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SV Panta Rhei Retirement Trip
Karen's stitches are out
Larry Nelson
04 April 2011 | Mazatlan, Mexico
Today we went to the "cruiser's doctor" in Mazatlan to get Karen's stiches removed. The wound looks pretty good to us, though it is nowhere near healed yet. The skin at the edges of the wound is dying due to poor blood supply. It's healing from the inside out. A cruiser (who is also a doctor) that we talked to in San Blas said it would heal this way. I've posted a picture. We are working on the story that will go with the scar...the one we tell to the grandkids when they ask about it. We're thinking that Karen was washing the waterline of the boat when she was bitten by a baby crocodile.....? My dad had a hole in his hand that had a hundred stories of how it happened, the best being that a hummingbird flew into it while he was holding his hand out the window of a B29 to check for rain. Or, alternatively that he was shot by a farmer while stealing watermelons. Every time you asked, you got a different story....none of them real.

The boat is hauled and tented in the yard for service. Karen and I are living in the cruisers lounge, eating at restaurants, and sleeping on the boat. We've met some really really interesting cruisers who have stories we are dying to share with you. One of them, Rita Coy, has a 60 foot Hereshof 3 masted yacht built in ferrocement. She was in a hurricane in Fiji being battered by other boats in the anchorage that had dragged down on her. When the eye of the hurricane passed over her, she raised anchor and motored out to sea (IN THE HURRICANE) in order to save her yacht. Details of that experience will follow in another post. It's a heck of a story.