SV Panta Rhei Retirement Trip

Vessel Name: Panta Rhei
Vessel Make/Model: Able Apogee 50
Hailing Port: Seattle
Crew: Larry and Karen
14 October 2016 | Valdez, AK
21 September 2016
05 August 2016 | Seward, AK
26 July 2016 | Whittier, AK
19 July 2016 | Valdez, Alaska
05 July 2016 | Seward, Alaska
04 July 2016 | Nuka Island, Home Cove, Alaska
02 July 2016 | Red Fox Bay on Afognak Island, Alaska
01 July 2016 | Geographic Harbor
01 July 2016 | Geographic Harbor, Alaska
30 June 2016 | Port Wrangell, Alaska
30 June 2016 | Port Wrangell, Alaska (not to be confused with Wrangell, Alaska)
27 June 2016 | Chignik, Alaska, USA
23 June 2016 | Larry Nelson
20 June 2016 | King Cove Alaska
14 June 2016 | Dutch Harbor
10 June 2016 | Dutch Harbor, Alaska, USA
09 June 2016 | On passage from Majuro, Marshall Islands to Dutch Harbor, Alaska
09 June 2016 | On passage from Majuro, Marshall Islands to Dutch Harbor, Alaska
Recent Blog Posts
14 October 2016 | Valdez, AK

Road Trips

It is the middle of October. Temperatures are dropping like we are in Alaska. Even so it's not Halloween and the locals have already hibernated. The tourists have all fled south. At 8am it is still dark. Snow has fallen on top of our surrounding mountains. So what do we decide to do? Road trips. We need [...]

21 September 2016

The First Winter Storm Arrived

We've read about this. They say, "Summer ends quickly in Alaska". I'm thinking it is true. But how it arrives,...that is the lesson.

31 August 2016

Checking out Alyeska Ski Resort

Winter is coming. Each day is 5 minutes shorter than the last. Tourists are thinning out in downtown Seward. It's time to think about how we are going to spend the long winter nights. Worry abounds.

05 August 2016 | Seward, AK

We are becoming residents of Seward, AK

It is common in the sailing community to "dis" cold climates. This is also a common occurance in the retirement community. But there are times when the road less traveled looks pretty good. We just spent the better part of a year in an oppressively hot environment just north of the equator where to live [...]

26 July 2016 | Whittier, AK

What is Panta Rhei going to do next?

John and Marcy and the grandkids have completed their vacation and are headed back to work. It was a grand vacation for us all. And it all happened at a pace of a young working couple. Now we go back to a retirement pace. We started that process with a nap.

19 July 2016 | Valdez, Alaska

Prince William Sound with John and his family

Our son John and his wife Marcy and their two children, Zee and Olyn have visited us. Yay! We are trying to show them all of Alaska in only a few days. So far we've been to two tidewater glaciers and a waterfall anchorage and a grassy meadow anchorage. All beautiful, including sun, calm wind, and warm [...]

Hurry up and change plans but keep the schedule

04 August 2010 | Silva Bay
Larry Nelson
This story is beginning to sound like work. We've used up all our time and now have every day allocated to reach the Boatyard. But opportunities arise that cannot be we find a way. Does this sound like work?

Tonight we have finished a long day (about 50nm) and have come to anchor in a lovely nest of islands that, taken together, form a bay at the edge of the Strait of Georgia. We've always liked this place, especially for the restaurant and store. But tonight we like it for its simplicity. We've come to anchor without any fuss (nice when the gear shift process is difficult) and we'll leave tomorrow morning without any fuss. The wind is calm. It's a lot warmer than it was anywhere in Alaska and that feels good to both of us. We will eat out day after tomorrow (with my brother Gary and his wife Alice) in Roche Harbor. So, no need to eat out tonight. We managed Whiskey Gulf without difficulty (not the case for some of the boats!). The weather for tomorrow looks good. We can and should rest.

