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Coming around the bottom...
16/02/2013, 52nm NE of Wilson's Promontory

The boys will be coming around the little sticky-outy bit known as Wilson's Promontory at any time now and heading through Bass Straight on their way west to South Australia.

They've taken the reefs out of the main and are tootling along at about 6 knots in 14 knot winds, so pretty good really. There's high winds forecast but they'll be from the rear, so it'll be a lovely push in the butt for them. :)

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18/02/2013 | Gary Cherlet
Oh no ... you've got to get "bottoms" and "butts" out of that twisted little brain ... you will injure it otherwise ... cheers 8-)
15/02/2013, 17nm SSE of Eden

Today's update brought to you by Monty Python... ALBATROSS! Apparently they're all over the place at the moment (the albatross that is, not the guys). I can't wait to see them for myself (again, the albatross. The guys can wait until they've had a shower).

They've (the guys, not the albatross) made really good time and are now well south of Eden, past Cape Green lighthouse and rapidly on their way to making a run around the corner. Then it's a push west along the bottom of Victoria (I seriously have to stop seeing innuendo in everything I write... hehe).

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15/02/2013 | Martin
17/02/2013 | Terry Jackson
Albatross - Monty Python. :)
Going great guns...
15/02/2013, 60nm NNE of Eden and going

Photo: hoisted antenna for WIFI

The second update for the day sees the guys cruising along really nicely. They're currently NNE of Eden and don't plan to stop overnight. Travelling at 6 knots in light wind is making it easy breezy for them and all aboard seem happy. They don't intend stopping and will still make Wilson's Promontory after turning the corner at Gabo island and heading west across the strait.

They even have great Internet access with the 3G antenna hoisted to the spreaders (ooooerrr!) using the flag halyard. That in turn is connected to Dave's dongle (mmppphhhhh!! dongle... hehe ) which is taped to the sissy bars (bahahahaaaaaa!!) at the foot of the mast so that all the guys are connected to WIFI.


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16/02/2013 | Gary Cherlet
Not sure what is connected to what or how - but it all sounds very dodgy - sure that ASIO is not involved in this caper? Testing new technology maybe? Or new ways to use old technology when in a tight spot! May the wind be always at your back ... Cheers - Gary
Eat more beans!!
14/02/2013, East of Ulladulla

Photo: Dave's Valentine's message yesterday with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background. Just had to share xx :D

On the first leg of the journey from Sydney, they ran out of puff around midnight so, instead of eating more beans and doing it naturally by pointing their posteriors to the sails, they started the engine and motored. A better idea perhaps.

As of 7.20 this morning the guys were 27nm East of Ulladulla and hoping to make Eden by tomorrow afternoon. If the weather stays good, they'll be trying non-stop for Wilson's Promontory.

A tip guys, make use of baked beans and curry. It'll save on diesel. :D

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15/02/2013 | Rich Davis
Great picture and good to see the salty old sea dog in action.
19/02/2013 | Cap'n Barrrrb
He's looking very old sailory with that beard coming in!
Leaving with good weather ahead.... yay!!!
13/02/2013, Pittwater

Updates, updates... read all about it!!!!

Steve joined Dave and Bob in Pittwater and now the crew is back to 3. :) I look forward to shaking your hand Steve.

The guys are about to leave Pittwater after being forced inshore by the weather. Whilst there they found problems (of course... It's never easy is it?) with the engine, which is an old Westerbeke. It was (and still is at the moment) using litres and litres of oil and was also found to have a leaky exhaust that was sending fumes into the lazarette, which was then possibly going into the boat (yikes). Not a good thing. I had thought that the new carbon monoxide detector would have found the fumes, but unfortunately someone (who shall remain nameless eh Dave) forgot to put in the batteries, I can't blame him though. I think that was the least on his mind.

Anyway, the leak is now fixed after seeing several mechanics, one of whom seemed to see more problems than there actually was (money grubber methinks) and eventually got the hole welded. :) All good now, apart from the oil leak, which can wait to be investigated fully until they get home.

So, they're all showered and looking pretty, with freshly laundered clothes and the weather forecast for the next few days is just about perfect for a good run down the east coast with a lovely tailing wind. If they're lucky they may even make it around the bottom.

P.S. Happy Valentines Day Dave < 3

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14/02/2013 | pam
Bob certainly sounds a lot cheerier about the conditions than he was a few days ago. Weather is finally showing some mercy. Enjoy Ahoy blokes
Forced inshore...
10/02/2013, Off Broken Bay

The weather was too much so they have decided to get to Broken Bay and moor until the weather has passed. Then they'll try and reach Sydney.

