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Winter on Orion!

We spent a fantastic family Christmas at the cabin this year! We arrived to a white blanket of snow, decorated the cabin with lights, and cut down the traditional Christmas tree! It even snowed for a few hrs Christmas Day making it all that more special!

The New Year has found us busy socializing with new & old friends alike! It's been wonderful! Our boating friends are getting anxious for the weather to improve to get out there and play, while Darren and I are patiently awaiting our main sail alteration. We often comment when the wind picks up and Orion is pulling at her lines in the slip that she is calling to us to take her out and play! This past weekend had us pouring over the charts and choosing new places to go. A friend suggested a few beautiful spots that are within 3 - 4 hrs from here, so we are looking forward to discovering those as well!

Although it is winter, we really can't complain about the weather this year. There have been some very chilly days & nights, but they were generally coupled with sunshine, so truly beautiful! We did have a snowstorm like no other I have ever experienced! The wind chill was so cold as it snowed it formed ice around the boat, & later that day it warmed up melting the snow & then cooled so fast again that we even had icicles! Crazy! It certainly gave me a new appreciation for people back East that shrink wrap their boats in winter & still live aboard!

I've decided that I'm going to change things up a little, here on the blog. Living aboard is different than traveling and discovering new areas, feeling at times that everyday life isn't very blog worthy. In uncovering this, I've had a change of heart, prompting a new approach. I will now concentrate on doing weekly updates and post a pic from the week that stirred me in some way! Our families will continue to be happy as they enjoy reading the blog & the picture sharing. With this in mind, your comments here on the blog & any feedback you many have, is greatly appreciated!

Hopefully, we all enjoy :)

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Captured some beautiful moments...

2011 has been a year of change for us in so many areas, that we found ourselves rolling with whatever came our way, meeting life head on. Thankfully for us, we are both a little stubborn,(okay a lot stubborn!) coupled with positive attitudes who view "life handing us challenges" as opportunities for new experiences & growth! So, to read in between the lines....we've experienced & grown a lot this year!

We have spent the last week being reflective, and putting our heads together on what we want to focus on this coming year. It will continue to evolve of course as we go along, but it sure feels great to be settled enough now to have a plan!

This photo captured a few beautiful moments while out & about in our wonderful city!

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Orion Dressed for Christmas!

Every year Victoria has a Light Parade where a parade of decorated boats circle the Inner Harbour. We have participated in previous years when living here in Victoria, so I was very excited to join once again!

Our boat is decorated in multi color LED's with an inflatable Santa attached to the mast. He gave us lots of laughs as when there is a slight breeze one of his arms moves back & forth & it looks like he is waving to the crowd! We are pretty happy with how things turned out, although you can never have enough lights! I'm already talking "next year we could......" as I watch Darren's eyes glaze over! He pretends to be such a scrooge, when inside I think he loves Christmas just as much as me (although I have been called a Christmas Junkie!)

Santa was a big hit with the kids of course and as we were leaving the dock to join our place in the parade, a group of young people starting chanting "Go Santa, Go Santa!" It put ear to ear grins on our silly faces!

Friends of ours that joined the parade for the first time this year went all out with their decorating! I would have shown that picture, but sadly it turned out too blurry. They had lights everywhere, a live Xmas tree decorated on the bridge and he wore a Santa suit, & waived the bells! All this while navigating from the bridge! Everyone loves Santa!

The parade ended, the Christmas cheer was pouring and we all stayed up playing until the wee hours of the morning! So much fun, I can't wait to do it again next year!

Orion decorated for Christmas, sitting in our slip, and again rafted up downtown have been designated photos of the week!

I hope you enjoy!

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Light Parade!

Here are a sample of some of the boats going into the parade. Some were rafted 4 boats deep waiting to start.

We are at the front, left hand side........

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Celebrations All Around!

This pic is the Legislature Building all dressed up for Christmas. So pretty!

We are thrilled to write that our friends in the previous post arrived safely in Mexico & are having the time of their lives! So happy for them!

To update now....Nov 1st we moved to another marina in Victoria with amazing amenities! We have been swimming in the indoor/outdoor pool (yes it is both), working out in the gym (awesome to have so close at hand) & enjoying long soaks in the hot tub! (LOVE this!) So I guess, you can kinda see now why I haven't been sitting in front of the computer! Me miss our neighbours in the old "hood", but are hoping that one by one they will make the change to join us here!

Darren has started a new job recently, which is less physically demanding and utilizes his wide range of experience within the glass industry! His back is VERY happy now to have the rest & he is very happy to be getting his life back again!

As for me, I had my best test results ever this month, which we have delighted in celebrating! This journey definitely has it's up & downs, but that in itself really is a gift! Living one day at a time, coupled with positive changes is working!

We have also been blessed with family visiting over the past month too! It is always so nice to have visitors, & see the city through their eyes. Just this past weekend we watched the Santa Parade with my parents. It had been so many years since we did that, no one could remember. I say, definitely time to change that! We also had a family brunch and then all went to the casino, because some of us were feeling lucky! Darren & I, not so much! We are adventurous in other ways!

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