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Following the Rhythm of Our Hearts on PamDemonium
A biographical log of our sailing adventure down the US coast to Mexico and beyond.
Movin' On
Tom Petty
01/26/2010, Puerto Escondido

Time to move on,
Time to get goin'
What lies ahead, I have no way of knowin'
But under my feet baby,
Grass is growin'
Time to move on,
Time to get going.

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Boat Scrub-down
Beautifully sunny and warm - not too hot.
01/01/2010, la Paz

Yesterday was memorable. It was Larry's birthday, it was the last day not just of the year, but of the decade, we had the first blue moon in nearly 3 years (actually, the original meaning of blue moon was the 3rd of 4 full moons in a season, not two full moons in a month, as it's come to mean - all because of a mistake made my an amateur astronomer back in 1949) and we had a great dock party/pot-luck with lots of sea-faring stories and laughs. I ate and drank too much - so much fun!

There was some talk of going below around midnight because of concern regarding bullets returning to earth; the Mexicans like to shoot their fire-arms into the air to celebrate the new year. But...., no one remembered!

In this photo Pam is cleaning mildew off the spare dodger cover as we get ready to leave here in a few days. We sure miss our family and friends back home, especially at this time of year.

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01/02/2010 | Krissy
So far this is my favorite picture it really shows the water colour there. Sure wish I could have made it that far. Theres talk of Kevin and I flying to see you guys in Mexico when your all done and helping with your journey home! We'll see though, money is always a factor. I love that photo of the lobsters! What a blast you must be having! Can't wait to join you again. Love you and miss you. Was sad I didn't see you both at Christmas time but having a beer together over ichat was pretty cool!
01/17/2010 | Krissy
Hi Dad. Can you check your email and call me when your back in touch? Love You.
Boat Repair
Rain - Can you believe it!
12/28/2009, La Paz

Repair is proceeding smoothly. The Jib sail is off getting re-sewn, I've replaced a Halyard clutch and halyard block, both broke on our trip up from Cabo. I've repaired the depth transducer, anchor roller, and the navigation lights. A new whisker pole car is being fabricated at a machine shop. Almost time to start cleaning and waxing the gel-coat and painting the brightwork, then it's off to the islands for a well-deserved "vacation". Pam wants to swim with the sealions!

That's Majenta in the background.

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12/28/2009 | Sandy & Diane
All wonderful pictures. Great to see you enjoying friends of a like mind.

Keep sending the informative comments.

Some of the Boat terms are just jibberish bu I'm sure they have importance for the sailing crowd.
A little cooler that Cabo
12/26/2009, La Paz

The girls are off on a shopping trip. It's faster in Menace than on the bus, but both are pretty good.

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Turkey Dinner
12/24/2009, La Paz

A few of us got together for a wonderful turkey dinner on "Windward Star".
Christina (in the middle) is a real hoot, as you can tell.
Kim and Larry are on the outside. Beside Christina, on her left, is Pat, and on her right, Ken, from "Red Pepper".

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01/14/2010 | Nathan & Jackie
I don't know who that lady is in the middle, but I like her.

Sunny and Clear
12/19/2009, La Paz

Finally in La Paz. As Larry said, it feels like we've arrived at last. We are in one of the larger cities of the Baha Sur - about 500,000, but it has a nice quiet laid-back feel. There are hundreds of boats here, all chattering with one another on the VHF.

Magenta and Pamdemonium have checked into a marina to do some much-needed repair work and boat cleaning. We'll likely be here for a couple of weeks.

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