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Kusadasi to Coffs Harbour
24/09/2013, Marina Bay marina

We spent Saturday again at La Herradura writing lists of things to do & buy before we commence the ARC. Steve has the water maker going & we now have lots of lovely water. We had a couple if swims & can't believe how much cooler the water is. We haven't been in the water since before Almerimar & the difference in temperature is amazing.
Sunday we headed off early towards Marbella. Unfortunately we only had a short sail with the spinnaker before the wind dropped & we had to motor most of the way. We stopped for the night in a small marina called Marina de Bajadilla. It wasn't too expensive & was relatively quiet. We were pretty keen to get off the boat, so had a short wander even though it was Sunday & we knew nothing would be open. We did find a small cafe open & had a couple of beers & tapas. We had a quiet night on Pannikin, finished watching Game of Thrones & early to bed.
Monday we went onto Gibraltar. It was pretty cool watching the rock appear in the distance (with its own cloud cover!). Plenty of large tankers & ships anchored outside the harbour & plenty of boats whizzing around Gibraltar, La Linea & Algeciras. We managed to score 4 nights at Marina Bay. Queensway Quay marina was full & we didn't particularly want to stay at La Linea due to reports of theft. Gibraltar is a funny place. From the water it is a mass of buildings squashed into the base of the rock & around its sides. On land, most of it is pretty unexciting, but there is an 'old town' within walls which has a bit of character - probably for tourists who arrived by 1000s on cruise ships. Our marina is right beside the airport runway - just boats, then a small amount of water & then the runway - no fence or anything. To get to the border & into Spain at La Linea you have to walk or drive across the runway. Gates come down & guards appear to block the runway when a plane is due!
Tuesday we spent looking for bits & pieces at the local chandlery, which we thought was very expensive. We also checked out a couple of supermarkets, Morrisons & Eroski, to see what they stock. We walked across to La Linea to look at chandleries but were told there were none! We will have to look into that. Steve decided to take the local bus to Algeciras to see if we can claim the import tax we paid on the water maker. As I write this, he is still not back, so will have to wait & see what went down. We still have another 2 nights here.... will do some provisioning for the ARC tomorrow & keep looking for items we need for Pannikin

On Our Way to Gibraltar
21/09/2013, La Herradura

Back into the water on Wednesday morning after having our rigging checking & altered by Chris from Almerimar Marine Services - he has a great source of information & help regarding our sanding & antifouling and also the water maker installation. We were given our berth in the marina at 1pm & spent until 4pm cleaning the topside of Pannikin. She was so filthy & it was lovely to have her clean again.
Thursday, Steve completed the water maker installation while Ange did laundry & cleaned down below. We stocked up on provisions & had Susie & Jeremy over for a farewell dinner. The temperature in the Weber got a little hot as Steve talked & talked (and also a few beers!) and the next thing we knew there were flames shooting out of the BBQ. Our poor chook's bum was on fire & the casserole dish it was sitting in broken in three... no problem... BBQ off, chook transferred to another dish, BBQ back on & all well. We will be purchasing another dish in Gibraltar! We had a great night - if we don't catch up with Susie & Jeremy in Gib, we will definitely see them in the Caribbean. Best of luck with your repairs - we hope you are back in the water soon.
Friday we left Almerimar feeling a little sad, but happy to be on our way again. We really enjoyed Almerimar - it's a nice little town. We had a nice sail with spinnaker up for most of the day & spent the night on anchor in La Herradura. We will spend a day or two here finishing our reading for the ARC & getting a provisions list ready for shopping at Gibraltar. We are finding the preparation for the ARC a little daunting, but making our way through it slowly.

Nice to hear that you are almost ready for ARC we only had a few days in Aegean this summer. Aris and Alison Dimitriou (Portocalos) SY Boo Boo
22/09/2013 | Kevin
Hi Guys, Not sure if this is of help. I've been following some aussies on Dreamtime who wintered in Gibraltar and they walked to Spain to do their shopping as it was alot cheaper. by the way great story and I will be with you all the way
24/09/2013 | Ange & Steve Webb
Hi Alison & Aris,
Stoked to see you are still following us. Hope all is well with you both. Take care & keep sailing! Lots of love, Ange & Steve
A Nice Clean Bum!
17/09/2013, On the hard, Almerimar marina

We finished painting on Monday - our big job is finally over!! Pannikin's bum looks great - no lumps & bumps, just nice & smooth. Steve continued his installation of the water maker with a fair number of expletives being heard during the process while contorting himself to fit into tiny spaces! We had a quiet night & starting watching the third season of Game of Thrones - excellent!
Tuesday, Ange went to El Ejido to get a couple of things while Steve again fought with the water maker. Had a clean up in the afternoon to get ready for our lift back into the water on tomorrow. We will have our rigging checked & altered tomorrow as well. We had beers with Jeremy & Suzie this arvo who look as though they will be here for a little while longer than expected as they are having troubles getting their repairs done. Really looking forward to getting back to the water tomorrow & giving Pannikin a very big clean. She is covered in dust from the yard & also lots of sanding dust - she is filthy!