I'm not a happy camper at the moment because they've lost a sail overboard. The drifter was apparently tied to the bow but the weather chafed through the rope (line... whatever) and it fell into the ocean. By now it's at the bottom of the sea (he says). I'm NOT happy. Another few thousand to spend and we don't even have the boat here yet! :(

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12/02/2013 | Alison
Hi Bob....maybe we could send up the guys who were sailing "Squid Inc" to help you out....they are great at recovering sails (and for that matter boats) that have been taken by the ocean !!!
Checked on Pamela and Jorie and all is well....although Jorie is sick of the nagging and says please get home soon !!!
12/02/2013 | Rob
You could always try hoisting a pair of Dave's underpants and using them as a sail? I'm not sure how well a leather G-string would adapt to catching a breeze though...
Blog post take two! The abridged version....
10/02/2013, Port Stephens to Sydney

Photo: Venture moored in Pt Stephens (Bob on the dock)

Okay, this is take two (and a much shorter version) of the post I just wrote because it didn't post or save ...hurumph!!

So, here we go...
1) The guys pulled in to Pt Stephens on 09/02/13 due to a strong wind warning.
2) Stace left them there and caught the bus back to Adelaide instead of catching the plane from Sydney as he really had to be home by Wednesday and his wife was missing him. :)
3) By this morning the wind warning had been cancelled so Dave and Bob left for Sydney. I didn't even have a chance to call them wusses for being scared of a little wind. :P
4) By the time they pull in to Sydney tomorrow morning they'll be knackered after another big overnighter with one less relief person.
5) In Sydney they'll pick up Steve.

And that's about it. More tomorrow hopefully. :)

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11/02/2013 | pam
Finally worked out how to leave a comment. Duh! This looks so lovely and calm. Probably the calmest day they have had.
Meanwhile, back in the real world...
08/02/2013, Adelaide, South Australia

So, whilst Dave's been puddling about and having a lovely time swanning about on the boat with the guys, I'm here in the real world doing all the other stuff, such as settling the sale of the house, cleaning, moving, sorting, rerouting mail, cancelling stuff, moving stuff, stuffing stuff, and doing more stuff, and all with a bad knee that's made me look like Quasimodo minus the hump for the past few days.

With all of the aaarrgghhiing I've been doing with each painful step, I figure I'm a step in front so far as sailing dialogue is concerned. Now I just need to develop a taste for rum, practice my yo-ho-ho's and aye me hearties and I should be okay if we should ever come across pirates. :) It might be time to invest in a parrot.

Anyway, the house is now settled and out of our hands, most things are stored and/or organised and now all I need is my home. Another few weeks and hopefully it'll be here. In the meantime. I'll keep on posting Venture's progress.

Oh, and when I do finally begin my life on the boat, there'll hopefully be something in this blog for everyone. :)

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On Track for Sydney on Sunday...
08/02/2013, NNE of Pt Macquarie

After another gorgeous day's sailing, they're now about 30NM NNE of Port Macquarie. They've apparently been averaging 6 - 8 knots in 6 - 10 knot NE winds using the drifter and main. Apparently yesterday when they were around Trial Bay they had some hairy moments and quite frankly, I'm glad I wasn't there. I intend to have a sign made that says "No Tippage Allowed"

I'm so impressed that I kind of sound as if I know what I'm talking about. :) All I really do know is that those wind speeds are just my cup of tea.

They're on track to arrive in Sydney on Sunday morning, where Stace will leave them and fly back to Adelaide, and this bloke named Steve will join the crew.

More when I have news.

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08/02/2013 | Rich Davis
I love reading your little updates. I'm thrilled to hear of your adventures on the waves following learning to sail myself last year. Wishing you a safe and spectacular trip! Rich x
08/02/2013 | Cap'n Barrrrb
Apparently, that's all true. LOLZ
10/02/2013 | Paul Williams
Great to read the updates but no more photos please of calm seas, sunsets, etc. I'm spending way too much time looking at the photos and day dreaming :-)
Coffs Harbour for a pub meal...
07/02/2013, That would be... Coffs Harbour.

Photo: Sunrise nearing Coffs Harbour after first night sail on Venture.

After an all night sail from Byron Bay (in which Dave proclaimed Anthem (Venture) to be "AWESOME" the guys have now pulled in for the night at Coffs Harbour and the last I heard, they were in a pub having a feed and probably a beer or two or maybe even three. :) He (and I think they) are just having an absolute ball but the night sail really showed them that they're not spring chickens, more like seagulls who ate too many chips and now just need to sleep it off. Poor old buggers. :)

I also told him tonight that he's going to be a Poppy for the 4th time, as our son (Dave's stepson but may as well be his son :) ) and his gorgeous partner Georgie just told me they're expecting their first child! It's all happening!!!

Sleep tight guys.... talk to you tomorrow < 3

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