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Cruising with Osprey
Old Point Comfort

We have spent two days anchored here, both days we were the only boat to stay all day. It is a good fair weather anchorage and was named Point Comfort by Captain John Smith when he first arrived at the mouth of the James River in 1607. Obviously he thought it was a good anchorage too. In fact he is said to have commented that "this would be a fine place for a castle". Ultimately though his party headed up the James River and settled there. The photo shows the boats docked at Old Point Comfort Marina - for military personnel only. The large building is the historic Chamberlain Hotel - we had lunch there - it was fabulous!

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Thwarted by the weather!
06/12/2010, Hampton, VA

We reluctantly left Deltaville yesterday. We have had such a good time there we were sad to leave. However, the Northeast beckons and we do have a bit of a deadline for reaching Maine so it is time to move on. We had a nice easy motorsail back down to the Norfolk area. Our plan was to anchor for the night and leave early this morning for Atlantic City, NJ. Unfortunately, the weather Gods had different ideas and our weather review last night showed that if we left today we would be heading into thunderstorms off the New Jersey Coast tonight. So prudence dictates that we wait a day and hopefully we will leave tomorrow instead. We are anchored in Mill Creek, Hampton, VA. There is a large Navy Base on the shore, hence the water tank with the naval insignia! We are hoping to find a way to go ashore and visit Fort Monroe, the largest stone fort ever built in the US.

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Happy Days in Deltaville

Well, I did say we had stopped! One week later we are still here in Deltaville and just having the best time. It is going to be very hard to drag ourselves away. Our days have been very busy and time has just flown by (as usual). We had an extremely hot weekend with temps in the 90's. Thankfully things cooled down a little on Monday to a balmy 78 degrees. Jackson Creek has just turned out to be the best place to hang out for a while. First of all we met a delightful Englishman, living aboard his small catamaran "Wind in the Willows". Michael is a true gentleman who spends his summers here and sails to the Bahamas each Winter. We are full of admiration for him as he does this alone and is getting on a bit in years. Michael has a van here and kindly took us off to get our propane tanks filled which was great as we haven't had chance to do this since Marathon, FL. On Saturday we walked over to the Maritime Museum where there was a Pirate Festival! This was a lot of fun with Sea Shanties, Pirate Olympics and canon firing. Once again the folks who do these re-enactments are just amazing and very informative. Then we were invited to happy hour ashore at one of the lovely homes on the banks of the creek. Bill and Mary were our gracious hosts and we met some of our fellow anchorage mates. We were delighted to be asked back to Bill and Mary's Pier House on Sunday for Happy Hour again. This time we got to spend more time with Bill and Mary and very much enjoyed their company. We also met their delightful neighbors Bob and Debbie. Unfortunately our revelry was cut short by a vicious squall that caused one of the boats in the anchorage to drag (without the owners aboard), so Bill, Bob and Tom rushed out in Bob's boat to rescue the errant vessel - they were quite the heroes! After that excitement we returned to Osprey and endured several close bolts of lightening and high winds. Afterwards we wondered why we seemed so close to the boat next to us. When we turned the chart plotter on the next morning we could see that we had, in fact, dragged about 100 feet! Needless to say we reanchored in short order. We took advantage of the slightly cooler days to give Osprey a good clean. After two solid days of waxing and polishing she looks lovely. We have been keeping a close eye on the weather and it looks as though we may be able to leave Norfolk sometime this weekend. We should get at least as far as NJ and possibly even to NY but we shall see.

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06/10/2010 | dad
It really does sound great and you seem to have received the renowned Southern Hospitality in full measure!
06/10/2010 | Nichola Wright
Wow, deltaville sounds just about perfect! 35$ a week! I might move in full time! what's the catch!
colin and Nichola
06/04/2010, Jackson Creek, Deltaville, VA

After our lovely time in the East River we weren't quite sure what to do next. Ideally we want to head North but at this point we don't seem to have a good weather window to head offshore. A series of messy fronts are hanging around the mid-Atlantic coast giving too much, too little or wrong direction winds! We are still committed to leaving from Norfolk so this means we don't want to head too far up the Chesapeake. So we left Mobjack Bay on Wednesday and headed up the Piankatank River into Jackson Creek. This too is a lovely spot, made all the lovelier by the presence of the Deltaville Marina. Now this Marina really knows how to take care of the cruising community. For the princely sum of $10 per person per day, cruisers who are anchored in the Creek get full use of all the Marina facilities. This includes bikes, a car to run to the grocery store, a pool, laundry and a clean, air-conditioned bath house - how wonderful is that? And if you pay by the week it is only $35. Everything we need is right here. The little town of Deltaville is a rural community with a decent grocery store, a wonderful seafood store and best of all a farm that sells fresh produce straight out the field. We had fresh picked broccoli last night - not cooked - the best we have ever tasted. Many cruisers who do the North - South run will come as far North as this and use the excellent facilities here to do boat maintenance etc. before heading back South again in the Fall. We can certainly see the appeal of this. However, it is already getting a bit hot for us (although I gather it is unusually hot for this time of year). Again we are enjoying the prolific wildlife. There are lots of Osprey's nesting and they seem to be doing well catching fish around here. Did you know that when an Osprey catches a fish it positions it within its' talons in the most aerodynamic profile for the flight back to the nest? This is indeed true as we have observed since we read about this interesting fact. Also, I have spotted several Bluebirds here. I have never before seen these little birds which are - bright blue! Every time I see one I need to sing "Zip a Dee Doo Dah"!

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06/07/2010 | Bil & Mary Crump
We have enjoyed welcoming you to our 'happy hour social' gatherings in our Pier House on Jackson Creek. We notice that you have re-anchored upstream.....perhaps to avoid downbound French bateaux dragging anchors (?)
06/08/2010 | dad
It does sound idylic and I suppose you have now discovered the truth of the matter, that is, sailing in your own world. They can never take it away!
Much Love
Your comment re the inexplicable lack of photos!! I can explain the inexplicable " you are getting lazy "
More Love
06/09/2010 | Vicky Worosz
Oi! Dad - it is not laziness at all. To explain the inexplicable - sometimes we find ourselves in places where a photo cannot do it justice. Many of these "Creek" anchorages fall into this category. Unless we have a notable sunset or sunrise the picture is just trees and not very interesting. One of those situations where you just have to be there to appreciate it. XXX V.

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