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SV Panta Rhei Retirement Trip
Hurry up and change plans but keep the schedule
Larry Nelson
04 August 2010 | Silva Bay
This story is beginning to sound like work. We've used up all our time and now have every day allocated to reach the Boatyard. But opportunities arise that cannot be we find a way. Does this sound like work?

Tonight we have finished a long day (about 50nm) and have come to anchor in a lovely nest of islands that, taken together, form a bay at the edge of the Strait of Georgia. We've always liked this place, especially for the restaurant and store. But tonight we like it for its simplicity. We've come to anchor without any fuss (nice when the gear shift process is difficult) and we'll leave tomorrow morning without any fuss. The wind is calm. It's a lot warmer than it was anywhere in Alaska and that feels good to both of us. We will eat out day after tomorrow (with my brother Gary and his wife Alice) in Roche Harbor. So, no need to eat out tonight. We managed Whiskey Gulf without difficulty (not the case for some of the boats!). The weather for tomorrow looks good. We can and should rest.

But now we have turned on our cell phone and opportunities arise. Mik Erjavec has invited us to rendezvous with him in Victoria for dinner and stories. We cannot resist this opportunity to reconnect. So, we'll go to Victoria for Saturday (and re-enter Canada) and then Sunday early will leave for Port Angeles to clear US customs again and then to Seattle. The boatyard called and confirmed our appointment there for 8:30 am Monday morning. Sunday is going to be a loooooong day. It will feel like returning from vacation. Oh, well. We've done that before. I've promised Karen that I will RE-RETIRE when we leave for Mexico.