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Galapagos Update
Warm and Sunny
03/22/2012, Puerto Ayora

Thought I would give a little update. Haven't moved anywhere as we are stuck in one spot as I said before. However we have done a couple of excursions. Yesterday we took a bus ride north to the other side of the island then boarded an old but nice boat to take us to Barholome which took another 3 hours. Our guide, David, did an excellent job explaining the transition of the island over the past thousands of years. We climbed a hill and looked out over all of Bartholome as he pointed out all of the several craters and their ages. After our climb we went snorkeling and cooled off. The boat captain and crew were in partnership with our guide and the crew fed us a very nice breakfast, then after the swim we had lunch and on our way back they provided a snack to go along with our cerveza. Best production to date. I have included a picture of our arrival here in Puerto Ayora. All for now.

Ta Ta

03/22/2012 | susan estes

good reading for you guys
04/01/2012 | Terry
Hola Amigos, Sounds like you are moving right along. Wish I was enjoying some of that fun but soon enough I will be headed on my own vacation. In the meantime, work/charity work is keeping me extremely hopping. Wanted to wish you both a Happy Easter even though it is a week away. Take care and God Bless my amigos...T
Orcinius station Galapagos
03/18/2012, Puerto Ayora, Galapagos

Well here we are in the Galapagos. Tried to update the blog but there may still be a point or two that are slightly off so will fix when I have Internet. I was on early yesterday but I think it was connected through a fleet of boats that had their satellite set to broadband. Hope I didn't cost them a small fortune. Serves them right for having an open wifi system.

We are taking a three day excursion over to Isabella to view some of the different wildlife and settings this afternoon. Will not be on the air until Tuesday afternoon. Not too bad the excursion and sight seeing tours cost us $150 each but that includes all meals, transportation and hotel rooms. When I checked into being able to sail the boat around to the different islands with the 4 of us onboard the price was going to run upwards of $4K which didn't include paying a feeding an advisor who would have to go with us. We opted for the anchor in one port (Puerto Ayora) and take excursion from there. Wednesday we will be going over to Bartholomew for the Tortuses. Veronica and Donna will be departing next Saturday and Lisa and I are looking to make the big crossing sometime around the 1st of April. So far the trade winds look pretty good in the average of 15kts with the wind out of the southeast which should put it on our beam to stern quarter, our best point of sail.

So that is all for now and once I get some real internet we will upload some pictures to this site..... I know I keep saying that. Also once I get the satellite dish working for email I may have another address for you all to add to the collection but I will also be able to send small attachments to the blog with pictures.

Ta Ta

John & Lisa

03/18/2012 | Deb
WooHoo, you made!
03/20/2012 | Bill Haller
Congrats on th ecrossing. The ceremony sounded hysterical acn't wait for pics. Have a great time and hope you have continued smooth sailing. Where to next?
03/20/2012 | Traci
Happy Birthday DAD!! Love you!!!!
03/22/2012 | Greg
Happy Birthday Pops! Enjoy the Galapagos!
03/31/2012 | bill
enjoy your post we are currently in Panama headed to Galapagos and would appreciate information on clearing and the tour you mentioned. you can post on our site s/v Water Musick @sailblogs or email thanks smooth sailing
Crossing the Equator and Ceremony
03/16/2012, Barely Across the Equator

From Slimy Pollywogs to Trusted Shellbacks

At 03:09:59Z, on 16 March, in the year 2012, the crew of S/V Orcinius officially became Trusted Shellbacks of King Neptune's Domain!

A ceremony was held to commemorate the joyous occasion, with Neptunas Johnnymon officiating over the ranks. Neptunas Johhnnymon appeared regal in his ceremonial sarong, make-shift beard of shaving cream, and sporting a dangling earring of sparkling jewels. The Ladies of the good ship were dressed in their finest sarongs. Veronica with her butterfly bum, Donna wrapped in a colorful toucan, and Lisa wearing two lucky green toads. As we passed over the latitude of 00:00:00N/S, the crew could hardly contain their excitement! Much dancing commenced and cheers of laughter filled the air. With snorkels, fins, and masks dawned the unworthy crew proceeded to the bow of Orcinius where they were cleansed of their slimy ways with the pure salt water of the
South Pacific Ocean. Next was our toast to King Neptune - filling his watery kingdom with the likes of tequila, scotch, bailey's, and of course, our treasured chocolate.

With King Neptune's approval, we moved on to announce the induction of each pollywog to their new Trusted Shellback status. The ceremony concluded with the official seal of Orcinius applied to each new Shellback. We wore our seals proudly that fair evening and all was well in the world of the deep blue sea!

03/21/2012 | susan estes
happy birthday john
be sure to check out the treasure box!
Before Crossing the Equator
03/15/2012, Darn Near the Equator

Well it is my task to describe the before the crossing and it will be Lisa's task to describe the crossing and aftermath. So here we go! So far we have spent four and a half days at sea and tomorrow we will be pulling into Puerto Ayora the Galapagos. I just heard talk of the ceremony, no action. Today comes and things start moving. Donna has the task of making up the certificates and the three women start planning what is going to happen to King Neptune's lackey (me). Well I don't want to take away from Lisa's thoughts so will leave it alone. Suffice to say fun was had by all as you will probably see in pictures on this blog or on Lisa's facebook after we have a decent internet connection. All from me!

03/16/2012 | Linda
I know what evil lurks in the minds of those women..!!!!! I can just imagine what the pictures will tell.
Booby Rookery
03/15/2012, 120 Miles north of Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos

Well the boobies Lisa spoke about yesterday came to roost. At least 2 of them. I feel sorry for another two who didn't get on a perch before dark because they have followed us all night. The two in the roost on the bow preened themselves until dark then stuck their heads under their wing and went to sleep. The other two flew around the boat the entire time but wouldn't attempt a landing in the dark. Now it's daybreak and the two in the roost have pulled their heads out and are looking around. They might have become so lazy they are just going to ride the boat all the way to the Galapagos. Pretty quiet around here. Haven't seen another boat since early yesterday while passing Isle Del Coco. Suppose there just isn't that much shipping heading south before west. We are still under motor because the winds are so light. As usual I am writing this in the process of getting the latest GRIB files. Well there went one booby, off and flying. Gone for now but should be in the Galapagos tomorrow early AM.

03/15/2012 | Walt
Are the Boobies big or small. Stacey may need to know
03/16/2012 | linda W
Walt: 2 big, 4 little..

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