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Cruising with Osprey
Little Birds

These lovely little birds expect, no, demand, to be fed with sugar.

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03/27/2010 | dad
That is just amazing ! Do you know what they are called ? Charlie will want to know.
Great picture,
03/27/2010 | Vicky Worosz
They are called Bananquits!
Another perfect day in Paradise

The picture is Osprey on her mooring here in the Land and Sea Park. Words cannot describe......

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Second underwater photo

When we had our afternoon swim off Osprey we spotted this big guy hovering close by - complete with remora. I think the fish know they are safe here - we couldn't catch him if we wanted to!

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03/26/2010 | dad
Fantastic to get your messages. Super photos and Grandmas luck. Looks like paradise on earth. I am so glad it is all meeting your expectations. We should remember the old adage if it is worth having it is worth waiting for, although that must have rung rather hollow at times during the recent past. Hope to hear lots more,
03/26/2010 | CORNING Townsend
HIp Hip! How sweet it is, after such a wait.

We would be pleased to have the OSPREY driftwood snuggled near Blessed Spirit on Boo Boo Hill. We only wish that all 4 of us could have placed our contributions as a team.

Say "Hi" to Darcy, a very very nice person.
First underwater photo!

I am very excited by our new Canon Sureshot which takes underwater photos. Believe it or not, this baby conch was underwater!

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