Our family adventures on the sailing vessel Pandion cruising the Pacific.

20 November 2012 | Golden Gate Bridge
19 November 2012 | enroute
16 November 2012
16 November 2012 | enroute
08 November 2012 | enroute
07 November 2012 | enroute
03 November 2012 | Radio Bay, Hilo Harbor, HI
02 November 2012 | Saigon Pho House, Hilo, HI
02 November 2012 | The Great Pacific
01 November 2012 | The Great Pacific
01 November 2012 | The Great Pacific
30 October 2012 | The Great Pacific
29 October 2012 | The Great Pacific
23 October 2012 | Fanning Atoll
22 October 2012 | Fanning Atoll
20 October 2012 | Fanning Atoll
18 October 2012 | Fanning Atoll
17 October 2012 | Fanning Atoll
17 October 2012 | Fanning
16 October 2012 | The Great Pacific

Half Way There

18 March 2012 | HALF WAY THERE!!
This morning, about 0930 PST we hit the half way point to the Marquesas. YES! It's was a strange moment. I thought that when we got out here everything would feel so vast and big and all it really feels like so far is one of trips down the coast when we've elected to travel far off shore. This part of the ocean is fairly mild with consistent winds and fairly mellow seas (albeit a little rollicky at times. We're now no longer creating distance between us and land rather we're closing distance. Thanks to Alex (best crew ever) we have huge land support for weather and such. We've found a nice little pocket of strong wind and Pandion is tearing across the ocean often making 9-10 knots sustained. I know I've said it before and y'all are probably sick of hearing it, but this boat sails like nothing I've ever dreamed of. Yah, I'm still sea-sick a little but I still can't get over how well she sails. She just charges forward with little care about the sea-state. It's like she's on a rail. We should have named her "HoneyBadger" instead of Pandion. She's that badass. We're a little over 300 miles from the equator and we'll have our little ceremony when we get there. Jared is the oldest so he gets to be Poseidon. He and Sage spent the morning making him a crown out of duct tape. She mad a crown out of pipe cleaners for me.

I'm still struggling to make the best of this passage. I'm all the time mildly ill. I do way better once the sun goes down which I find strange. But at least I have that! I am also able to sleep now. The seas are far less rolly and Lorca made me what I call a "princess bed." It's perfect and I sleep so well on it! He took our memory foam topper and rolled it up into a perfect twin bed sized squishy marshmallow-y bed for me. It's so squishy that it's nearly impossible to launch me from the bed. YAY! The downside is that it makes snuggling up to the Huzz harder since I've got about 6 inches more altitude than he. But that's OK - it's not much longer. We're making amazing time and if the wind stays strong as it is now we'll be there in about 6 more days making this a 15-16 day passage. Really fast. Most folks take minimally three weeks or so. We knew Pandion was fast but we had no idea.

The weather is hot and humid but since the trade winds are so strong we're comfortable. The water temperature is 80.5 degrees! Lorca continues to fish for the elusive giant tuna. Today he made a lure out of a hook, a shiny piece of scrap aluminum. and a big lock of my red hair that he cut off when we were in Mexico. So far, no bites. It's a cool lure anyway.

Interestingly, we've seen very little wildlife. We've only seen one Booby in the past few days and a couple of these small brown pelagic birds. And of course the 9 gajillion flying fish.

Alex sent us some of the comments you are alll leaving on the blog and I can't tell you how much it means to me to read them, so THANK YOU Alex for sending them and thank you wonderful people for leaving them. It makes it so much easier for me to be out here knowing that you'll all out there with us. When we get to the Marquesas and have good internet I'll post lots of pictures.

Oh, I take the midnight to 4AM watch, then Lorca follows me at 4AM. Last night he saw, for the first time, the Southern cross, low in the sky and to the south. So cool! We get to learn a whole new sky!

I miss you all!
Vessel Name: Pandion
Vessel Make/Model: Derektor/Chance
Hailing Port: Tomales Bay, CA
Crew: Lorca, Lola and Sage
About: We are a little family on a big boat exploring the beautiful Pacific Isles.
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Unbelievable SCUBA with Mantas.
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Bananas, dancing and sunset
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Our incredible sail from Raiatea to Bora Bora.
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Lorca's morning swim the other day produced this coolest ever fish. We followed it around for a long time taking pictures and videos watching it diggy-dig-dig in the sand with its crazy adapted wing-like fins. Very much one of the coolest fish I've ever met.
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Created 10 June 2012
Onupohu Bay, Moorea. Stingray alley. Getting schlupped by stingrays. Sage got schlupped three times right on her face (mask and snorkel) by big stingrays. It was incredibly incredible.
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Sunday Morning Market in Papeete. 5AM to 8AM
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My absolute favorite place in the Tuamotu Archipelago. I could have stay and dove every day for a month here. At least.
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Miscellany over the last few days.
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Tattoos, hikes and locals or Vaitahu, Tahuata, Isles Marquises
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THe most stunning Village ever.
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Jusdt a few pictures of Hanamenu and the amazing woman named, "Mama Tihu" or, "MarieJo" with whom I made an incredible soul connection. A blog posting on her later.
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Last Few Days of passage and Arrival to Hiva Oa and Cultural Festival
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Hey Folks, a mish-mash of select pics from the last several weeks. Enjoy!
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Rudder repair at Lobos...and some other stuff. To go with BLOG posting of 2-25-12
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Before Pandion was Pandion
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