But now we have turned on our cell phone and opportunities arise. Mik Erjavec has invited us to rendezvous with him in Victoria for dinner and stories. We cannot resist this opportunity to reconnect. So, we'll go to Victoria for Saturday (and re-enter Canada) and then Sunday early will leave for Port Angeles to clear US customs again and then to Seattle. The boatyard called and confirmed our appointment there for 8:30 am Monday morning. Sunday is going to be a loooooong day. It will feel like returning from vacation. Oh, well. We've done that before. I've promised Karen that I will RE-RETIRE when we leave for Mexico.
Panta Rhei's Photos - Main
22 Photos
Created 1 October 2013
Pictures of South Island NZ and the Milford Track
68 Photos
Created 2 March 2013
Blackwater cave exploring in NZ
18 Photos
Created 20 December 2012
Travel from the Marquesas to Rangiroa to Papette
104 Photos
Created 6 June 2012
Pics from the crossing and after arrival in the marquesas
24 Photos
Created 10 May 2012
Karen and Larry exploring Santa Cruz, Isla Isabella, and San Cristobal Islands
30 Photos
Created 3 April 2012
pictures from a passage aboard SV Talofa as line handlers
80 Photos
Created 17 March 2012
accumulated pictures of the SV Safety Cat rescue and repair
63 Photos
Created 7 July 2011
swimming with a whale shark in clear warm water
9 Photos
Created 12 June 2011
Karen and Larry hike up a desert canyon in Mexico
43 Photos
Created 22 May 2011
pictures of Karen at the doctor, shopping in Mazatlan, and work on the boat in the yard
26 Photos
Created 5 April 2011
Pictures of San Blas and Isla Isabella
41 Photos
Created 30 March 2011
pictures of the trip up a jungle river to a crocodile farm and to a spring which is the source of all San Blas water
72 Photos
Created 28 March 2011
pictures of karen's medical care for her arm injury while in San Blas
16 Photos
Created 27 March 2011
Day trip from La Cruz to Yualapa by bus and panga
44 Photos
Created 25 March 2011
Pictures of our day trip to La Penita
10 Photos
Created 18 March 2011
cleaning boat bottoms and other recent activities
23 Photos
Created 5 March 2011
bob and Larry went looking for a hose from a store next to a "Table Dance" entertainment center
9 Photos
Created 22 February 2011
A day at the beach with exotic drinks and then north to Lazaro Cardenas
6 Photos
Created 11 February 2011
Before and after pictures of a friends boat underbody showing the growth that happens in a short time in Zihuatanejo
12 Photos
Created 8 February 2011
pictures from Bahia Santiago to Ziahuatanejo including Ixtapa
40 Photos
Created 1 February 2011
Sailfest pictures
21 Photos
Created 1 February 2011
A trip with Jake and Sharon up the jungle river in Tenacatita
11 Photos
Created 16 December 2010
Scenes from our stay in Paradise Village in Puerto Vallarta
19 Photos
Created 7 December 2010
Scenes from Paul Nelson's visit in Paradise Village and in Puerto Vallarta including procession for Lady of Guadalupe
21 Photos
Created 7 December 2010
hike up the river and float trip down it
17 Photos
Created 4 December 2010
Arrival in the south part of Mexico and beginning of the cruising lifestyle
21 Photos
Created 23 November 2010
warmer weather experiences
21 Photos
Created 15 November 2010
stop in san francisco at at Sea Ranch CA to visit Grace and Bob Carter
44 Photos
Created 11 October 2010
pictures from preparing and leaving Seattle to Ft Bragg CA
16 Photos
Created 30 September 2010
weather faxes that show the weather in the Pacific Ocean while we are safe in port in Newport Oregon
1 Photo
Created 26 September 2010
A few pics of Panta Rhei out of the water
11 Photos
Created 6 September 2010
Sherry and Bob took a few pictures and shared them with us.
34 Photos
Created 30 July 2010
travel from Petersburg to Thorne Bay with stop at Anan Bear Observatory
56 Photos
Created 19 July 2010
Candidates for most beautiful places in the world
78 Photos
Created 12 July 2010
bob and Sherry took pictures of Panta Rhei and shared them with us.
29 Photos
Created 12 July 2010
great fishing and crabbing with good weather
23 Photos
Created 1 July 2010
65 Photos
Created 25 June 2010
64 Photos
Created 24 June 2010
Pelican scenes then travel up Lisianski Inlet to Elfin Cove, Inian Bay, Dundas Bay
46 Photos
Created 18 June 2010
trip up lisianski inlet to Elfin Cove, Inian Island, and Dundas Bay
14 Photos
Created 18 June 2010
tight passages that kayakers would love and an abandoned town (Chichagof)
47 Photos
Created 12 June 2010
transit of Lisianski Strait enroute to Pelican
10 Photos
Created 11 June 2010
Around the outside of Baranof Island and some caveing in el capitan passage
37 Photos | 1 Sub-Album
Created 2 June 2010
Prince of Wales Island and enroute
13 Photos
Created 21 May 2010
photos of rudder damage from the log we hit
8 Photos
Created 17 May 2010
32 Photos
Created 15 May 2010
50 Photos
Created 10 May 2010
springtime photos of the inside passage
12 Photos
Created 28 April 2010

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