile of water to the north of our dock, so not much room for big waves to be built up by high winds. Any waves from the north should largely be broken by the two rows of docks in front of us and the boats attached to them. Options is in the very last row of boats, with one hundred foot high Federal Hill covering its back.

We spent most of Friday getting Options ready for Irene. I woke up in the wee hours thinking about all the things we could do to prepare Options. After tossing and turning, I finally got up and wrote down a page-long list of things to do, starting with “Batten down the hatches,” whatever that means.

One of the risks is a surge of water coming up the Chesapeake, perhaps raising water levels as much as 10 feet above normal. At last year’s dock (Herrington Harbor North), we would have been up the proverbial creek without a paddle—our dock there would end up 6 feet underwater with a 10 foot surge! Not so at Baltimore Inner Harbor where, thankfully, we are on a floating dock with pilings that rise up about 15 feet above the docks at normal high tide.

It’s almost noon here at BWI airport. We’re on one of the last flights out—the airport closes at 12:15. Gotta go, time to board!

Vessel Name: Options
Vessel Make/Model: Admiral 40
Hailing Port: St. Louis, MO
Crew: David and Brooke Atkinson
About: David and Brooke reside in St. Louis and enjoy sailing (duh!), music, history and traveling. Brooke is a wonderful cook and David is an adequate guitarist. They signed up for an Admiral 38 in 2005. By waiting until 2008 for delivery, they were upgraded to the new Admiral 40.
In May 2008, the Atkinsons journeyed to Cape Town, South Africa to work with Admiral Yachts on the finishing touches for Options. David returned in August to sail the completed boat back to North America. Options has been in Florida since October, 2008 and will head for the Bahamas and Caribbean [...]
Options's Photos - Main
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Sunset over Nassau
Atlantis main building
Eleuthera--stormy Atlantic on the left, calm bay on the right
Brooke, David, Sharon and Bob at the Beach House bar
David in the tunnel from hell
Green Turtle Cay
Sunrise leaving Little Harbour, Abacos
Brooke on Harbour Island beach
David on Spanish Wells beach
July - August, 2011
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Created 20 August 2011
Nassau, Bahamas
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Created 17 January 2011
Eleuthera, Bahamas
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Created 17 January 2011
Spanish Wells, Bahamas
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Created 17 January 2011
Harbour Island/Dunmore Town, Bahamas
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Created 9 January 2011
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Created 7 January 2011
Summer 2009
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Created 9 August 2009
We arrived 3 a.m. on September 22 and left two and a half days later. We met up with the crew of the Moorings 47 that we beat to Fortaleza--we gave them a 24-hour head start from St. Helena and beat them by 4 hours. Good guys and good sailors but they had no spinnaker or code zero.
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Created 1 November 2008
We left St. Helena on September 9, 2008 and arrived in Fortaleza 12 and a half days later.
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Created 31 October 2008
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Created 7 October 2008
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Created 7 October 2008
These were taken by a professional photographer for Admiral marketing materials
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Created 19 August 2008
In which Options beats Hula Girl's butt...
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Created 18 August 2008
August 6 - Options made it to the yacht club for launch, but no crane to lift her due to a strike. Hope to launch on August 7
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Created 6 August 2008
This was our last visit to the Admiral factory on Monday, June 9. Since our first look on May 23, a lot has been added: wiring, rudders, interior paint, shelves, and nav station frame.
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Created 15 June 2008
Here are some photos of Eclectic the night after its launch in response to a request for more interior shots of the Admiral 40
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Created 15 June 2008
On Memorial Day 2008, David and Brooke traveled to the Cape of Good Hope on a beautiful warm and sunny late fall day in South Africa.
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Created 26 May 2008
Table Mountain runs east to west through the heart of Cape Town, South Africa--the city wraps around it. It rises almost vertically to 3500 feet. The combination of this mountain, the city and the sea make Cape Town one of the most picturesque cities in the world. When the fog rolls in and drapes over and down the mountain, they say it is setting the table.
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Created 26 May 2008
Sailing Vessel Eclectic, the third Admiral 40 produced so far, was launched on May 22, 2008. Owned by Wayne and Donna Stone, it is a very good preview of what Options will look like when it is finished in a couple of months
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Created 24 May 2008
Sailing Vessel Options at the Admiral Factory, May 23, 2008, the day after we arrived
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Created 23 May 2008

Options - SA to Carib

Who: David and Brooke Atkinson
Port: St. Louis, MO