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SV Panta Rhei Retirement Trip
We're in tropical paradise with friends. What could be better?
Larry Nelson
17 November 2010 | Chacala Mexico
Jake and Sharon picked the perfect place for us to experience what we came for. Of course, we came to be with our friends but also to be with them in paradise. This (very) little town is perfect. We are anchored in a bend in the coastline with a white sand beach, warm water, palm trees, restaurants on the beach (you sit in chairs in sand) with ice cold Margaritas (and a thatched roof over your head). The beach is 50 feet away and some people are swimming, some are boogie boarding. There are palm trees everywhere (there are other kinds of trees too, but I can't name them). Water temp is 77F and the outside air temp right now is 77F (5:15 pm). It is great swimming, no current. The water isn't as clear as Cabo but it is clear enough to have a good time diving. Larry did the swim tonight while Karen napped.

We will have our special dinner aboard Jake tonight. It sounds really good. Sinaloa beef and Camarones (shrimp). Larry's got the wine...a very special bottle of Merlot that he picked up at Costco.

Already we are making plans for tomorrow. We'll sleep in and then do breakfast at the restaurant which also has wireless internet service. This is an open air restaurant. It is quiet and spacious. No one rushes you. There are only half a dozen boats here, but we see the other cruisers at lots of the tables. Who would know about this place? Then there is a home in town where the woman serves dinner. Tomorrow night is Chili Relanos with beans and rice for $60 (pesos). The other cruisers tell us that the meal is great and very affordable. You have to sign up a day in advance, which we did.

We'll be moving to La Cruz (a suburb of Puerto Vallarta) in a couple days where we will meet Dick and Cindy Metzler (SV Mentor). They are headed south to Central America and then across the Pacific (aka the puddle jump). We're going to learn about their preparations and plans.

Jake and Sharon report that the time goes fast when you are "drifting through paradise". Already I can see the truth of that.