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Kusadasi to Coffs Harbour
22/04/2013, Ormos Ay Ioannou

Up after a nice 8am sleep in. Weather still looked good, so off to Paros at about 11am after a bit of cleaning up, checking out of Naxos & some grocery shopping. The sun was up and the wind was 15 knots, so we had a pleasant sail for a couple of hours to a bay on the north end of Paros which in summer is apparently very popular with day tripper boats. We were fortunate to have the bay to ourselves to chill out and relax. Washing day!

24/04/2013 | Owen n Sue
Sounds wonderful, hope the next 3 weeks go really fast. Can't wait to get there missing u both xxx
24/04/2013 | The Crew on Annecam
Looking good, keep the blogs coming
Ferry to Santorini
Ange & Steve
21/04/2013, Thira, Greece

Saturday 20th April
The forecast was for the wind to keep blowing from the north so we decided to catch the ferry to Santorini to catch up with Dennis & Sandra & see the island. Santorini is south of Naxos and if we sail down there in these conditions, we may not be able to make it back, so the ferry looked like a good option. Caught the ferry at 1pm & arrived at the port in Santorini at about 3.30pm via Ios. Hired a car & off to see Dennis & Sandra at the island's marina. Chatted to them for a couple of hours & off to Oia at the north of the island to find some accommodation & watch the sunset. Had trouble finding accommodation, so parked the car & went to the tip of Oia to see the sunset. Amazed at the number of people standing everywhere watching the sun go down, even though it is still low season & not a very nice day at all. Found a reasonable hotel near the church in Oia & then had a nice dinner at a small tavern along the main walkway along the top of the cliff. Oia is very spectacular at night - looking down towards the caldera at all the lights, pools lit up etc. Almost like a fairy wonderland! A big day!

Sunday 21st April
Woken at 7.30am by church bells! Up, showers & a lovely breakfast at the hotel. Had another walk around Oia, then into the car & along to Fira (the main town on Santorini) for a walk around - very touristy with lots of expensive shops, boutiques etc. Back to the car & a trip to the local 'Lidl' - like Aldi, however being Sunday it was closed, so no cheap beer for Steve or cheap face cream for Ange! Drove back down to the southern tip of the island to have a look at the ancient ruins recommended by the car hire lady. As we drove down, we could see Dennis & Sandra's little cat sailing alongside the island on their way to Sikinos. Hooray, they are finally on their way & off the island!!! (They had been caught for 9 days due to wind). Two minutes later we received a text saying they had to turn back & to meet them back at the marina if we wanted! We'd abandoned the idea of having a look at the ruins anyway as entry was too expensive, so we drove to the marina & had another chat with D & S for a couple of hours before we caught the ferry back to Naxos. A quick two hour trip back to Naxos. Both of us pretty tired after a couple of big days. Checked the weather for Monday - looked OK to sail across to Paros for a short day before heading either to Mykonos or Siros on Tuesday.

23/04/2013 | Lesley Sweeeny
Hi kids, I am so pleased you were able to see Santorini. If you thought there were a lot of people watching the sunset the day you were there you should see how many are there in peak season!!!! We did a hike from Thira to Oia around the rim of the crater. Awesome! Keep enjoying yourselves and keep safe. Love you, Mum xxx
19/04/2013, Greece

With a little trepidation we set off at 7am with the forecast to be force 5 to 6 (not quite gale force). Because the wind has been blowing strongly for some time we expected the sea state to be pretty bumpy, but if we don't go, we will be stuck for at least 4 more days in Patmos. So around the corner of the island to see what greets us, white caps in the distance but it doesn't seem too bad so we kept going. I won't go into all the details but to say it was uncomfortable would be an understatement, it was cold, wet and bumpy but at no stage did we feel it was dangerous with the wind being constant in the low 30 knot range. Ange went a little green which didn't make her day very enjoyable at all. Ended up taking us 11 hours to reach safe harbour in Naxos. We were very happy to be there. Steve went to the Port Police to book in while Ange cleaned up and then poured a large drink to settle her shattered nerves. On the way to the Port Police Steve was hailed by a fellow we met at the marina who led him in to a tavern, sat him down and gave him a raki (which tasted something like metho). He said Steve looked very tired and cold and needed something to warm him up. His name was Nickolas and was the marina manager - a very nice bloke. He couldn't believe we had sailed all the way from Patmos that day! We are tossing around the idea of catching the ferry to Thira (Santorini) tomorrow if weather is still unfavourable.

