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Passage To La Corona Spain 17.55 FST 28th july 11
Paul Foskett
28/07/2011, Passage To La Corona Spain

Position 45 25.25n 006 41.04W

Time now is 17.55 French Summer Time (FST) on the 28th July 2011 We have about 150 miles to go, and we are motoring again!!!. This means we have been motoring for almost 26 hours.

The 150 miles left will take about another 30 hours, as we are only doing between 5 to 6 knots over the ground. We are keeping the engine RPM to around 2,500 rpm, as this gives us the best fuel consumption figure. We have tried sailing with the Main and Genoa, but boat speed was less than 3 knots, so gave that up as it was far too slow.

We also tried flying the PARASAILOR for an hour, this is like a Spinnaker but with a built in wing. This makes it much more stable than a conventional spinnaker. The best speed we got was 4.2 knots in 8.5 knots of following wind, i.e. dead down wind. Again this was to slow at this stage of our adventure, as we want to get down to La Corona Spain, and then around the headland into the Spanish Rea's.

So far we have seen lots of bottled nosed dolphins, all came very close to the boat, swimming along the side of the boat, and then diving under the bow and out the other side. They looked like they were having fun.

We have just seen a Log Fin Pilot Whale, but some distance away. We first saw the blow as it surfaced, and then the arch of its back before it dived down under the water.

I am now trying to catch or supper with the fishing rod out. I have no idea what I am doing, and I think we are going too fast to catch anything, but I will keep trying until we get hungry and have to eat some meat instead.

I will send more news later.

Paul & Rhu

Passage To La Corona Spain 11.26 FST
Paul Foskett
27/07/2011, Passage To La Corona Spain

Just passing over the continental Shelf depth now to deep for Depth Sounder

18.10 FST
Paul Foskett
27/07/2011, Passage To La Corona Spain

position 47 12.11N 004 48.17W

Passage To La Corona Spain Position
Paul Foskett
27/07/2011, Passage To La Corona Spain

Position 47 23.45N 004 35.6W

Sailing along sometimes with engine sometimes with the wind

Speed anything from 5 to 7.5 knots

Passage To La Corona Spain
Paul Foskett
26/07/2011, Passage To La Corona Spain

Started at 10.00 am French time on passage to la Corona Spain

Position logged at 11.30 FST

Paul Foskett
26/07/2011, Loctudy

Arrived Saturday 23 July 2011

Problems with boat WIFI will send full report later

Finally left Hamble on Thursday at 1730. We plan to take off the kitchen sink later. Garmin stopped talking to Raymarine instruments as we left the Needles. Rhu trashed her right hand second night out, beginner's error, let the genoa sheet off without easing and rope burnt fingers and palm. Found yet another use for germaloid ointment. Dolphins in the Chanel du Four. Arrived Loctudy Saturday morning. Trying to get a replacement interface for Garmin and Raymarine.

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Who: Paul Foskett & Rhu Nash
Port: Hamble River United Kingdom
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