18/09/2013 | andrew
what a brilliant job you have done - you've got pannikin looking fantastic. wish i could have been there to help. now only 9 weeks to go! andrew
18/09/2013 | dave and chris
hi guys, the boat looks really good, you must be happy. Only one problem, she might get up on the plane now!
hey webby, get down below and finish the water maker, no time for beers, ha
Almost Done
15/09/2013, On the hard, Almerimar marina

Finished all the sanding on Friday - YAY! What a job! We applied two coats of epoxy & left to set. Saturday we applied another coat of epoxy & one coat of antifoul primer. To celebrate we had drinks with Jeremy & Suzie, an English couple doing the ARC also but from Cape Verdes, on their beautiful ketch 'Joy of Shamrock Quay' & afterwards a BBQ chicken & salad dinner. We had a top time & it was 2am when we finally left them. Good news - our water maker arrived on Friday. Bad news - we had to pay 1,100 euro in tax for import duty. We will try to get some of this back through Spanish customs. Sunday we patched the paintwork where the support stools had been & applied first of two coats of antifoul paint. Steve also started the installation of the water maker. We might head across to one of the cafes this afternoon to have a couple of beers & listen to the Sunday afternoon band. We are hoping to have Pannikin back in the water on Wednesday or something like that!

16/09/2013 | Rick & Nory
We thought this was supposed to be a holiday, looks like hard work, but your bottom does look good!!!!! Keep up the good work. Beats fixing mowers.
16/09/2013 | Ange & Steve Webb
Yeah hard work, but all worth it. Last coat of paint today & we are all done! Champagne this arvo! Love to you both.
Sanding, sanding, sanding
10/09/2013, On the hard, Almerimar marina

We are now about half way through our sanding process. Steve spends hours each day sanding with a sander/polisher & Ange follows, sanding the stubborn patches either by hand or with another sander. When there's nothing for me to sand, I scrub around in hull fittings & remove paint etc. I also run up & down the ladder to the boat about 30 times a day getting stuff we need!
Saturday we woke to rain which was a welcome cool relief. It was great Skyping with all the family at Lesley's birthday lunch - tops to see you all together. Hope you had a great day!
Not much to report....been a bit busy with the sanding etc. Almerimar seems like a nice little town, wrapped around the marina. It will be nice to have a bit more of a look when we get the time. Had a call from DHL this afternoon - all looks good with the delivery of the water maker this time. Keep your fingers crossed!

12/09/2013 | dave and chris
hey guys, first sight of your home out of water, looks great. lots of cleaning and I bet the trips up and down the ladder was for beers not cleaning gear products, But you are on holidays, have fun stay safe
12/09/2013 | Steve & Angela Webb
No beer until knock off at 6pm. Boring eh!!!!
Work To Be Done
Ange & Steve
06/09/2013, Puerto de Almerimar

Tuesday we again rose early & headed south. Swell was large & it was an uncomfortable journey, wind was directly behind us. We ran with a poled out headsail wing & wing. Arrived at Puerto de Tomas Maestre just on dark & anchored in an outer harbour which that had been started but never completed so just steel walls - great protection from the swell. It was like anchoring in a manmade bay. Not all that wonderful to look at, but safe & we could relax, as outside was pretty messy. This has been our most unusual anchorage so far! This is also the entrance to Mar Menor, an inland sea 12 miles long & 6 miles wide, separated from the Mediterranean by a narrow band of sand. Mar Menor is entered through a narrow channel with a lifting bridge which opens twice a day. No other boats joined us that night - it was a quiet & early one for us.
Wednesday was again a lumpy sea which picked up as the wind built during the day. It was an uncomfortable ride again & we ran wing to wing until the wind was to strong & we ran under headsail only. We took a gamble & tried our luck for the night at Puerto de Garrucha which was the only harbour we could reach with safe anchorage unless we sailed through the night. On approach we saw white water smashing off the harbour walls which made us a little anxious about entering the harbour as well had to turn sideways to the swell. It ended up being a lovely harbour & very protected. A lot of new work is being done building new pontoons, beautifying the waterfront & strengthening the harbour walls. Where our pilot book indicated anchoring is allowed is now a nice little marina. We had no option but to stay & tied alongside one of the fingers. We thought it was reasonably priced at 41euro with electricity & water included. Hot stand up showers were bliss! It would be have great to walk down the waterfront & check out the town, but it was 9.30pm by the time we had done paperwork, showered & had dinner & we were buggered!
Thursday we headed off in great spirits after a great sleep. A very big happy birthday to Ange's mum, Lesley, who turns 70 today. Can you believe it???? We know you had a great day & we wish we could have been there to share it with you. Hope you got lots of great pressies! Seas were much calmer today & we were able to fly the spinnaker for an excellent 7 hours wing to wing with the main. We made our journey to Almerimar marina by 7pm & were tucked up in our berth by 8pm. We had enquired about lifting the boat here & were happy with their prices. Also we are able to work on the boat ourselves & also live aboard while we are on hard stand.
Friday morning Steve contacted the office about a possible haul out today. We were lucky to be squeezed in straight away & were sitting on a stand with a pressure hosed bum by 10am. We caught the local bus to El Ejido - the closest town - & bought all our products to stand & antifoul Pannikin. Back to the marina, lunch & then some grocery shopping. It certainly is different living on a boat that doesn't move & having to climb a ladder to get aboard! The hard work starts tomorrow!!!!!

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