23/05/2013 | dave and chriss mitchell
just wondering ange, "did you spill any wine in that leg?"
Still in Patmos
18/04/2013, Skala Harbour

We have done very little over the past 3 days as we wait for the wind to subside so we can leave Patmos. Bernie was finally able to leave yesterday at 11am after playing the waiting game for days as ferries were not running due to the weather. One moment they were going, the next they were not. It was great to have Bernie onboard, we are just sorry she didn't get to have more of a sail. Thanks for joining us Bernie & thank you for all your wonderful presents & lots of laughs. We hope you have reached Turkey safely.... please let us know. The past two days have been filled with long walks, washing, cleaning the boat & general bits & pieces. This morning we hired a scooter & had a good look around the island for a couple of hours (it felt like we were riding in Ebor!). It also made getting groceries easier, not lugging shopping bags from one side of town to the other! We were able to look at the ocean on the north side of the island, which is still nasty, but the weather forecast is for easing conditions tomorrow. At this stage we will be up early in the morning & trying to head to Naxos. It may be a bumpy ride, but we need to get a move on as we have as very important appointment in Athens on the 18th of May - hello Owen & Sue!!!!

19/04/2013 | Sundowner
Morning shipmates, we're still in Santorini, we're also leaving today heading to Sikinos just 30 miles north. Oh no we're not ha ha! Still blowing from the north. Avrio. D&S
Ange & Steve
15/04/2013, Skala Harbour

We all slept well considering the boat was being tossed around by the wind which picked up overnight. Unfortunately the anchored had dragged overnight & our stern fender was the only thing holding us off the harbour wall & damage! So Ange kicked Bernie out of bed to help & we dropped the docking lines & retrieved the anchor while the wind was blowing Force 8 (35-40 knots). Back again for a second go - this time to tie alongside the wall- which we managed well, with no damage or loss of life! Once the boat was secure off we set for a day of discovery & an update of Steve's religious education. We hiked up the Byzantine Path (2.2 km straight up!) stopping at the Cave of the Apocalypse where St John wrote his divinely inspired Book of Revelation. Next stop was the Monastery of St John the Theologian, which looked more like a castle & sits high on top of the hill overlooking Skala. Its museum was really interesting with artefacts dating back to early AD. A leisurely stroll (hobble for Steve) back to the boat for lunch & a quiet afternoon of reading for Steve & Ange. Bernie had wander around town & did some window shopping & emails to home. The wind picked up to the predicted Force 9 (41-47 knots) around 5pm, so we had Sundowners & a knot tying lesson. Bernie has now perfected her bow line! As it was Bernie's last evening we decided to eat out & wandered down the back streets until we found a cute little ouzeria.
The meal was fantastic - grilled fresh fish, fried calamari, grilled octopus, fried cheese & ouzo snacks! All topped off with ouzo, beer & retsina & lots of friendly chatter with the owner. When we mentioned we were from Australia, his comment straight away was "many fish." He was a total fisherman at heart & was happy to let us know if his recent catches. After a couple of hours over dinner we struggled back to the boat against the wind. Steve doubled the mooring lines just to be safe & the wind seemed to still be increasing. Off to bed with the alarm set to get Bernie up for her ferry to Kos in the morning.

17/04/2013 | Rick
I can just imagine you Webby hobbling like an old Clydesdale with a silverback on its back.
18/04/2013 | Webby
Now now Ricki be nice
18/04/2013 | kerry humphreys
Just found your blog guys, sounds like the weather over there isn't much better than when you left here.

Bernie arrives
Ange Webby & Bernie
13/04/2013, Patmos

Bernie arrived all smiles & laughs at 7am after leaving her hotel in Athens at 2.45am. We had a good catch up, then off the supermarket to get some provisions. Steve of course went via the 'yummy shop' after checking out at the port police & we had some lovely cheese pies for brunch. Bernie gave us some lovely pressies - books & vegemite & golden syrup & snickers & almonds &...&...&... we were very spoilt. After a quick re fuel we headed off towards Kalimnos & had a beautiful day's sail. We didn't make Kalimnos, but anchored in a small bay off Nisis Plati under a beautiful little church (don't know why it was there, because the island was deserted). Steve reckoned he was going to hold mass in the morning seeing as though it was Sunday.

Sunday 14th April
After mass had to get going because gale force winds predicted again for later this afternoon. Decided to head to Patmos because the harbour looked sheltered. No wind, glassy conditions, blue skies, motoring & dolphins off the bow. They are huge!!!!! Arrived Skala harbour in Patmos about 3pm. Walked to the port police, where we were told to 'book in when we leave!' Found a great tavern which had live Greek music & lots of patrons & decided to sit for a beer & ouzo. It must have been a Presentation afternoon for a local club as awards were given out & lots of cheering & dancing followed. Back to Pannikin for a shower & Sundowners & then wait for the wind to hit, which we have nicked named 'he who must not be named' (Voldemort)!!

16/04/2013 | Sheryl
So glad you arrived Bernie. Sounds like so much fun. Steve you have done Andrews head in with the spinnaker. He is pacing & we just want to drop everything & join you guys. Good luck with the Anzac biscuits Angela. Love s xoxoxo

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