Adventures of Orcinius
03/14/2012, 200 Miles NNE Galapagos

We've had a full day of booby sightings! Lot's to report today. Boobies everywhere. Couldn't keep them off the boat. We must be nearing land out there somewhere. We had half a dozen red-footed boobies hanging out on the bow today. Took lots of video and pictures from just a few feet away. All was well until they started doing there business all over the boat. So we got the hose out and started spraying them down with salt water. They loved it! Plan B... Scream and shout and clap your hands at them. As Veronica was consulting the wildlife book, she informed me that I was closely resembling their mating rituals. ARGGHHH! John finally took off after them with the boat mop - swinging it wildly overhead as he chased them from one bow to the other. He almost lost his footing with the last booby. We ladies just watched in shock and awe as we stood ready to hit the MOB (Man Over Board) button at the nav station. Things are finally settling down now. We have one last booby that refuses to leave. He has taken his position at the bow sprit. Even though it's only been a few hours, we are all becoming very attached to him now. Looks like we are all in the same boat until we make landfall in the next few days. We have named him Ta Ta. I wonder what's for dinner tonight. White meat or dark? All for now!

Admiroyalty Lisa

03/15/2012 | Linda W.
Hey don't throw V, D & L off the boat.. you need those Boobies...
03/16/2012 | Erin
Ahhh and who doesn't love a little Boobie humor to start the weekend?? Love it!
Over the hump

Yep just under 270 miles to the equator. Wind has been dead calm for the past 16 hours and don't expect much more for the next 24. We are a little over 300 miles from the where we plan on anchoring in the Galapagos so about 48 more hours. Finally getting some favorable set and drift. At least it isn't dead on the nose but more abeam. Managing to carry an average of 7kts running a single engine at 2200 or 1.3gph consumption. We slipped into an overcast condition around 8pm local and have seen one brief cloud battle with flash lightning early in the evening. Crossed paths with several fishing boats using long line sets similar to those by the Mexican pangas. Difference, while these guys still use a floating flag pole to designate the end, they have one at each end and at night they have small strobes. Much easier to avoid. Their boats are also lighted. It got pretty warm yesterday, in the mid 90's. No wind makes it difficult to keep the main salon temperature down. Just have to find a shady spot. While the sails aren't providing any push they are providing shade. Well all for now!

Glorious Morning
03/13/2012, 60 NMI NNW Isla Del Coco

As the title says it is a glorious morning. Sun has just come up and we have an 8kt breeze out of the West. We are under full main, genoa and d-sail. That keeps our speed up so we can make it to the Galapagos before Veronica and Donna have to leave. Darn schedules. Well we have drug lines for two days without any fish. Water temperature is 88F so they should be around here somewhere. There are alot of ships passing us going to and from the Panama Canal. After our dip in the ocean yesterday we had to pick up a westerly heading to avoid one but then turned south. Passed his stern within 3/4 mile. Getting weather so all for now. Veronica and Donna are holding up very well and say hi to all.

Watching the sunset
03/12/2012, A quarter of the way to Galapagos

Well we stopped sailing early this morning due to the lack of wind. Way less than 5kts. Just a motoring along. Probably have at least another 24-30 hours of running the D sail. Stopped for a half hour and went for a swim and all took showers on the stern after the swim. Feels good. It was quite warm today without any wind. 94F and will probably be the same tomorrow. All for now.

03/12/2012, 110 miles WSW Punta Gaupinol CR

We had a good strong sail until 0400Z when the wind completely died. We were under single reef with 25kts of wind doing 12-13 over water but had a 3kt counter current slowing us down. We have now maneuvered into the ITCZ and the GRIB shows


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