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Paikea Mist's Ode to Our Shores
the wet coast, the wild coast the mighty magnificent west coast. water spills from your snowy peaks and fills my soul. may your winds push me onwards yet always bring me home.
Paikea Mist's Photos - Taioa Bay (Daniels) and Vaipo Falls
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The edge of the waterfall pool
Peeking out from the hidden pool
The edge of the pool, looking back
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Paikea Mist's Adventures
Who: Gloria Hanssmann, Michael Hanssmann
Port: Vancouver, BC
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16 July 2012
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16 August 2010
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26 April 2010
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"I am acutely aware of the perfection of the moment, we are balanced between wind and water, between travelling and arriving, between closing one door and opening another" Beth Leonard, Blue Horizons